Want to Read a Letter Where a Liberal Gets Owned?

One thing that millions of Americans could try and do is put a little effort into the amount of work they do.

You know and are likely frustrated with the fact that millions of Americans leach off of the system.

It’s why the existence of a welfare state and open borders are one of the worst things to ever happen to this country.

Sadly enough, not enough of the lazy slobs in America are willing to even go look for a job, despite the fact millions of them are available.

Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs wants to let you, along with million of other Americans, know there are quite literally millions of jobs out there for the taking.

He’s so passionate about educating Americans about new work opportunities he’s even created a philanthropy called mikeroweWORKS that lets people know about these jobs.

Rowe is a true American, loyal to freedom and the right to work along with believing Americans can become who they want as they act authentically believing in self determination.

And yes, Rowe will take any channel available to him to promote such values. He’s appeared on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, among other media outlets, on many occasions to talk about his foundation.

To date he’s awarded over $2.5 million in scholarships and frequents the same TV shows as often as he can to spread the word.

Recently he appeared on Glenn Beck’s show, and was publicly criticized for his appearance.

Well, Rowe had the perfect comeback.

The following note was posted by a fan:

“Mike- you were recently tagged in Glen Beck’s post about being interviewed on his program. Do you realise how many people are upset about this because they despise Glen Beck?! I am disappointed that you did the interview because I want nothing to do with Beck. It’s a travesty.” Posted by Tobey Gloss, 3:20 pm, 9/25/2014

Rowe’s response?

Hi Tobey

I’m not so sure we agree on the definition of a “travesty.” To me, a travesty is what happens when the state executes an innocent man, or sets a guilty one free. A travesty is ignoring a bully, or betraying the public trust. A travesty is not what happens when Mike Rowe talks publicly to someone that Tobey Gloss doesn’t like. That’s called a “conversation.”

Now to your question – I have no idea exactly how many people share your disappointment over my recent appearance with Glenn. I would assume quite a few. Nowadays, it seems like more and more people are unable to separate an idea from a person. Consequently, I’ve heard from people equally distraught by my past proximity to a number of pundits, including Bill Maher, Sean Hannity, Don Lemmon, Mike Huckabee, Ed Schultz, and Bill O’Reilly.

So much disappointment, so little time…

Here’s the thing, Tobey. I have a foundation called mikeroweWORKS. Our goal is to raise awareness around several million good jobs that no one seems to want. These are jobs that require the mastery of a hands-on skill. Spreading that message requires lots of PR, and Glenn has been very supportive of my foundations goals.

I’m grateful for the chance to speak directly to his audience, and will do so again whenever I’m invited back. Likewise, MSNBC and FOX. As well as NPR and CNN. And anyone else with an big audience.

Obviously, our country is a divided mess. If I want to reach the masses, I can’t limit myself to programs and individuals that meet with your specific approval.

I know this must come as a surprise, but thanks to the web, disappointment is now easier to share then ever before. So by all means, keep sharing yours. I don’t mind. Just know that when it comes to promoting mikeroweWORKS, your disappointment is a price I’m happy to pay.

Thanks for the feedback, and have a great weekend.


That’s exactly how to put a liberal in their place.

Though jobs are never guaranteed, odds are of you’re visiting this site you believe you have to work hard to live well.

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  • joe haire

    Wouldn’t it be great if the Democratic party were to include this article in any of their platforms? But they will not because their voters are counting on more handouts instead of jobs!!

    • David in MA

      Then the TEA PARTY supporters (individual and politicians) should do it.
      We know the republican party needs it I have not heard one thing on their plank..

    • Nut Cracker

      They won’t because “THEY CAN’T HANDLE THE TRUTH”!!! lol

      • notislam

        That’s exactly what the lie of Islam is about THE TRUTH! iSN’T it unfortunate that the attitued and liberal-progressivism is so similar. Both the libs and Islamists support THE LIE and they fly in a rage when this similarity is brought to the forefront.

