What’s going on with Comey’s reports?

New reports suggesting that FBI Director James Comey massively overstated the volume of emails containing classified information that Huma Abedin forwarded to her husband add greater confusion to the situation.

The question, to which no obvious answer jumps out from the early reporting, is this: What exactly is the discrepancy between what Comey said in committee and what unnamed sources are telling reporters.

The Washington Post reported on Tuesday that “sources close to the investigation” regarding emails found on Anthony Weiner’s laptop in late October characterized its findings as such:

The inquiry found that Abedin did occasionally forward emails to her husband for printing, but it was a far smaller number than Comey described, and it wasn’t a “regular practice,” these people said. None of the forwarded emails were marked classified, but a small number — a handful, one person said — contained information that was later judged to contain classified information, these people said.

Here is what ProPublica reported:

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source: http://www.washingtonexaminer.com/whats-going-on-with-the-new-comey-reports/article/2622571