Watch Trey Gowdy Explode At the Benghazi Hearing

There’s now very little doubt Mrs. Clinton had a direct role in the deaths of four American in Benghazi.

Her “performance” Thursday in from of the hearing does little to help absolve her of her guilt.

So much of that has to do with her reactions during the hearing. She was arrogant, rolling her eyes, and acting above the law.

But the real drama that took places was between Gowdy and Elijah Cummings start yelling at eachother

Vox writes:

There was a moment, a little over three hours into Thursday’s House Benghazi hearing at which Hillary Clinton is testifying, when something unexpected happened: Two of the Congress members on the committee started shouting at each other. Clinton, supposedly the focus of the day’s hearing, just sat and watched.

The exchange was prompted by the Benghazi Select Committee’s investigation into Clinton’s now-infamous private email server. The committee found a lot of correspondence about Libya between Clinton and someone named Sidney Blumenthal. Blumenthal is a longtime friend and confidante of Clinton’s — you can read all about it in Dylan Matthews’s fabulous Blumenthal explainer. Republican Committee Chair Trey Gowdy, one of the speakers in the above video, subpoenaed Blumenthal, who ended up testifying before a closed-door session of the Benghazi committee.

We can seriously only hope Mrs. Clinton is exposed as the liar and fraud she really is and Gowdy’s the best person for the job.

This is literally the best chance we’ve ever had of proving she’s guilty and it isn’t clear whether we’re going to be able to prove it.

Do you think she’s guilty?

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