      • Dagonet

        I noticed this, too. How can they not accept the truth or responsibility? It’s hard to argue with them when they just shut down. They also seem to bring irrelevant **** to the table and they think they are qualified to talk about the issues they’re cheering for.

    • brucethompson22

      The Democrats won’t do that, they would lose half their voter base when the free bees end.

    • D M S

      Here’s the thing, “joe” . . . Liberals do NOT ever want to discuss the issues – they can’t. They don’t even understand them! One of the Liberal creeds is to discredit any opponent’s character. Incite “mob” violence. Liberals shout tolerance, but in truth, they HATE ANYONE who thinks differently than they do. Liberals love to come up slogans: Bring them Home; Hell No, We Wont Go; Fight The Power; Diversity Is Our Strength: Yes We Can. The more devoid of logic these chants are, the more they work to rile up a mob. Liberals can never prove anything by reasoning – they are mob agitators. Hitler once said, “The more you tell the lie, the more the people will believe it.”

      • sharon

        Just what Obama is counting on, losing control, riot, rob, and murder, it’s what Obama and Holder have worked so hard these last six years to start. A race riot, he is pitting the black community against the police and white America. I know one thing, not all the black people will join in on this mess, even a lot of them understand what Obama is trying to do and why,.

    • jetmagnet

      What’s the GOP platform-“Hope and change for the wealthy” LMFAOI!!!

      • joe haire

        Hey Jet Baby!!! Where you been?? You’re absolutely right, except your Buddy Barry is now very wealthy. As a matter of fact, he has spent all of the reparation money supposed to go to his Muslim Blacks!! Black unemployment rate way up. No jobs for young Blacks. He’s really done a number on his brothers & sisters.The wealthy ELITE from hollywood don’t care about the “little guy”. Keep them down on the farm and out of my backyard. If you like your president, you can keep him PERIOD!!!

      • carolskey

        This liberal/fascist/communist/marxist/progressive “talking point” is old, trite, sophomoric and frankly EVERYONE is bored of it! The lemmings are heading for the cliff…join your peeps OR read and become informed.

        Stupid is a fact of birth…IGNORANCE is a CHOICE!

        • Stan Hoffman

          Carolskey, I enjoyed you stupid is a fact of birth…ignorance is a choice. That’s a good one. To bad liberals can’t seem to figure out the meaning of it.

          • carolskey

            They CHOOSE the latter…why?…perhaps mental illness? God bless!

        • mtman2

          The Far-Lefties tell us how smart and informed they are; while deriding us Conservatives as stupid and out of touch. Meanwhile common sense and reality has no real influence on’em. As far as the Declaration/Constitution+(over arching)
          Bill of RIGHTS they consider arcane and way-outdated while clinging to their Socialist ideologies and anti Christian principles ~!

        • Robert Waddell

          Abortion is murder, but your for that!

          • carolskey

            I am a conservative Bible-reading Evangelical Christian…yes, “abortion is murder”. Was there a point you were making?

            God Bless!

      • Stan Hoffman

        What’s the liberal agenda, all the booze and drugs you want, so we can keep you under control and you’ll never figure out how bad we are screwing you.

      • 1goodbob

        No, That is Obama’s Policy. Repubs. can’t use it.

      • Ron

        Your reading and comprehension skills are non existant, so You can go back to Your crack pipe now

    • Stan Hoffman

      joe haire, as for wanting more handouts, in my youth I worked for a farmer who told me to hold out both hands. When I did, he said “wish in one hand and poop in the other hand and see which one gets full the fastest. I told him no way, I already know the answer to that one. Unfortunately liberals can’t seem to figure that one out. By the way, he used a more commonly known word for poop, I am just being polite on your behalf. God is still on the throne, and have a great day.

  • ort

    I love Mike Rowe. Always have, always will.

