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Do Face Masks Really Work?

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11 replies on “Do Face Masks Really Work?”

The masks are a pain in the ass and probably no better than the than the tests and scoreboards on COVID19. Some folks have been scared sh*tless by the democrats and their media and certainly not reassured by Fauchi’s flip-flops. As long as the government doesn’t threaten the public into compliance. The business owners can require anything they want as long as it’s not coerced by government.

Masks only work if they are wore. It is very telling that 70% on this site do not believe that and that the Republican states have the highest percentage of their population infected.

Bull Hockey. You have no proof of what you claim. The masks do NOTHING and that’s a given. They wore the masks in Europe and look at their numbers!!!! The media publishes nothing more than political propaganda.

If masks work so well, why is their a disclaimer on the box that states that they don’t ??? YOU PEOPLE ARE TOTAL IDIOTS !!! You would be much better off simply spraying your A/C filter once a week with lysol, at least that would kill some of the virus particles, your dam masks are doing nothing but collecting them, fools !!!

NY STATE is “republican” MORON???? More democommunists , and THAT was just one the “epicenters” of the virus.. INCLUDING California ANOTHER democommunist -infested state. Peddle your communist garbage on another site.

I have a quote from”Wild Bill for America” on U-tube HE states will NEVER wear a “nazi-mask” because they make you re-breathe your CO-2 that LOWERS your immunities by not letting you breathe in the “nasties” that get your body to fight these airborne diseases, as well as deprives you of needed oxygen, and in turn, causes brain damage, which forces you vote for democrats forever.

Anybody that actually thinks that putting a piece of cloth in front of your face is going to stop a microscopic particle from getting in their system is as big an idiot as the mayors and governors that are mandating these useless “fell good” remedies !!! What’s next, are we going to go back to blood letting as a cure ?? THIS COUNTRY IS FULL OF TOTAL FOOLS, THE MANDATES FOR MASK WEARING IS TOTALLY A POLITICAL THING, WITH NO BASIS IN FACT AT ALL, NO MATTER WHAT ANY EDUCATED IDIOT SAYS, USE YOUR HEAD PEOPLE, IF YOU CAN SMELL THROUGH A MASK, THE PARTICLES OF ANY VIRUS CAN GET PAST IT !!! People would be much better off spraying their A/C filters once a week with lysol spray, that would at least kill some of the airborne particles rather than collecting them on a dam cloth mask !!!

The masks do slow the spread of the virus, the Wuhan Flu. But they absolutely Do Not stop the spread of the Wuhan Flu. All the masks accomplish is prolonging the agony. Just like the knockdown. we end up with more harm being done than any good;.

If I stand beside you while you are wearing your dam mask and fart and you can smell it, then your mask is not able to filter out the virus particles that you are wearing it for, the particles are smaller than the ones that make a fart smell, you people are simply fooling yourselves, just look around, most of the people that are being infected have been wearing masks and drawing the particles to them, IDIOTS !!!

The 😷 are very dangerous to your health, the paper masks are made up with some carcinogenic’s, very bad for our health, causing cancer and the such. AMERICA take back the United States of America. Stop being the sheep and start being the lions. Lock downs are against the construction. But as always the slime bag corrupt democrats will take away your rights and make you dependent on them, to tell you what you can and cannot do.To take from you.
Wake up America our government is to work for us At least President Trump is trying to work for us, if the corrupt democrats would stop their corrupt crap against him and America. Democratic government has never done anything just for the benefit of America and its people. They are Only for Themselves not for the benefit of America and its people.

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