Will Trump’s Advisers Quit?

House Oversight Committee chairman Rep. Trey Gowdy (R-SC) states the proof of Russians interfering in the 2016 presidential elections is so “overwhelming” that Trump needs “to say that and act like it.”

Gowdy later added that if he does not do something, Trump’s advisers need “to reevaluate whether or not they can serve in this administration.”

Gowdy stated, “The president either needs to rely on the people he has chosen to advise him, or those advisers need to reevaluate whether or not they can serve in this administration, but the disconnect cannot continue. The evidence is overwhelming. And the president needs to say that and act like it.”

  • Ron Long

    Mr Goudy needs to rephrase his comments. The Russians interfered in a campaign not an election. And why is it President Trumps problem? It happened under the Obama administration. All President Trump can do is fix one Obama mess after another

    • Aline

      First of all, it’s not ‘ goudy ‘, it’s Gowdy! Second, I’m getting a bit disappointed, who I thought was better than sliced bread! He is becoming wishy washy! Afraid for his life? In the speed killery is ‘ offing ‘ people, I wouldn’t doubt it! The Trump ( whom I love )’s administration need to grow some balls! Not just for other countries, but for America! GET RID OF SESSIONS!! PLEASE! And ENOUGH with obamASS who’s at the head of the Deep State, clinton, Comey, the rest of the upper echelon in the FBI, and a bunch of CIA! ALL NEED TO GET LOCKED UP PERMANENTLY! RESHAPE the DNC! ENOUGH WITH CORRUPT JACKASSES WHO DON”T GET CONSEQUENCES FOR THEIR CRIMES! ENOUGH!!!!!!!!!

  • GayEGO

    Trump knows all about the Russian interference in our 2016 election process as he said on TV, Cheating is what a smart businessman, and Trump is running this country like a business! After the tariffs ruin our economy, Trump will declare bankruptcy and run away with the taxpayers money, like he ran away with his investors money. What will really happen is Trump will be impeached, arrested, handcuffed, and driven away in a prison van to his home state of New York’s Ryker’s Island prison!

    • logicaldon

      As usual, another liberal thinks he knows the future about what will happen to Trump when it’s really what he wants to happen.

      • GayEGO

        Yes, it is wishful thinking until we know the results. But Trump is digging himself in deeper and if there is any common sense left in our government, it will happen.

        • A_Nobody

          Only in your dreams, child.

          • GayEGO

            I am a 77 year old child who has done very well, so I trust my experience much more than I trust Trump, a cheating, lying, businessman.

  • David

    Ron is correct and Goudy needs to be replaced……forked tongue prick….

  • Danny S.

    Trey Gowdy I must ask you a question. The Russians tried to meddle in the election the same way we try to meddle in our adversaries elections sometimes even our allies and friends? This has been going on for decades True or false? Okay we know that for a fact ( admitted okay)!!!
    Now tell us how many votes were affected in the Russian interference and how you can prove it?
    The only proof of interference is the Democrats got hacked but refused to let the mighty FBI SEE THEIR servers and the FBI DID NOTHING . THE FBI STOOD DOWN. The DNC TOLD THE FBI THEY COULDNT SEE THEM! SO MR GOWDY I GUESS THE RUSSIANS AFFECTED THE ELECTION BECAUSE THE DNC SAYS SO THAT IS YOUR PROOF!!

    • Danny S.

      Gowdy is a drama queen. Period…have you seen one person on Washington go to jail? Gowdy has that steely eyed look along with a voice only John Wayne fans can admire. In the end it’s like a fart in the wind.

  • Al Wunsch

    The President knows what he is doing and those in the swamp/congress do not. They are afraid to just point out that it’s part of his negotiation strategy. Don’t know why Gowdy has all of a sudden spouted off on things he usually hasn’t in the past. Must be associated with his next move when he leaves congress. With the exception of the President, that’s mostly what you get from people in dc – always associated with running again or paying their political dues but not any concern for their (at least our) country.

  • Big Iron

    The Russians may have interfered with the election and would have unless they are stupid and they are not. The US can cast no stones with regard to interference; we’ve done it often enough.
    Obama had already tried to cause WW3. Hillary was promised the Presidency if she would start WW3 and any “establishment” Republican would have done so. So we lucked out and Trump ran …and got the nomination even with everything the Republican establishment could do to stop him.
    Unless Putin wanted a war he had to do something to stop Hillary! Did he? I don’t know but it would make sense for Russia to do so and a quietly as possible. Who in their right mind wants WW3. …The PTB/NWO for starters and wait don’t they control the establishments of the Republican and the Democrats. WW3 has been planned by the PTB/NWO for decades. Thank God for the internet.

  • A_Nobody

    Gowdy need to shut up. There IS proof someone in Russia attempted to interfere on the side of Clinton, not trump, for one, and where was Gowdy when Obozo tired desperately to interfere in Bibi’s election? Sitting on the sidelines sucking his thumb, and it’s happened before with nothing said.

  • Danny S.

    Hmm let’s do this right. Fire them all and let them reapply when the job is posted . Clean house and get results driven people who want to do a good job and earn their keep. People who are loyal and talented.