  • Dan

    I’m tired of working my ass off and having illegals and lazy bums take a big chunk out of my check. The government wants as many dependent on them as they can get, it makes me sick.

    • sharon

      I with you on that, I just retired but before I did, they took a big chunk of what I earned to give to illegals and the lazy that refuse to work.

      • Dan

        I feel your pain, I do. I’m ready to find every way to exempt myself from big government spending. I can barely make it on my own without carrying whom the fed sees fit on my shoulders, too.

        • sharon

          I hear you.

    • vinagaroon

      I work for cash, the hell with leachs

      • Dan

        I’m almost right there with you!!

    • Tony Donaldson

      They get you on your power, natural gas and phone bills too. We, who work, pay a hefty sum toward utilities, food and housing for dead beats. There are some , like the elderly, who need a hand paying their bills. These I would gladly help. But not the able bodied who refuse to work. At least people could volunteer their time and show good faith that they’re trying. Sadly some won’t even try. They expect others to do the labor, feed them, house them and pay for them to live. What’s it going to take? I say give them a choice. Work, volunteer or lose your right to vote. People on welfare for more than 1 year should lose their right to vote. Period. They can get their right back when they prove they have worked for more than 4 years in a row. A w-2 should be provided as proof. Also, random drug tests for all recipients of welfare. Lose your benefits for 6 months for the first fail. Lose them forever for the second fail.

      • Dan

        We need more people in positions of power that won’t give in to every whim of the left wing PC machine. If we can stand together and petition with so many signatures, it cannot be ignored indefinitely. I wish the thousands of little people had more say than getting bullied from biased legislation. God save the USA!!!

      • Stan Hoffman

        Tony, I can go along with that.

      • chuck

        I drive a tow truck for a living and understand the pain of taxes. Spend about $50250.oo a year in fuel costs alone. At .38 cents per gallon, it comes up to a rather high total. As for the rest of your post I agree. I have to take an annual drug test as well as be subject to an unscheduled one at any time of the year. In Texas, if I fail, I lose my license. NO appeal . So I think if we are handing out various forms of welfare, it’s only fair and prudent to require the recipients to do the same. I also feel that anyone caught using welfare in any form to buy such things as booze, tobacco or anything else prohibited, should lose the welfare and do prison time. It’s NOT their money! It’s OURS

      • RLJR1


    • Robert Waddell

      You are absolutely on the same page with me! It has broken this country, and nobody will consider ending it! For years I’ve paid for slackers, I feel like we should get a tax break for all we’ve paid!

  • Vernon Jackson

    none of them will post it sad to say democRAT’s are the worst but come to that there’s no politician today that’s worth the powder to blow them to HELL 🙁

  • sharon

    I am so angry at my grandson, a left wing fool, won’t work, lives on welfare, and refuses to look for work. Says it’s his right to draw welfare, and not work. Said even Pelosi says that. So he barley gets by and his small children suffer for it. He has borrowed large amounts of money from me, and I am done with him, for good. I refuse to even speak to the fool until he gets a job and supports his children like a man should. This is the work of the left wing socialists on our country.

    • vinagaroon

      You should have cut him off the first time you learned he was on welfare and said he would stay on it.

      • sharon

        You want to believe in your family, you want to see the good in them, and hope they do better, but when he told me he wasn’t looking for work he could make more on welfare, I knew somewhere the good was lost.

        • vinagaroon

          Yea, that’s a tough deal, just don’t let him talk you into it again.

        • independent thinker

          And if he tries to throw the grandkids in your face tell him fine, bring them over and I will feed THEM not him but them. If he says he needs money for say school supplies tell him to bring the list from school and you will purchase the items for the grandkids. But stand firm in not giving him any more money. If you can handle it and it applies get proof of neglect then petition to get them from him.

          • sharon

            He does take great care of his kids, but he is just lazy, no ambition, like a lot of people today who are left wing, they have been brainwashed into believing they are entitled to everything their heart desires and others should support them. Soon enough those who are supporting all these people will run dry of money, then what. This is socialism and Democrats are socialists, and promote it, that and Marxism.

