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Is Voter Fraud a Big Problem?

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5 replies on “Is Voter Fraud a Big Problem?”

“VOTER FRAUD” has always been a “problem” and the ones denying it, are the democommunists that 99% of the time are the ones committing it, mainly because that is the ONLY way they can “win” with LIES, DECEPTION and their PAID terrorist groups (“antifa”, the communist-party-funded “black LIES matter” for just two examples and there ARE many more )doing their ‘bidding” to harass, threaten, and intimidate voters to cast ballots they way THEY want.

I know a liberal in maple valley Washington who is voting twice. She took her sisters ballot home with her and is voting for both of them.

Liberals love to cheat, lie, steal, and that is on top of the pervert desire toward pedophilia, rape and sexual abuse.

It doesn’t take massive voter fraud, but just enough in lots of places. Oh it could be where there’s more voter than people of voter age or the precincts where 100% if the votes go to the democrats, you know, stuff like that. One thing for sure, they haven’t found any democrat votes in dumpsters yet.

Of course it is and always has been. We fill ours out at home, then take them to a secure place to put them. After about 3-4 days, I call and make sure they got them. Husband just had surgery, so standing in line was a no no. We were counted, but I know so many that aren’t being. The demonrats are responsible for all this.

if the demo-communist are for it and came up with it, then it is a FRAUD, avoid it, if you can get up to go get your mail or go shopping and with a mask on, then you can , GET UP AND VOTE IN PERSON.

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