What Could Happen If Kavanaugh Is Confirmed

Rep. Jerry Nadler (D-NY) believes that if Supreme Court associate justice nominee Brett Kavanaugh was confirmed onto the Supreme Court and Senate did not perform an investigation, the House would conduct it’s own investigation on “any credible allegation” of perjury and “other things that haven’t been properly looked into.”

Nadler stated, “I hope the Senate would have done its job first. I hope the FBI has over the next week to investigate… If they don’t, they have a real problem. I hope Senator Flake and others would make clear that their votes will not be for the nominee unless there’s a free hand for proper investigation of these very serious allegations of sexual assaults. We can’t have a justice on the Supreme Court for the next several decade who is will be deciding questions of liberty, life, death, all kinds of things for the entire American people who has been credibly accused of sexual assaults and various other things, wrong things, including perjury. This has to be thoroughly investigated. I hope the Senate will do so. If he’s on the Supreme Court and the Senate hasn’t investigated, the House will have to.”

“We would have to investigate any credible allegations of perjury and other things not properly looked into before.”

  • cathylovesyou

    Jerry Nadler smiled in 1947 didn’t like it and never has done it again. They say that fat people are always happen, Jerry must think he thin. Only with type of people Jerry has in his district could he get elected. NY is shot because of politicians like him. He is making noise because he has nothing to do, accomplishes very little and is Schumer’s brother in law Ha. What a bum. Jerry grow up we have been onto you for years, typical New York

    • JDWemhaner

      You should change your name from “cathylovesyou” to “cathydislikesmosteveryone.”

      • Kenneth Fichtl

        NYC is a **** HOLE just like donald said More Corrupt now than ever

    • Ron

      New York City is Mystery Babylon. Read Revelation.

  • Gordon Raymond

    Just another crooked Democrat.

    • MajorPain

      New York State is full of them From the Idiot Gov. Thru the Legislature to and the Mayor’s, City, County and School Board’s and it’s only gotten worse since I left there over 20 yrs. ago.

  • John Bonham



    BS, another crooked, grandstanding, lying “Demoncrat’s” obfuscation lies, and delaying tactics. The Judge is propably the most backround checked nominee in the history of this country.

  • Big Ed

    There really needs to be an investigation. The Democrats have planned and conspired to tell heinous lies for the purpose of destruction of a very good man. A thorough examination of this filthy party has to be completed, as they have pulled this same crap many, many times in the past couple of decades. When they have a goal and the path to that goal becomes blocked, you can count on the Democrats to initiate a false and horrific story which could accomplish what they could not get through their efforts. Start at the top with the barnyard excrement investigation of President Trump-you see, he wasn’t supposed to win, and when a Republican isn’t supposed to win the Democrats have to make sure he doesn’t win. The last four Republican nominees to the court have been “Borked” by the Democrats-how dare those Republicans trying to get people on the court, when that is the job of Democrats to do. Another thing that seriously needs investigation of Democrats is the fact that many of them run around the country threatening people and asking their insane constituents to meet and hammer anyone suspected of being a Trump backer. People have been hurt and someone is likely to be killed-when someone dies, lots of Democrats are going to begin to die also.

    • artsr

      Jail Time..

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      Make Sure the donkeys win it all so they can fund PPH to abort all their offspring

  • Cleavis Nowell

    Bill Clinton did real actual sexual assaults while snuffing cocaine up it’s nose while attending college and it was hushed up by the cultural Marxist democrats.

  • jon

    wow you could go back in a time machine and prove them wrong and still they would not bereave yet every one that they have put on the supreme court never went thru 1/100 of what Brett has and was voted in. lets then do a full background on each and every Dem on the high court and see how they fair after.

  • artsr

    What Happens too all those Democrats and MSM that had Kavanaugh Guilty with out all the Evidence and will fully Disregarded the Rule of LAW to brand him Guilty in their Court of Opinion ,for their Left Wing Base. Who in the Democrat Party is going to Apologize and Who in the MSM is going to Apologize for THE SMEARING OF A GOOD man only because he was nominated by a Republican. Then also WHO is going to JAIL for setting up this Giant Smear ??? I can think of 5 maybe 6 at least that has to be investigated For Corruption. And the rest should be remover from the Senate and a few from the HOUSE . https://uploads.disquscdn.com/images/7ccdbddc6f4318f7ce36e68582c2e57a0a30d636eee56445afe7c01f5418ec7a.jpg .Time to Clean house.As far as the MSM GOES just BOY COTT them for their Made up Fake News..(Should all be shut Down)

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      Keep your hands off DI FI or Kato will come after you The evil twin not bruce lee

    • Kenneth Fichtl

      Heres your first 2 mil and your key to the Wiener Suite at the Plaza for a weekend with Stormy

  • Kenneth Fichtl

    So now the FBI the Intel Community all 17 agency BS and Bobbie Mueller and Comney Brennan and Clapper even Obama are not worthy

  • Charles Michalek

    the dumbacrats are just doing this too stop Kavanaugh from being confirmed too the Supreme Court ,, wonder how many more liars they will pull out of the woodwork ……NY is full hog dung , and they represent the people of NY…

  • Ron

    We don’t need democrats in the Congress for the next 10 to 20 years who are as crooked as you are so why don’t you resign Nadler before we open an investigation on you. You are a crook and a liar and most important, you are not an American. While you are at it, resigning that is, take the entire Senate Intel committee with you. They are all corrupt. I believe Schumer is behind all of this so take him with you also. And get a rope on the way out and use it properly.

  • Ron

    A female friend of mine, and her husband, told me that these democrats have no soul and no conscious. I disagreed with her. They have a soul but it is an evil soul, taken over by Satan. And that is a fact. But when one’s soul is taken over by Satan then the conscious dies..

  • Rodney

    Rep. Wadler is a moron. If the Dimms win the house, they will do as they have stated, impeach Kavenaugh anyway they can. Thank GOD I am not in NY. If I were, I would say to him, I will do whatever is necessary to see you gone.


    Good grief, Dems. You can still kill your unborn. Relax.

  • Kenny Albert

    Credibly accused? What credibly has been shown? Absolutely nothing. These lefty liars are only trying to tick off their voting base to riot and vote democrat. If they do get the majority there will be no impeachment of President Trump or the soon SCJ Kavanaugh. Just a bunch of wind.

  • bluuplanet

    If Kavenaugh is confirmed, the Democrats will increase the number of supreme court justices from 9 to 11 as soon as they have the power to do so.

  • Patriot47

    Confirm Kavanaugh now and end the fecal festival.