Warning: Is Hillary Looking At 2020 Elections?

Former Clinton adviser James Carville recently told media sources that he was not positive if Hillary Clinton will once again run in 2020, however he stated she had “always gotten the most votes” when she did run.

“My guess is that’s not really in her plans right now,” Carville stated. “She didn’t show any indication that she wants to run for president again.”

“You know, she’s never run an election where she didn’t get the most votes — both in the primaries in 2008, the primaries in 2016, and the general election in 2016. … And 16 times in a row that a Clinton has run – either her or him – they’ve always gotten the most votes. So there’s something to be said for that.”

  • Frank W Brown

    Oh PLEASE, PLEASE run you fricking idiot!

  • Maxine Simon

    Really Most Votes??? If you take away the DemRats Major Election FRAUD, Their Corrupt Evil Cheating ways of How they Thing they Win, They would never get their Foot off the Ground!

  • Elly

    James Carville, I hope she does run so she can be a third time loser. Who in this country would vote for this corrupt person who should be imprisoned. I believe that people are on to her now and I don’t believe she would even be elected as a dog catcher.

    • budman

      Elly, there are many people out there and also many Liberal Women who won’t look
      at the evidence of who Hillary Clinton is. She is as corrupt as they come but she will tell you she has done nothing wrong. Her problem is there is a mountain of evidence to prove otherwise.

      • Elly

        budman – I hear what you say, well all I can say is shame on those liberal women who must not have a working brain in their heads if they overlook all of the corruptness in Hillary.

        • budman

          I know about the Clinton’s from their days in Arkansas and the Whitewater Papers was a small thing compared to what happened to those who run afoul of them. The State Troopers from those days could provide a chilling tale about this.

    • Tony

      The only run she maybe making in the near future is to the JAIL HOUSE,with we the people in our country wishing well on her stay.

      • Elly

        Tony – let’s just pray that justice will finally be served.

        • larry

          Yeah, do pray cause the Devil is always busy and never, ever give up.

          • Elly

            larry, yes and I hope you join everyone in prayer. Thanks for your message. God bless

      • gvette

        Only if Trump gets rid of Sessions. Sessions won;’t go after her, or the communist coon.



  • Dennis B Anderson

    I think this guy has got a run in his tongue its forked. So why isnt she a winner someone fudge numbers. Did they spill some coffee on the stats, or is it a smudge from a jelly filled donut? Just a lesbian 70 year old hooker. Everyone knows its down there just like Louisiana, but no one gives a shit.

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    She should run again and let the pressures and the hectic pace killery her off.
    She can have seizures , fall a lot more, be thrown into the back of her van again, stop
    speaking mid sentence, give blank stares, yep, that would be great!!! Sure that is a
    great plan for our nation. I’m sure Soros will back her financially. Stick with this winner!!

    • Tony

      It is showing we the people how far into their barrel of Democrats that are digging to find a person any person to make a run to the white house only to look more stupid then those types of evil lying ,crooked ,scheming ,corrupted people are,and how much money will they spend this time around ,which we the people in our country would like to see them use their own money,and not our tax money,as they have in the past,and with no more fake news to push the vote ratings in the Democratic favor ,for who ever gets to run for their party,Then let their tears flow ,with their loss, to show the world ,for what we the people in our great country do to those that still think they can keep fooling we the people in our God given country,as that is what I for one of millions in our country see taking place in the 2020 election.

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        Amen. I agree with everything you stated.
        President Trump is going a great job.
        We the people will show them!!

        • Tony

          Show them that we the people in our country have seen and heard enough from those evil bunch of lying scheming crooks and thieves in the Democratic party along with all the liberals with them and those liberals are in both parties, and I for one believe ,Our president knows them all as it is those who talk stupid , and I for one believe most of we the people in our country know them as well ,and the way we vote ,may surprise them all including those with their fake news ,and we may need a lot of crying towels ready, or on hand.

          • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan


  • Dwight Sorrell

    I would like to see this border line idiot get humiliated for the third time in a row

    • jwright673

      Border line? I heard she is starting a new group. It’s called Idiots Without Borders.

  • just me

    only place she runs to is the bathroom

    • Tony

      Yea ,and she better run real fast ,before she makes more of a mess before she gets there.

  • Aline

    HELL NOOOOOO! If Americans are THAT retarded ( which I don’t think they are), they would deserve what they get….a country under siege!
    What needs to happen, is for her to get picked up IN HANDCUFFS, thrown in jail!! SHE IS A CRIMINAL, and doesn’t deserve to be free, just because she is / was in ( corrupt ) government, and is filthy rich!!! Money talks, right?? Makes me sick!

  • DOC


  • Bert

    Hillary’s ego will not let her go away. We will have to keep rejecting her until she passes on. Sad, but you would think having been rejected as many times, she would get the message. However, ego prevents hearing anything negative and accelerates ego-centric behavior.

  • Daniel from TN

    Don’t worry about Hillary. With all her medical problems I don’t believe she’ll live to 2020.

  • metheoldsarge

    She isn’t going to willingly retire from politics. Her ego won’t let her. I think that a 2020 shot at the White House is out of the question. I doubt she would get the nomination. She is the same age Reagan was in 1980. By 2020 she will be 74 so I seriously doubt she would have a chance of winning the nomination.

    I think the only thing she can hope for now is to try to get back in the Senate or get a seat in the House. She could try to unseat Senator Gillibrand in the New York State Primaries this year. She could also try to unseat one of the New York Representatives. There was also talk about her running for NYC Mayor but that turned into a pipe-dream. I believe the Democrat Party has written her off as unelectable.

  • C Mays

    I can’t believe even she is so stupid that she’d actually humiliate herself this way. Time the Clintons went far, far away. And stayed there.

  • Vaquero

    Ha ha ha ! What a moron. ” Hillary get most votes on every election”, I hope she’ll run in 2020 and “get most votes” again!
    So Trump could be easily reelected.

  • cabin cowboy

    Run in 2020? She can’t even walk without help. I think the socialists will try to find someone more popular, if they can’t they may try to retread the Hillbilly.

  • Roy Fredrichsen

    She hasn’t gotten the message yet that nobody really wants her for president. Sooner or later we will have a female president but Hillary Clinton IS NOT the one to be elected.