White Athletes Asked To Stand For Injustices

NBA Hall of Famer Oscar Robertson is asking white athletes to stand up to social injustices.

After receiving his Lifetime Achievement Award, he stated it “bothers” him that white athletes don’t speak about on social issues.

“I think that as people evolve, and things are changing so much in the world with social media and whatnot, these people are young people who have families,” Robertson stated. “They’ve seen some injustice in the streets or wherever it might be, it might be almost anywhere, and they’re stepping up. But the only thing that really bothers me is, where are the white athletes when this is happening?”

“This is not a black athlete problem. You see injustice in the world. It’s all around you. Just because LeBron steps out, I’m glad he does. I hope some other players — because this is what they believe — I mean, what do you want players to do? Shut up and dribble? I think it’s time for them to say what they want to say about life and about politics and things about the street and whatnot. And about education.”

  • Ron C

    Non-sense…the race baiters have run a muck…we are all Americans…grab your tools and help make America great again for everyone…criminals get what they deserve, fallow the law. It is that simple!

    • Stephen Leonhard

      Exactly right !! shun welfare and get a job. Man or Woman UP! !Earn the pride that comes with being employed and paying your share of taxes!!


    Shut up and play ball. Don’t force your politics on me at entertainment venues, or as history is proving, you may not have a job, because your league and teams will be broke.

    • victoria

      Dear Lord, we can only hope, and that it will happen soon.

  • Elly

    These athletes should focus on playing sports and keep politics out of that arena. They can express their opinions off the field, but stay away from politics on the field.

  • Rodney T

    That’s a commendable desire for Mr Robertson to express, but I am sure that knowledgeable expositions on injustice are not being submerged by athletes of any race. We are not in the Civil Rights movement of the 60’s anymore. Social injustice is NOT the monumental problem portrayed in news reports. Of course, there are plenty of racists and incidents of racism in society, but America is NOT a predominately racist, or unjust nation. Screaming injustice and racism every time you turn around minimizes the the truly abhorrent occurrences we see. Have you ever heard the fable of The Boy Who Cried Wolf ? If anyone wishes to ” speak out ” on any issue, the great thing about America is the freedom we are afforded to do so, but I would ask, what does all the speaking out, protesting, and kneeling actually ACCOMPLISH ? I would much rather that the athletes, actors, and actresses who are so wealthy and disconnected from the most impoverished and crime ridden communities would GO TO INTO THESE communities and DO something to effect change from within. Guess what ? THE GOVERNMENT IS NOT THE ANSWER.

    • Vicki M

      You are SO CORRECT. Volunteering time, effort, energy and their considerable money would do more good than standing, sitting, kneeling will ever do. Be a role model for young people.

    • Stephen Leonhard

      Exactly right. Don’t just talk…do something with your disproportionate millions!Government is NEVER the answer!

  • Big Ed

    I totally agree there is a lot of social injustice in this country. For instance, think of the injustice involved with paying an athlete $10-15-20 million a year while people who actually work and make the country work average $55 thousand a year. So the adult child makes 180-350 times what the worker does and we’re supposed to listen to his requests for social action as well. The main issue the athletes want to discuss is the number of times policemen shoot black people while arresting them. I’ve been stopped a couple of times by cops and I’ve never been shot-there is a trick to this and that is DO WHAT THEY SAY!!. I know they will counter that the fact that I’m white makes a difference, but it doesn’t. White people who refuse to comply with the instructions given them by cops are also often shot-the same trick will work for them-DO WHAT THEY SAY!!

    • Stephen Leonhard

      The conduct of millionaire black ‘athaaleets’ has led me to boycott all “professional sports’.The fact that the public pays to build these fantastic costly play pens for these spoiled athletes while receiving no renumeration illustrates the sheer idiocy of this whole thing!!The public needs to smarten-up and demand it share of the pie!!

    • drew

      Big Ed.good comment


    People watch sports to get away from politics for a short time. These athletes should just take their
    overpaid jobs & be thankful we choose to use sports for a brief escape from politics, The same
    can be said about the entertainment industry. I won’t watch football anymore even though I used to
    really enjoy it because of this BS

  • caesar

    Black athletes cause the injustices.

  • sonny47

    … and they will soon be unemployed because we do not want political correctness just entertainment.

  • Tony

    People like this jerk is one reason I don’t bother to watch any sports. The blacks feel they can do what ever they want and get away with it. None of team sports are worth watching any longer.

    • Stephen Leonhard

      I gave up on professional sports years ago. I will not spend even one dime to watch these rediculosly over paid ” athletes”play!!

