This could be worse than ISIS…

If you’re like most Americans, you’ve probably heard of ISIS.

Throughout 2014, reports of their devastation have been seen all over the news.

But while ISIS is definitely a serious threat, there’s another disaster out there that government sources estimate could be even more deadly. In fact…

  • One former congressmen moved to the remote Mountains of West Virginia because of this threat…
  • The FBI recently performed and emergency drill to see if America could survive its effects…
  • And a billionaire hedge fund manager said that this is the, “one risk that is head-and-shoulders above all the rest in terms of the scope of the potential adjusted forthe likelihood of occurrence.”

But don’t count on the government to save you from this danger. 

That’s because the National Academy of Sciences (NAS) estimated that it could take 4 to 10 years to recover from this disaster.

And the economic impact of this threat could cost $2 trillion in the first year alone… which is about 20x as expensive a Hurricane Katrina.

But despite these facts, President Obama has yet to publicly warn the American people about this potential disaster.

That’s why Stansberry Research – one of America’s largest financial research firms – recently asked their analyst, Dr. David Eifrig Jr., to create a video that documents exactly what’s going on and the steps every American should take to protect themselves.

Click here to view Dr. Eifrig’s research:

REM Solar Flares- ISIS Lift Note

  • Ibcamn

    so what’s worse than a regime created enemy for them to get a “wag the dog”event going for them to cash in on???

  • We really do need to strike back on Islam. How about taking out Mecca with a nuke?

    Google “Two Minute Conservative” for clarity.

  • xxLouA

    what else can you expect with what we have and some people voted to put into office twice !!!!

    • Henry

      Hopefully in 2016, we’ll be able to clean up the mess from hell!

  • J.B. Young

    The only thing more dangerous to this country than ISIS – is obama!

  • Jimmy Garst

    The biggest terrorist organizations in the World are the CIA, Mossad and their bankers in Saudi Arabia. America is spending billion on an intelligence agency that is funding terrorists and starting conflicts all around the globe. FYI American imperialism, hegemony and perpetual war machine are the real evil empire and terrorists. War is just terrorism on a bigger budget. The USA spends $1.2 trillion on its perpetual war machine, that makes the US the biggest terrorists. What kind of a bunch of sick fascist glorify serial murderers who kill hundreds. What kind of sick fascists approve of murder by drone that kills thousands. What kind of sick fascists think torture is acceptable. Americans are the sick fascist terrorist. American militarism has morally and financially bankrupt America. Y’all are a bunch of sick fascist terrorists.!!!

    • Galveston1

      And you are a muslim troll, apparently.
      Ignorant, too. Fascism is hard left, just like nazi and communist. The only difference being how the government’s will is imposed on the serfs.

    • Paul Dragotto

      there are no rules in love and war! jimmy you need to be put down for your ignorance and hate! die mother fucker!

  • apzzyk

    When compared to other problems, ISIS is petty. We have crumbling infrastructure, so how many deaths will be cause when a bridge drops? The VA healthcare system has been underfunded for years so there were probably 40 deaths in just Phoenix, and the Denver VAMC which needed to be replaced before 2000 is finally under construction, but 2 years behind schedule – the contractor was not paid in time; there is no new money for NIH to work on the next generation of anti-biotics so when you get a scratch you could die; the FAA air traffic control system is only 50 years out of date, so how many will die when we have a mid-air or two planes on the same runway or tries to land in a Walmart parking lot; by letting companies deontaminate water how many lives will be lost or how many people will become sick?
    The leading cause of death in the US will be not spending when something needs to be done. A stitch in time saves nine.

  • ABBAsFernando

    Obama = ISIS

  • OldPatriot32

    Another Stansberry Research scare article; about every 60 days we get a new “pending disaster.” Sign up for their research articles, and you’ll be $99 or $199 poorer and paying for news you can find for free on the internet, if you take the time to research it. I’m about to SPAM them, anyway!

  • needfulthings

    I find the “T-Party the most dangerous threat in America fore they believe a Fascist Oligarchy is the right direction!

  • Terry V

    If everybody wants to know who is the most dangerous do yourself a favor a go view a video called (JFK to 911 Everything is a rich mans trick ) This is along video but it has to be because it can’t be explained in a short one. Watch with a open mind and don’t give up on it because you will have to watch all of it to see who why and what for. Then when you finish sit back and just think about what is going on in the world today . Then if you are not brain washed like most are you will figure out that we have been lied to for years just so the elite can live their rich greedy’ controlling ways that their sick minds think. Everything in the video has been proven and none of these bastards have or never will be charged. I would like to know how much more shit and lie’s are we as a country going to put up with I want all to think what your kids are going to go through in the years to come. We are slaves now but it is going to be real bad for them . We have a chance to change what is happening but the only way is to march on Washington when they are all their at one time. Walk in the white house and tell all to stand down because they are fired for the crimes committed on the people and our country and then put them under arrest march their asses straight to prison with no trail because they are guilty and it has all ready been proven. I will and have been saying for years if you are in politics that you are a crook this is the level of city’county’state and federal and that is a fact because they are not doing what they said they would and all lied when they took the oath.It is not just obama he is a puppet doing as these rich bastards tell him and congress has so much shit in their closet’s that they go right along with what ever just to keep it out of the public eye and they are all paid very well to play a long just like the news media and all the lie’s that they drill in to your head. Israel and the Routhchild’s are behind it all they run this world they all are Jews and they own everything. Israel gets about 30 billion from our tax dollars every year but the people of Israel are starving. How does that work because it funds Routhchilds big ass palace over their. If this is not enough information for you to just look in to things then their is no help for you so just go back to sleep