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Can Democrats Stop Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation?

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4 replies on “Can Democrats Stop Amy Coney Barrett’s Confirmation?”

the demo-communist will pull every trick in the book and even make up some new ones to stop ACB from being a SCOTUS JUSTICE, be ready fr it, and I hope all fails for them, because it will fall on one of the biggest demo-communist in the senate cry baby chuckie schumer. And he is a TRAITOR and needs to be called up on being a traitor . He works in BAD FORM.


You will find that MOST (if not all) democommunists are traitors. (as well as many RINOS ) that are terrified that they will no longer have a justices that “legislate from the bench” according to THEIR “wishes” and will proceed to start changing some “laws” that went AGAINST the U.S Constitution. In MY opinion, Justice Roberts should have been removed because after his, lets say “less than LEGAL way” of the adoption of Irish children that compromised his ability to act in accordance with the CONSTITUTION, as the democommunists “discovered” his “act”, and used it (BLACKMAIL) to push THEIR agenda (under the threat of deporting his children is forever hanging over his head). THAT my friend is why obunghole care was shoved down out throats, by HIM “changing” the law to read what the democommunists wanted, and other “laws” that he sided with the “liberal” side of the court.

Isn’t it amazing that a Woman judge with a Moral-Compass is being put through the wringer by the usual Globalist/Marxist fruitcakes in the Democrat party? Those people have no shame!!

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