  • Jeff

    Just wait for it, these individuals are going to destroy the sports arena, with all this virtue signaling, we don’t watch sports to see individuals who get paid millions talk about politics or any other issue for that matter, we watch these sporting events because it gives us just that a break from the real world, now if these individuals wish to hold a press conference before or after the event, by all means feel free but game time should be just that game time, stand for anthem, play your sport and go home, that’s what the majority of Americans want to see….Smfh! why is this so damn hard to understand.

    • Stephen Leonhard

      Exactly right!!

  • Jmanjo

    I suppose the black athletes would like white athletes to tell them what to think, how to act, what feelings to express. Why do minorities want to blame whites and then expect them to step up and solve their social issues! It is time for everyone to start examining why things are the way they are and look at what they can do personally to make it get better. If the police were not being threatened perhaps they wouldn’t be expecting bad to happen when they approach those areas of town. Some people just make their own grief!

  • Rich Kenny

    yes! shut up and dribble… whether it is from the corner of your mouth on off your hand…. that’s YOUR game, play it!!! Actually they are not dribbling the ball anymore they are “carrying” the ball.. had that been allowed when I was in the lower grades or college even… I would have been a basketball player — but what they miss call as “dribbling” now is “palming” or “carrying” the ball and ANYBODY can do that!!! It used to be called for what it was… now since some overpaid tall guys haVe incorporated that into their style of play and since they are now the “BIG-MONEY” players… it is now ok and refs won’t call them on it.. were they to call and penalize them..that ref would be drummed out of the game. Sad… those “?eliete? players – who are now crying have changed the game so THEY could play it successfully.. SO CRY ON AND TAKE WHAT YOU GET!! no sympathy here!!

    • Stephen Leonhard

      Over paid men playing kid’s games should just shut up!!

  • Judge Dolittle

    Black athletes are making millions, where is the injustice. Why don’t they take those Millions of dollars and help with the injustice in the streets. They have never done anything for their people in all these years. We have all kinds of programs and support programs for anyone facing injustice. The injustice is on the field, the NFL players want to blame someone else for their selfish & unpatriotic act.

  • cathylovesyou

    Oscar take the award and shut up

  • Al Wunsch

    I expect those athletes that took politics to the sports arena or stadium to keep it out of the playing field and do their work as others do – by donating time or money to good causes. Don’t get caught up in the left’s radical nonsense.

  • GT90ford

    I do not watch the NBA or College Basket Ball, have not watched the NFL for two years due to kneeling, during the Anthem. Cutting out the Anthem was of no help to me, going to the locker room during the Anthem will not satisfy me, thus I doubt I’ll watch again this upcoming season. I found going into the second year, I wasn’t missing anything, but I was watching College Football instead.

  • Ronald Hagler

    The biggest “injustice” I encounter is an athlete making over 153 million dollars to play basketball for four years, while U.S. workers are being forced out of employment by overseas competition and illegal foreign workers displacing many of them. The injustice is not that there are so many young Black males in prison, but that they are in prison because so many young Black males commit crimes. The injustice is not that many young Black males are shot by police officers, but that so many young Black males refuse to adhere to orders from police officers trying to question them.

    When a police officer approaches me and tells me to stop, I stop! Instead of stopping at that request, many young Blacks continue to move away or become confrontational. This action seldom ends well for either party. For all of you who demand we stop the “injustice” towards people of color, is it not more truthful that these confrontations with law enforcement can be reduced (and even eliminated) by young Black males simply stopping and waiting to find out why the officer is questioning them? Are you not more likely to be left alone if you do as the officer asks and show your ID, instead of confronting the officer and questioning his/her authority? It is common knowledge that most young Black people are belligerent towards authoritative persons and often play a significant role into whatever trouble this attitude lands them!

  • MikeTheTiger

    All people, of all colors, all races, athlete or otherwise should stand up against social injustice when they see it. But, make sure when you do it for real justice, not just someone’s opinion. Which means that when a black or other minority is discriminated against unjustly we must demand justice, when it happens to a white man, policeman, or politician we must do the same thing. Here is the rub – many want to stand for the minority, but won’t for a man who is of the majority merely because they don’t want to be labeled as a racist. That is a double standard that seems to be fully acceptable to some because it is PC. Today one can be PC and be defending injustice. Remember, justice is supposed to be blind. So, Mr. Robertson is correct. Just make sure you know what you are actually standing up for.

  • Gary Wood

    Wrong platform! People are there for the entertainment after working hard all week and pay good money for the tickets food and drink and do not want the woes of society thrown in their faces. Stand on a soap box and do it away from the stadium someplace downtown.