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Should There Be Military Flyovers at NFL Games?

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4 replies on “Should There Be Military Flyovers at NFL Games?”

oct.22, 2020.. I haven’t watched an NFL, NBA, MLB in a couple of years.. When they didn’t stand for our anthem.. I couldn’t stand to watch them.. Certainly “fly-overs” at at our military academies is a approate. When the viewership of the NFL falls to 25% of a “normal” year..then no more fly-overs.. not enough people watching to view it..

A “waste of our tax dollars” is sitting in DC and calls themselves the CON-GRESS .
Nothing but obstruction, bickering, and BS since President Trump was elected, and opened the eyes of the American people (that are not too blind to see) how we are ALL getting HOSED by elite government operators, that are terrified that President Trump is putting the American people, as well as our our Country FIRST, stopping the “bleeding dry”of the “cash cow” that funds their cushy lifestyle, (the American taxpayer) and curbing the STOLEN POWER and CONTROL to rerun it back to where it belongs (WE the PEOPLE) THAT my friends is why we need President Trump to stay right where he is for FOUR MORE YEARS.

Why bother because there will be few people in the stands. Kneeling is disrespecting the nation and the military. Save the money for something better than trying to honor a bunch of over paid crybaby sports players. I could care less about all these woke SOB’s. Will never watch any of them again. Waste of my tax money.

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