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Are Historic Colorado Wildfires Proof of Climate Change?

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6 replies on “Are Historic Colorado Wildfires Proof of Climate Change?”

There have been natural disasters like fires, hurricanes, earthquakes, blizzards, for centuries. It isn’t as if they just began with the worry over climate change. Climate change is not a NEW thing. The climate has changed constantly for centuries. The dinosaur era for example, the climate changed during that period causing the dinosaurs to die out.

Only idiots believe in this climate change. If that’s the case. I have a question for you idiots. Explain seasonal changes in parts of the country. Or the movement of the sun and earth from long days and nights to short days and nights. These are natural events GOD put into place. He’s the one in control. The only thing man’s in control of is! His own destruction. The last chapter in the Bible tells us what happens because of man. And that can’t change.

Actually the wild fires are proof of poor forest management. THAT is what happens when the clueless “environmentalists” lobby to “protect the trees”, keep the loggers OUT, the the older trees are not “select-cut” to let the newer ones grow,, and the undergrowth becomes OVERGROWN, DRY, and turns into “kindling”. (A “recipe” for a wildfire to occur with a little as a “lightning strike”.)

The simple fact that climate change is as much a part of the earth’s existence since it formed, but the weather channel has pegged not China, not India, not the signer of the Paris Accords that didn’t get what their supposed to, not anyone but who NBC says the fault lies with, the US of A.

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