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Is Rudy Giuliani Telling the Truth about Hunter Biden’s Laptops?

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5 replies on “Is Rudy Giuliani Telling the Truth about Hunter Biden’s Laptops?”

I really think President Trump will be re-elected based on what he has accomplished, so far. Democrats really chose a terrible candidate, who chose a terrible VP candidate. For that reason, I will not vote for Biden/Harris. I think if they win, our country is in grave danger of losing freedoms like never before. For some reason, the Democrats and Democrat leadership have lost all sense of reason and have lost their decency. The fact that President Trump is NOT a politician is a blessing. He has focused on helping our country; not helping himself.

WHY is it when a corrupt democommunist is “caught” and the PROOF is right in front of them, including photos, paperwork, and those “pesky” VIDEOS, it it a “smear campaign”, but if a RUMOR about a republican pops up in the news, and there is NO “evidence” except the INFAMOUS “anonymous sources”, it is considered TRUTH by the “media” and they run it all over the news for weeks to attempt to “convince” everyone. “DOUBLE STANDARDS” for democommunists anyone?

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