What Will A Dem Controlled House Do To Trump

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) recently sat down with MSNBC to speak about President Trump and the House of Representatives.

Willie Geist of MSNBC asked if Trump should resign due to the sexual assault accusations place on him.

Gillibrand believes that Trump should indeed resign, but if he doesn’t, the House “will hold him accountable” in office.

“He’s got over a dozen credible allegations of sexual assault and harassment. But then you can add to that everything else,” Gillibrand said. “This president has, again, torn at the fabric of who we are as a country and I think he is being held accountable right now by the electorate. The fact that all these voters have been marching and protesting since he was elected and then took it to the ballot box in 2018. That’s why 2018 was an important election for all of us. It was a wake up for America to fight for what you believe in and to restore our democracy to its foundings.”

“I think this election was about creating oversight and accountability over this president and what he’s done in office.”

  • pete0097

    I have read about some of these “sexual assaults” attributed to Trump. One of them was supposedly done on a commercial airplane. If he is guilty of sexual assault there, we all are. We are packed in like sardines with no room to move. In first class where Trump would fly, they have stewards hovering over them the whole trip and unless he did it in under 5 seconds, he would have been seen and exposed, but no, it is a conjured up lie

  • Estell Newton

    And what about the democrats sexual assaults? Something should be done about them and the need to stop throwing stones until they are investigated and thrown behind bars. People in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones.

  • Eddie Reynolds

    Any fool can complain and criticize…..and most fools do !

  • rliberi

    Kristen Gillabrand is an evil demonrat like the rest of them are. Donald Trump has done more for America in 2 years than the demonrats did in 8 years of trying to destroy everything the USA stood for before nobama and his political party of stupid fucking assholes and the dictatorship by them.

  • John Bonham

    “Gillibrand believes that Trump should indeed resign, but if he doesn’t, the House “will hold him accountable” in office.”

    Interesting as to how this will play out.

  • rivahmitch

    Especially with a soon-to-be neutral Senate once all the found/created/fraudulent votes are counted?