Will Mueller Have The Guts To Subpoena?

National political reporter for Axios Jonathan Swan recently told Fox News that Trump’s legal team is assuming that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will lack “the guts” to issue a subpoena.

Swan stated, “I actually don’t think this is a fundamental change in the legal strategy. I think this is just going to play out exactly as it would have. Ty Cobb and John Dowd didn’t want the president to sit down with Bob Mueller. Neither does Emmet Flood. Nobody in their right mind does. And guess what he is not going to. What they are doing now is a very competent lawyer, Emmet Flood, behind the scenes and a bunch of people like Rudy Giuliani who is very good at muddying the waters and performing political attacks on an investigation. So so you have a dual-track strategy. You have discredited the investigation, investigation, make it partisan in the same way the Democrats did with the Bill Clinton situation, Ken Starr. We will have the same thing again here.”

He added, “Their bet is that Bob Mueller will not issue a subpoena. That is the bet internally. He won’t have the guts, because it’s going to be a long, drawn-out legal process, could end up at the Supreme Court. And even if he does, that will whip up their forces. ”