What Czech President Had To Say About Israel’s Capital

Czech President Milos Zeman has recently called the European Union “cowards” for their response on President Trump and his decision to recognize the capital of Israel as Jerusalem.

Zeman said “The European Union, cowards, are doing all they can so a pro-Palestinian terrorist movement can have supremacy over a pro-Israeli movement.”

Zeman has expressed happiness and a definitive support towards President Trump’s decision.

According to Breitbart: “Zeman said he had himself spoken in favour of Prague moving the Czech embassy to Jerusalem from Tel Aviv on a visit four years ago — a proposal which met with a reserved political response in his homeland.”

  • Truthteller

    fck europe.. they are a model for failure in pretty much every way and should be seen as a warning

  • Estell Newton

    Jerusalem has been Israels capitol since God gave the property to Israel centuries ago. It has been and always will be Israel’s capitol in God’s eyes.

  • Cleavis Nowell

    Put Angela Merkel, Theresa May and EU Ministers in orange jumpsuits and dump them in Khorasan,Afghanistan

  • Brian Lewis

    Absolutely. No one tells germany where their capitol can be. Nor Mexico nor Sweden nor Japan nor China. Where do you get off telling one of the greatest free nations where their capitol can be when that was historically their capitol.

  • Normando782

    Most of the Middle East borders were set after WW1 by the British & the French after the defeat of the Ottoman Empire. They created Lebanon & Syria as French mandates, created Trans Jordan, & Iraq to find kingdoms for the Hashemites and Palestine was to be the Jewish homeland. In 1948 the Jordanians attacked and East Jerusalem wound up under their domination until they attacked Israel in 1967 and got walloped by the Israelis, so Israeli`s borders as are only about 40 years younger than Lebanon, Syria, Iraq, & Jordan. Those borders were settled by war and so are Isreal`s. Jerusalem is now in the hands of it`s rightful owners and it is nice to see the president of the Czech Republic talk about moving their Embassy there & the Phillipines are also interested in doing so at the moment.

    • Larry Lovelace

      Thank you !!!

  • Kevin Padfield

    I wonder just EXACTLY is the motivation for EU leaders like Merkle to turn against her own people and put a group of middle easterners ahead of them. If it comes out that she’s being paid by George Soros to do this then she should be charged with treason with the death penalty imposed if she’s found guilty.

  • kzig

    Jerusalem has been the capitol since David bought and paid for the threshing floor. Jerusalem is the ONLY bought and paid for capitol in the world! Jerusalem was purchased BEFORE there were Palestinians walking the face of the earth!

  • alpambuena

    here hitler murdered some 6 to 8 million jews from all over Europe…yet the European leaders are against anything that would make Israel a better country for its people. the leadership in the European union are similar to the united nations groups that also feel the same way. maybe if Palestine would retract the threats to destroy Israel, maybe if the Palestinian leadership would not spend their united states foreign aid money on paying their citizens to kill israelies and maybe if Palestine would disconnect their relationships with terror organizations like Hezbollah…then possible Palestine would actually have a chance in further negotiations.

    • Larry Lovelace

      Germany is still way far anti Semite. They still teach their children to hat Jews. Any Jew living in Germany needs to get the H-ll out now while they can. Oh by the way so is France, anti Jew.

  • Larry Lovelace

    Americans of European decent need to be glad our families left there, our families were the brave hearted ones who struck out with only a hope of making it. They did not have assured immigrant acceptance when they arrived, many were sent back due to illness. They came with only the money or gold/silver in their pockets , no welfare checks, no food stamps, no social network to support them. If they didn’t make it they died. The Europeans who stayed lacked courage and spirit, they stayed safe. Safe for two World Wars to sweep over them and now their cowardly leaders have sold them out to Islams worst . We on the other hand are going to resist this as well. We went to their salvation in WW 1 and WW 2 , now they are on their own as they are swallowed whole due to their cowardly leadership.