          • independent thinker

            Glad to hear he does take good care of the kids. I was commenting based on this line “…his small children suffer for it.”

    • Daniel Brofford

      Good for Mike Rowe and good for you too Sharon, Sometimes tough love is what they need. Welfare was not created to be a way of life but to be a helping hand to those that didn’t make quite enough to make ends meet. The lazy and people with low intellect with the help of the government has turned it into a way of life. I would like to know where these people think that the government will keep on getting this money if more and more people decide not to work. Its a shame that people like that will vote for someone who gives them 700 a month but don’t want the people in there who would rather create jobs so they can make 3000 a month. America is almost unrecognizable compared to just 40 years ago. God bless all you guys and this country. Only with the right people in office and with God’s help will this country be able to survive and prosper.

      • Stan Hoffman

        Daniel Brofford, you say you would like to know where these people think that the government will keep on getting his money from. I went back to school for a year a little while back, and of course it was plain to see that I was dealing with a bunch of liberal professors. In talking with one I posed a similar question. He said all the government needs to do is print more money. Not a very bright professor.

    • mjhiggs

      The big government handouts tend to squelch the incentive to work in the many who are willing to just be takers. It is also sad that those who work hard and those who just take get the same vote. Where would the Democrat party be without the takers? If having a job or being retired after being employed for 40 years was a requirement to be able to vote, the direction and shape of this country sure would be different.

    • Stan Hoffman

      Good for you Sharon.

    • Debra

      And guess where he was taught that crap. At school!!!! We need to be more pro-active in the schools our children and grand-children attend and call them out on the crap they tell our children. Report them, record them, what ever it takes.

      • sharon

        That is true, the left wing socialists run the schools now, they teach our children to hate America, hate police, hate anyone who disagrees with liberal values, and tell them socialism is the only answer to all their problems. Tells them they don’t need to work others will take care of them. It’s really sick.

  • Sharon Jeanguenat

    Unfortunately, too many people in this country are making that statement about illegals true. ‘Illegals will do the jobs that Americans won’t.’ I worked for 46 years of my life, & am retired now, but will still help out at the job I retired from, if a situation arises that they need me. And, I’d still be working part time, if my health would allow it. But, Americans are spoiled, & a lot of them are lazy. Those who DO work hard, & try to succeed are getting tired of supporting the deadbeats. Nobody has a problem with helping those who genuinely need it. But, there comes a point that you have to get up, dust yourself off, & get out & go for it.

  • Allen Barclay Allen

    Demographics and free enterprise in Media win again. The other liberal media what do they have 3 listeners. He is just being a Good businessman, something Liberal know nothing about !!! The only way liberals can throw money around is to get in office, because they damn sure can’t make it on their own. Harry Reid’ s and Billion are tycoon supporting Democratic Senators for instance. What did he put in the coffers $ 69 Million over what republicans have. And for what Insider trading; He has several off shore Coal mining operations in the south Pacific. He could spend A billion on these Democrats and make it all back because Harry Reid and Obama have closed down Coal mining here. INSIDER TRADING !! This Tycoon can make back that Billion in 3 months, because democrats working for him in the Senate have closed down Coal mining in the USA so only this Tycoon can practice Coal mining. Democrats call this Environmentalism. I call it a bunch of CROOKS !!

    • Tony Donaldson

      Can you verify that Harry Reid owns or invests in coal mines in the South pacific? I’d Like to Know the country and the name of the Coal company. We can jerk a knot in his tail with this.

