Will Mueller Have The Guts To Subpoena?

National political reporter for Axios Jonathan Swan recently told Fox News that Trump’s legal team is assuming that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will lack “the guts” to issue a subpoena.

Swan stated, “I actually don’t think this is a fundamental change in the legal strategy. I think this is just going to play out exactly as it would have. Ty Cobb and John Dowd didn’t want the president to sit down with Bob Mueller. Neither does Emmet Flood. Nobody in their right mind does. And guess what he is not going to. What they are doing now is a very competent lawyer, Emmet Flood, behind the scenes and a bunch of people like Rudy Giuliani who is very good at muddying the waters and performing political attacks on an investigation. So so you have a dual-track strategy. You have discredited the investigation, investigation, make it partisan in the same way the Democrats did with the Bill Clinton situation, Ken Starr. We will have the same thing again here.”

He added, “Their bet is that Bob Mueller will not issue a subpoena. That is the bet internally. He won’t have the guts, because it’s going to be a long, drawn-out legal process, could end up at the Supreme Court. And even if he does, that will whip up their forces. ”

  • Steven Smith

    if Mueller ever wants a chance to look relevant–those subpoenas better have names like -Obama-Hillary Clinton–james comey-Rosenstein-etc-and maybe even indictments to go along with them-

    • budman

      Won’t happen Steven because Mueller is up to his neck tied to this bunch and if you follow the
      connections being the Director of the FBI, he had to be involved in the cover up of all of Hillary’s transgressions and it is said the person who made the delivery in the Uranium One Deal; time
      period from 2003 to 2009 and he held the position until 2013. Two judges are now calling Mueller
      out suggesting he has gone far beyond the scope of the intent of the Special Counsel and it
      appears Mueller is in hot water because now Congress is demanding information be delivered
      to them regarding the FISA warrants believing the warrants were obtained using false evidence.

      • Tony

        Their has to be a bunch of our tax money that gotten into their hands on all this evil types of people that has taken over the government ,And like and old saying goes ,live by the sword and one dies by the sword,and that saying could also go with our money,when it comes to how one has to earn their money ,with their sweat and blood ,and how those evil people have been taking it like it belonged to those evil types of people,and our money may destroy them,in much the same way as those who lived by the sword.

        • Tony

          And I for got to mention that the Clinton’s and Obama fit right into that picture.

    • Tony

      It may come to that ,if Mueller wants to save his own neck.

  • Sharon Krotts

    I’m not sure about this. I think the left has proved itself willing to do anything to get their way and is in so deep at this point that no matter what it takes they will continue even if it brings them all down!

    • jim

      I agree with you, he will do it if he gets paid enough by who ever is backing the DNC

      • jwright673

        He’s being paid more than enough with our tax dollars to conduct an illegal investigation. Feckless sessions needs to grow a set and fire Mueller and end the “investigation.” Failing that (which is likely) the congress should simply defund the special counsels charade.

    • Tony

      What most people may not have noticed ,the reason why all those same types of people that are behind all this evil crap and attacks on Trump is all about,and why they never wanted him in the white house,could it not be because he can not be bought ,like all other presidents before him,including all the others that make up the government ,and why they been and are doing everything they can to have him removed from the white house,what more of road map dose one need to see it ,And what they are doing is putting their own necks in that nose that may be waiting for them ,as he dose not attack those types of people, as it is those that attack him ,that the truth is coming out about those types of evil good for nothing scheming lying cooked people ,that only been after money along with its power,in more ways of shafting we the millions of people in our country,with more tax.And I for one feel they may know gig is up.

      • Sharon Krotts

        At first the hostility was to get rid of Trump. As time goes by the hostility may ramp up to try and safe their butts! The higher you go, the harder you fall. Many of them should be in jail.You and I would be…

  • Jjb54

    Sure they will … because if anything the Liberal / Dem’s have consistently proved one thing – out of many other’s as well.

    ( though I did find one cure for stupid: )

    * They are the definition of insanity:
    Keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting a different result.

    * That they think they are above the RULE OF LAW.
    .. That view is now being slowly removed. ..

    * That if you repeat a lie enough times, it must be true.

    But what the do NOT see is, that their Liberal / Dem house of cards is starting to FALL …. and it will leave no survivors.

