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Is the Statue of Abraham Lincoln Racist?

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7 replies on “Is the Statue of Abraham Lincoln Racist?”

Heck not it’s racist. The only thing racist in this country are the people that keep bringing it up and it’s not the Republicans. It’s being used as an excuse to riot and loot. Makes me sick.

Lincoln realized the inequities that existed! HOW would any AMERICAN, GOD LOVING, ALL PEOPLES EMBRACING dare to think that His Memorial/Statue would represent RACIST or RACISM? These descructive, rioting, Socialist/Facists/Rioters that are ENCOURAGED by the DEMOCRAPS as well as PLANTED AND IMPORTEDand POSSIBLY PAID FOR by the JACKASS FILTH are strictly doing their thing. Burning, looting, killing their OWN, and destroying all that AMERICA AND AMERICANS stand for. This IS our history and we MUST learn by remembering what NOT to do. GOD BLESS AMERICA and continue to LEAD US through our PRESIDENT, DONALD TRUMP!

What the attitude of the people about Lincoln shows that our educational system isn’t only. creating ignorant barely functional people who become voters and parents (which is scary enough), but actually the believe they’re right.

Nov. 1, 2020
Racist? This is the most upset I have seen the Democrats since the Republicans freed the slaves.. The Democrats, southern Rebels soldiers under president Jefferson Davis, 250,000 died trying to keep the blacks as slaves.. These Democrats formed the KKK, a Confederate officer, Nathan Beford Forrest was the first grand wizard.. The Democratic WV senator Rober Byrd was a member of the KKK and, according to Joe Biden, he was Biden’s mentor..(YOUR TUBE WITH PHOTO)

MORE DRIBBLE and POT STIRRING , by the demo-communist dnc cp. there only 1.9 /4 votes thinking that it is RACIST, they are letting of RECTAL NOISE . They should be sited for AIR POLLUTION.

This PROVES how the parents of the Madison University students are wasting their money, if they can not even know that Lincoln is the one that fought to free slaves, while the founder of the DEMOCRAT party and the responsible for the TRAIL OF TEARS, Andrew Jackson is the one they should be blaming. Morons!

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