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Who will WIN the 2020 Presidential Elections?

Trump – Biden – Pelosi – Elections 2020 – Presidential Debates – Republicans – Democrats

9 replies on “Who will WIN the 2020 Presidential Elections?”

Biden is a rspist, oedop b Ile, serial sexual predator. He has brided and sold state secrets for personal protection g it.

Need proof? How does a man who has only worked in government jobs where he was never paid more then $160000 a year end up with 4 multi million dollar houses and millions in other investments? Only corruption can answer that.

I still wonder how Joe Biden and his family have been able to stay our of jail so far! The corruption is so obvious, it reeks of cover-up on the side of the democrats.

Most people know that Biden is a frond for the socialist/communists of the democratic party. His chances of completing 1 year if elected are 1 in 20M.

❤💥👍CHRISTrumPence and all his/our honorable US TRUMPlican Lawmakers successfully US Elected/Reelected Landslides
Amen & Amen👍💥❤

That is what I am praying for! For a landslide win for the Republicans, Mya God be with the U.S. to make it happen! Amen!!

I don’t pay that much attention to political details. Just know that President Trump has done much good and
nothing terrible; and Biden was associated with Obama. Enough data for me.

PRESIDENT TRUMP and VICE PRESIDENT PENCE have my vote, 1000% . and from this day to the day I’m called home will vote RED 1000% , because I seriously doubt the demo-communist will ever have anyone worth voting for, EVER.

I’m sure the best TV viewing will be the night of Nov 3rd and watch the demo-communist have a mental meltdown. It will be GREAT VIEWING, all of the crying and boo hoo-ing, pelosi turning into a puddle of poo-poo on the floor and schiff=tt claiming the russians did it, ect.

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