White Woman Beat For Her Pro-Trump Yard Signs

Everyone wants to think Hillary supporters are the more civilized of the bunch.

They were painted that way when they were Bernie supporters and they’re purported to be that way now.

But it’s just not true, especially when you see the violence visited upon Trump supporters by Hillary and Bernie supporters.

In this most recent instance of Hillary inspired violence, we’ve got two Mexicans beating a white woman because she supports Trump.

From Gateway Pundit:

So this happened…

A group of Hispanics drove around their city to steal Trump signs.

One young woman resisted their thievery so they beat her in her front yard.

Obama’s America.

What’s wrong with people?

And, don’t they realize that violence in these situations solves no problems and actually reinforces why people have the opinions they do?

Liberals and their supporters never connect the dots. They think that just because they have an opinion it’s automatically right. If someone disagrees with them then it’s “To Hell With Them!”

What would you have done if this was in your yard?

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