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Will There Be Violence After the Election?

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10 replies on “Will There Be Violence After the Election?”

The republicans have never rooted. The democrats have been paying antifa and blm to riot for years.

What needs to happen is the fbi arrests 75% of all democrat leaders. That will end the riots.

yes LOCK THEM UP, incumbent or not, if they are running their mouth as spouting resistance, LOCK-EM UP. And charge them with treason.

You got it! The “problems are ALWAYS seemed to be caused by the democommunists, their “handlers, their PAID terrorist groups (“antifa”, the communist-run “black LIES matter crime syndicate (for two examples and there are MANY more) as well as their “financiers” like soros, the DNC, the biden crime syndicate, FRAUD obama’s “ofa” the clinton crime cartel, as well as many “new world order, “one world government” “globalist” billionaires, that are hell-bent on the overthrow of our Constitutional republic and the “installation” of a communist controlled cesspool, so the citizens can THEN be “turned” into controlled “subjects” to be used, abused, taxed to death, regulated beyond belief, or “eliminated” by the democommunists PAID terrorist groups if all do not “comply” with the communist “agenda”
Wise up America vote ALL democommunists OUT, or expect to witness the end of life as we know it.

the demo-communist have been rioting since 2008 to now, over one thing or another, makes no difference if they are in THE W.H.D.C. or not, this is their FEAR TACTIC. Now this will be the time to REVERSE the FLOW. TRUMP/PENCE 2020.

Of course the Democrats will riot if they lose……because they’re anarchists & TERRORISTS….(yes, I SAID THAT “T” WORD)…..:-(

When the democrats lose, ANTIFA and BLM won’t stay in the dark like they have before the election. If you think they were nutcases before, hang on. As for the Hollywood elites starting a mass migration to Venezuela for a real socialist paradise.

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