Will Trump’s Actions Result In An Iranian Revolution?

Former Sen. Joe Lieberman (I-CT), the chairman of United Against Iran, believes President Trump’s newly placed sanctions on Iran will “lead to a new Iranian revolution.”

Lieberman stated, “I think they’ll help because I think particularly they’re coming at a time when there is more instability in Iran than there has been for a long, long time. Probably since the protests after the fraudulent elections in June of 2009. What I mean is the economy is tanking. The currency of Iran has lost 80% of its value in the last year. Unemployment is sky high. Almost every day, somewhere in Iran there is a protest to the government, and it is mostly about the economy, about corruption in the government, about extremism in the government. And some of it, interestingly, is ‘we don’t want to be in Lebanon. We don’t want to be in Gaza. We want our money to be spent in Iran on us.’ That’s what the Iranian people are saying. These sanctions from President Trump and the administration will squeeze the Iranians more and maybe force the government to come back and negotiate a better nuclear agreement, or it will lead to a new Iranian revolution.”

“It won’t be easy. I’m afraid the mullahs are capable of behaving like Assad in Syria, and if the people rise up, they’ll turn their guns on their own people, but maybe not. What I see is a country where the majority of people are really fed up with the government. And there is every reason for them to be fed up—no freedom, no economic opportunity, a lot of corruption at the top of the government.”

  • Sweet Spot

    I Hope the Gay Pride People of the USA go there and fight in the streets! Maybe pinch and scratch the revolutionary guards! Pull in the Mullahs beards and push a few off rooftops!

  • Angelika K Griffin

    They are given ANOTHER chance to CHANGE their Government as O did NOTHING to HELP them because he was IN FAVOR of THAT “REGIME” but the IRANIAN people THOUGHT otherwise back then AND were just FOOLED, just like America was FOOLED…..!!!!

  • Herbert W. Love, Jr.

    NOT so fast!
    No matter what anyone thinks, says, or does the bottom line for “Islamic Republic of Iran” is that ISLAM rules… filled with lies, deceit, scandals, corruption & cover-ups since Muhammad surrounded himself with body guards, (assassins) who were used to kill anyone in the way including relatives who did not think like him or appreciate what he was doing. Historic accounts of Muhammad being a pedophile and approving the sanctions against women ISLAM has kept people brainwashed from birth. It’s worst than a cult, and is
    forced upon all who live in an Islamic country. From elementary school to adulthood ISLAM dominates all aspects of life.


    You be the judge. ISLAM is what has been keeping, “Islamic Republic of Iran” in business all these years and up to present time. No wonder the Ayatollah’s rule?