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Will We Know Who Won the Election by the Next Morning?

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3 replies on “Will We Know Who Won the Election by the Next Morning?”

If Trump wins with 75% of the votes that should tell the corrupt lying Democrats that the people have spoken as to WHO will be our President and not the evil Hypocrite Democrats. The American people are sick of all the bullshit that we have had to go thru because evil Democrats that are trying to take over our government and take away our freedom from us ” THE TRUE AMERICAN PATROITS “.

The people that said no. Understands what will happen. First; if Trump was to win. The demarates will start the same crap as last time. Plus, they know if they hold things up long enough. And we DON’T have a confirmed president. Then the speaker of the house becomes the president. And we know who the witch is. Second; the dems will do all they can to harvest the ballots in order to win. It’s all ready happened in several states where ballots for Trump have been found in ditches and dumpsters. The lefties are going all out to steal the election. Watch what happens at polling places. Heed my words. The left is going to attack people more and more. It show when a thirty-three year old guy beats up a eighty- four year old woman for supporting TRUMP. That’s the true left, aka demarates.

the demo-communist will act like spoiled children and the most spoiled of these children will be pelosi and clinton, ranting and raving, calling foul and cheating and whatever else their very sick twisted minds come up with. PLAN ON IT. And they will start a war, using all of their drugged up FLUNKIES. Whirle they say hidden out of sight and out of harms ways. A lot of blood will be on these demo-communist hands

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