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Who Won the 2nd Presidential Debate?

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6 replies on “Who Won the 2nd Presidential Debate?”

Biden was lying through his teeth all during the debate. While he did a fair job of trying to divert attention from himself and his failure to act over 8 yrs of VP and 47 yrs in Congress, it wasn’t enough for those who can look up his record for ourselves. I just about choked laughing when he tried that oh so old tax routine once again. WHO CARES! President Trump’s taxes are HIS PERSONAL BUSINESS! Just like my taxes are MY personal business. The President is correct that those with high income pay taxes quarterly throughout the year to avoid a large penalty at the end of the year. Biden would know that if he had the brains to deal with his own taxes. As for the “Biden Plan” aka: The New Green Deal, YES what President Trump stated for the cost IS ACCURATE. It’s what economists have stated repeatedly. Nothing about this debate changed my mind in the least. President Trump is the ONLY SANE person to vote for this election for the seat in the White House. I just pray to God that he wins another 4 years.

President Trump was the winner in the debates tonight. No doubt about it. Lets walk together to Nov. 3rd and enjoy the Election. Celebrate and sing for Joy.

Your Fans,

Anybody that actually watched tonight’s debate saw exactly how bat schitt crazy that Joe Biden actually is !! Biden not only is a criminal, he is a BALD FACED LIAR !!! Corrupt is not a strong enough word to describe that old demented crook !! After listening to 90 minutes of Biden spew out lie after lie and accuse OUR President of everything under the sun, I sincerely hope that President Trump beats this crooked liberal lifetime politician by a LANDSLIDE !!! ONLY AN IDIOT WOULD VOTE FOR THAT FOOL !!!

Let’s CUT TO THE CHASE , as they say, a AMERICA VOTE out the BLUES-2020, and VOTE 1000% RED, VOTE TRUMP/PENCE 2020 and mid term 2022. And PENCE/??? 2024

President Trump…Without a doubt. All biden did was babble, and LIE through his teeth. I cannot understand how ANYONE could cast a vote for him..He is too far gone. He needs to go back to his basement ans stay there to wait for his arrest, trial and punishment for all he and his corrupt crime family’s evil deeds.

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