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Which Candidate Has Bigger Rallies?

Trump – Biden – Pelosi – Elections 2020 – Presidential Debates – Republicans – Democrats

8 replies on “Which Candidate Has Bigger Rallies?”

The msm and the polls cannot be trusted because neither can judge the info they seek and both encourage the cheat by mail schemes because they cannot be bound to reality…..

Of course Trump has bigger rallies! His followers don’t follow CDC and WHO guidelines regarding the pandemic so they flock together. It seems that they’re anxious to follow in Herman Cain’s footsteps. Biden and his followers, however, prefer to not take stupid risks.

Of course Donald Trump has the biggest rallies .. He will win and be our President for 4 more years.

Not even Obama with his photo-shopped people had bigger ones! Trump supporters are not afraid of anything, COVID, rain, snow, blazing sun… we support the best President ever!

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