Where Trump’s popularity is SURGING

Since Donald Trump took office in January, the media has made a big issue out of how unpopular he is. Never mind the fact that Democrats were shut out in special elections, or that the Republican Party is enjoying record-breaking fundraising; Trump’s policies are universally hated.

Similarly, the media continues to report that Trump is unpopular abroad. In Europe, where he has been critical of NATO, reports say Trump is tarnishing America’s reputation with important allies. To some of these allies, electing Trump signaled the end of America’s role as a global leader.

Of course, there’s a completely different side of the story that many aren’t hearing. While Trump’s “America First” mindset may rub many world leaders the wrong way, it sends an important message. After eight years of bowing to the demands of other nations, world leaders had grown used to Obama’s timid leadership. In Trump, they have to confront a leader willing to firmly stand with American interests.

While growing pains are predictable, Trump’s approach is starting to yield real results. In May, Trump had an extremely successful trip to the Middle East. There, his speech in front of Middle Eastern leaders was warmly received by those in attendance.

Since returning from that trip, Trump’s positive reputation in the Middle East has continued to grow. In fact, in a recent interview with Politico, Lebanese Prime Minister Saad Hariri said that Trump’s leadership is a step up from the previous administration.

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source: https://www.allenbwest.com/shocking-region-prefers-trump-obama-media-silent/

  • JBruman

    Go Trump Go … fire McMaster today!

    • cathy

      JB Absolutely! NOW!

  • John Casey

    I agree with the Lebanese Prime Minister. Trump is a step up from Obama’s administration. Full speed ahead Mr. President.

    • Manado Jones

      The “Dictators for Donald” club.

  • Harland Mayes

    McMaster needs to be fired then rehire the people that he fired. Considering the new polls makes me think if the pollsters ever step outside the democratic national office bldg…

  • Connie Gripado

    Go President Trump continue to Drain the Swamp

    • Manado Jones

      Donald Trump hasn’t drained the swamp, he has stuffed it with alligators, Komodo dragons, velociraptors and the occasional tyrannosaurus Rex.

      • Of course that’s what you see through your obsessive compulsive hate filters. It’s okay, just keep hallucinating while we fix things. We’ve got this. Thanks.

      • Paul Lassiter

        That is an acceptable compromise. That will take care or all the Vultures. All those animals were top of the food chain, they backed down to no one! The Komodo Dragon is the only ones living, and they rule there island.

  • Manado Jones

    Dictators love The Donald.

    • rebeccadewhirst

      And who loves you ?

      • cathy

        rebecca Thank you! Good one.

  • Along came Jones

    It is nice to have a President who walks with THUNDER and bows to no one! He reminds me of a President who walked softly and carried a big stick.