      • Allen Barclay Allen

        Google Can !! Its Already been proven yet no one does a DAMN thing, And thats what pisses me off. If I did that in my Appointment of 30+ years Department of the ARMY I’d still be in Leavenworth Kansas with no hope of ever getting out !! Why are Senators and Presidents allowed to break the Law like that and Martha Stewart gets thrown in jail. Her Crime with the stock market was Punie in comparison to These high crimes Crimes of Office holders Padding their Pockets with your Money and anyone else money in a clear Compromise of the faith of office for personal gain done by Harry Reid the CROOK !! Oh ya he owns stock in these Coal mines in the South Pacific. Its all there for the Looking on Google and nows one does anything about it. This is also why we can’t have the Keystone Pipeline !!! Now they will take credit for oil prices dropping with more lies. Oil is dropping because ISIS is Dumping oil on the Market for half Price threw our Suspicious Allie Turkey.

  • Alan

    Is Tobey more disappointed by the messenger, or the message of work ?

    • Ole SC

      My guess would be the message to work! Work scares the he!! out of him!

  • Dagonet

    I don’t understand it, how do these libturds get so brainwashed? Anybody?….

    • Stan Hoffman

      Dragonet, its the story of the frog in the pot. If you put a frog in a pan full of boiling water, he’ll immediately jump out. But if you put him in cool water and slowly raise the temperature, he’ll slowly adapt to the rising heat until its so hot it kills him. The communist have been setting us up for a little over a hundred years. They started by slowly infiltrating our schools and government. Over the years they have been gaining in strength by slowly converting people to their ideology. Now they have almost full control over our ivy league colleges and many of the lesser colleges. Thus they can teach children now from elementary school through college. These brainwashed students then take over positions of leadership all through the ranks. Thus infecting some of our business’s, wall street, and Government. The students of communism in the lower levels of life are like the frog who started in the cool water. They have no idea that the heat is rising, and soon it will to late.
      So yes we must regain control over our Government, but we also need to gain control over our schools from bottom to top and start teaching our children the right way of life. God is still on the throne, and have a great day.

  • William Keeney

    Make it mandatory for ANYONE drawing welfare to do at least 20/24 hrs @ week of labor, BEFORE, they could recieve ANY taxpayers monies !!!!!!!

    • mjhiggs

      Or to be able to vote!!!

      • William Keeney

        AMEN to that ALSO!!!! Them voting is like the jury of relatives voting on the guilt, against their rfelatives.

  • Entitlement is the reality Tobey has Glossed over in his despising of Glenn Beck And Mike Rowe. Liberal Snivel Drivel being his drug of choice, fueling his denial to do so. I will always remember & know wars are won by numbers. (( for the most part anyway )) There are more of us ((AmerICANS)) than there are of them, yes ?, YES ? ! How about start proving it at the next, and the next elections.
    People problem = People solution. When the masses get up off their asses, then and only then will the “change” everyone is clamoring for begin.
    The U. S. S. Of A. ? – for which I don’t pay.
    I didn’t enlist just to watch this crap unfold.

  • cumiadom

    The libtard didn’t get owned. He was used as a broom to sweep the floor with.

  • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

    Sincerely Mike belongs among the fecal filled diapers he was on with just today! He and the diapers are both full of sh*t

    • sportshooter

      You belong among the fecal filled diapers. Mike Rowe is exactly right, but you are not intelligent enough to see it. Now run along and get signed up for all of the 88 free Gov’t programs like the good, little minded, lazy libtard. We all cant wait until the Dumbocrats get the beating they deserve in November. I have been a registered Dem for all my life but people like you have dragged the party to the lowest level ever possible. Keep leeching off hard working people like myself, LIBTARD.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        Such original thought is amazing for a moron! Your I know you are but what am I school of thought becomes old at what age 5 or 6? Next you will throw sticks and stones! Asshat! OH and I am not a Democrat so try harder dimwit

        • sportshooter

          You are a fool as well as a liar. You pull the Same BS that liberals pull when they cant win an argument, Name calling and insults. Now why don’t you grow up and get your head out of that fecal filled diaper. You have eaten your dinner. Now run along and get off your lazy behind.

          • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

            Show me a single lie I have told asshat? As for the ad hominem, well you provided enough of your own but in a child like way. I am actually surprised you do not have a crayon like font. I am forced to not respond to you after this as I do not need a knock on my door for dealing with a child online.

          • sportshooter

            Would that not be a knock on your parents door since you are living in their basement? You have at least showed you have had a grade school education but your parents still haven’t taught you respect. Mike Rowe is 100 times the man you will ever be. I have to write in simple terms for simple people like you to be able to understand it. Now run along and get hold of yourself but don’t pinch the end shut this time since it has already caused you plenty of brain damage.

          • Stan Hoffman

            Raymond j ambrozaitis, a child left to raise himself will disgrace his mother. You don’t think so, look in the mirror and you will see a disgrace to his mother.

        • Stan Hoffman

          Raymond, I can tell your not Republican or Democrat. In fact your not even independent. Your just mind less. The next time they do an anti drug commercial, they need to use you. All they’d have to do is show a picture of you and say this is what your brain looks like on drugs.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        Compared to the idiocy now called The Republican Party and what the Tea Potty has done to it although I am not a democrat I must say they at least can honestly hold their heads up while the imbecilic right needs to lie to speak

        • Stan Hoffman

          Raymond, your not even smart enough to tell the difference between a lie and the truth.

      • Stan Hoffman

        Sportshooter, I’ve always told people that not all Democrats are bad. There are good and bad in both parties. Thanks for proving me right.

        • sportshooter

          I am going to take that as a compliment, thank you. Hope you have a great day.

    • Stan Hoffman

      We all know your full of it. Even a fool is considered wise if he keeps his mouth shut.

      • Raymond J Ambrozaitis

        How I wish you Congress of morons would think on your own when posting online. All any of you is capable of is repeating such old thoughts and old sayings that have so lost their power to do what you think you are doing. Take Stan here for example he is so proud of what he posted but it is not even his own original idea. At best he is a mimic

        • Stan Hoffman

          Raymond, you show know understanding of life. We go to school to learn how to read and write. Good people go to Church and read the bible to learn about God. We learn from what we are taught. I’m trying to teach you something so you have a chance at a better life. So are other good people on this site trying to help you learn so you can have a better life. You think your pot mouth is something new and original? Any fool can talk like you. You learned it from other fools who are getting no where in life. He who digs a pit falls in. Buddy, your in a deep pit and people are trying help you get out, but you bite the hand that feeds you. Even a dogs aren’t that foolish.

  • markypolo

    When will we get ANGRY enough to put the Democrats out of Business and our White House??

  • Abraham son

    Talking to a liberal is like not talking at all. Its pointless to argue with heads with no brain

  • Dannie Poe

    It is sad but true that many do not see the advantage of working. I started working with the beleif that I could start out small and think big. Entry level jobs lead to advancements to higher level jobs. I was taught it you work hard better opportunities would be open to me. This proved to be true. Individuals who think living of government welafre are just foolling themselves about their future. They are basicaly being controlled for their votes and will always be subject the whims of government. One must make their way in this world according to their own terms. There are jobs out there. One must only look for them. Life can provide so much more than waiting for that welfare check each month. One must decide to be part of the solution instead of part of the problem.

  • omen11

    Everyone please understand this….This administration does not want people to work.They want the people wholly dependent upon the government.They want everyone to sit down and shut up and be good boys and girls,OR ELSE!

  • John Siemens

    Freeloaders will soon be off the dole, one way or the other. Either the problem gets fixed or the government goes broke and the problem is automatically fixed. When we are all on the dole, no one is left to pay taxes. Zero dollars split 50,000,000 ways is still ZERO $.

    What part of that can’t the Democrats and their lazy minions figure out?