  • J Bryan Jensen

    If Mueller subpoenas the President it’s not guts, it’s crass stupidity since it is unconstitutional. What a fool!

    • Rob

      Finally, someone who knew it was unconstitutional. He is stupid enough to try though, he’s been operating above the law since the ’70s. He, Comey, Rosenstein, the whole bunch have guys in prison. Some have died there. Overturning those convictions should worry him more because it will just add to the Uranium One, Muslim Brotherhood (yes he is one), poiticizing and weaponizing of the FBI. In short he’ll swing from the same tree as Barry.

      • J Bryan Jensen

        I am living for the day when all these communists end up in prison. We will need a real American Attorney General before it will happen. Sessions is either incurably lame or he is another domestic enemy of our Constitution like all these FBI and DOJ players who are after Trump. The typical American doesn’t have a clue about the extent to which our country has been infiltrated by communists bent on the overthrow of America like Krushev predicted decades ago.

        • Rob

          I am too, but I’m not above making my own waves. Combat Marine, in 3 wars and 5 deployments. I’ve read that Sessions was deep state himself. He’s doing fair with illegals (what I want there is to allow border security to fire live rounds and yes, kill as many as necessary). Recusing himself just after he was appointed was a shitty thing to do, a remedy-appoint a co-AG to deal with everything he doesn’t. Btw, Rosenstein NEVER had the authority to appoint Mueller or anyone. He’s lucky that he isn’t in a cell right now. With all that’s coming out, the looming revolution will be on his tail also. It seems DC (not Trump’s team or some others) are getting more corrupt in every passing year. I’m not a pie in the sky snowflake Trump has many faults and yes he does lie to us. We grew up 40 minutes apart, I’d see him and the boys about once every two weeks.

          • J Bryan Jensen

            Yes, issue verbal warning only once that we consider crossing our border an invasion thereby an act of war and they will be shot if they don’t retreat. Trump is not perfect, who is? He is the perfect President for this crucial time. He is restoring the respect America lost under communist Obama. Our government had never been 100 % candid and truthful with us. I believe it will come the closest it ever has under Trump. He truly is our modern day Spartacus returning us from the land of the slave ruled by a knave back to the land of the free home of the brave. There will be choppy waters but we will make it,

  • donS2

    The Russians that Mr. Mueller subpoena for interfering in the elections have called the Mueller teams bluff by the higher of a law firm in the U.S. Mr. Mueller and his team of killary donors asked for a stay but the judge said he must be ready in 2 weeks. Also the Mueller team will need to disclose some of the reasons for the charges.

  • jdbixii

    Allegations of collusion, levelled at a candidate for the Presidency of the U.S., are only logical if you consider that the concept of “diversity” has allowed people with views which are antithetical to the views of some other Americans to justify the formulation and implementation of partisan policies which discriminate against opposition to partisan policies. We are still waiting for proof of collusion. The fact is that, given the history of the specific techniques used in communications intelligence, the intercepting of phone or radio transmissions of particular interest to the government, there must be the recordings of those transmissions. These prove what was said.
    What makes no sense is that an allegation of “collusion” has been made with no proof to substantiate the allegation and no consistency of criteria defining “collusion” which are applicable, universally, to all, including the government.
    When institutional government is caught “double-dealing,” it is disheartening, demoralizing and intimidating, to say nothing of angering. Proving it is an embarrassment for government, especially, if it is government which desires the collusion for purposes of the flow of information.

    • budman

      Unfortunately, the highest court declared that Government can lie, cheat or do just about anything to obtain evidence; not the case with the accused and I believe this is wrong and should be changed by Congress. It makes the government no better than the criminal.
      Some may disagree with me but I believe the resistance is fierce because George Soros was furious when Hillary wasn’t elected and ruined his continued quest for the United States to fall under a New World Order. The so called Deep State is all the key people of the Obama Administration in a location near the White House carrying out the all out assault and using people still in the FBI, CIA and Justice Department. Mueller’s appointment as Special Counsel was unethical to begin with since he is friends and a former co worker with both Rosenstein who appointed him and James Comey and technically a violation.
      Their actions now are being questioned and hopefully every one of this will face some kind of criminal charges including Mueller because the one they thought had impeccable credentials is far from the truth and they are now discovering who he really is.