  • The Messenger

    Government overreach is out of control. This has to stop, we must demand that the gov., work for us. Call you congressman, demand they stop funding these dept.’s Shut them down, send them home. Google-Saul Alinsky

  • Racine Woodward

    RIGHT ON MIKE! The sad part is that the mindset of people has to be changed, especially the young people. They don’t understand that the world doesn’t owe them a living. How does this mindset change? First, in the home. Parents have to be interested in their kids lives and that just because they want something they can’t always get it. Then there is that nasty word “discipline”. They have to realize that actions have consequences and sometimes it takes more than a slap on the wrist. Second, the schools. The teachers (most of them) are the flower children of the “70’s. And you know what happened in that time frame. The kids are not taught the 3 R’s, they are being taught liberal ideas and how to suck on the government teat. It’s no wonder our kids have so many emotional and mental problems. Then there is this stupid government that doesn’t know shit from shinola . And it appears that our politicians don’t know what to do. They all speak from the same script. It’s the same thing day after day. I would think they would get tired of the same old script and try to write a new one. We also need God back in our lives.

    • Stan Hoffman

      Racine Woodward, I’d like to expand on your word discipline. For years the government has programed people that you can’t spank a child as it will cause them emotional damage. Wrong. However if parents do spank their child, they will sick the SRS on them for child abuse. A proper spanking is not child abuse. They preach that you can only give them time out. Ok, I believe that time outs can be useful in some cases, as long as the child is told why they are in time out and what they must change in order to stop going into time out. Sometimes the infraction warrants a good slap on the posterior to get their attention, and of course it needs to be followed with why they received the spanking and what they must do to prevent it in the future. To back this up, I just recently read where neurologists did a brain wave study on children who were given time out and children who were spanked. They found that the brain patterns were the same for both punishments. So no harm done, unless the child is left to raise himself. To quote a proverb, a child left to his own will disgrace his mother. Kind of like the wellfair children. Now that’s abuse just the same as extreme physical abuse. God is still on the throne, and have a great day.

  • Joyce White

    Liked Mike when he was a host on QVC. Still like him. However I would not be thrilled to do some of the “Dirty Jobs” he does.

  • JBRoux

    That was a very well thought out reply to a liberal dullard, that probably still doesn’t get it.
    Still sitting home, complaining that “there ain’t no jobs” and listening to NPR.

  • proud patriot

    These jobs should be filled by those who choose to live life on the government teat! If you want the check you must do the work.

  • Robert Waddell

    But I be a needin my govumets chex so I can get my drink on! You white folks be a holdin a nigga back an shit! Yaw be a owin me sumpn!

    • Stan Hoffman

      Robert Waddell, go on google and search for free movies on youtube. Once your there, do a search for “The Cannibal Warlords of Liberia” and watch the movie. You will see what Africans are like. Maybe then you will understand that if it wasn’t for the Southern people who sacrificed their lives to train up the cannibals brought over from Africa, the American black would have no hope. There are a lot of good blacks who understand that. And they are productive free living blacks who own jobs or have a good paying job, nice homes, nice cars, and lots of other nice things. Unfortunately your still a slave, and your a slave to a master who refuses to train you up to be successful. Your master laughs all the way to the bank while he’s screwing you out of a better life. I hope you will see the light so you can start the long hard journey of becoming successful.

  • Robert Waddell

    Pathetic Losers!!

  • An Old Okie

    I like what has been posted in the comments. Unfortunately, I am too old to see the results that will occur when you all get together to change things. You will have to get a majority of the “silent majority’ in action to make the necessary changes. You will probably have to get an amendment to the Constitution to have any possibility of changing Washington. The entrenched politicians will block a term limit amendment with all their strength. You will also have to include a clause that all the laws they make must apply to them also. I wish you well and will stand with you as long as I am here. I am a veteran and a believer in the United States and hope that something can eventually be done for the sake of my grandchildren and great-grandchildren.

  • charles johnston

    Another thing that shows to me is that Mike Rowe is a class act, and at the same time shows that 1) Toby is the typical liberal with his nose in the air, because Mike does not kiss his butt, and 2) there is nothing between Toby’s ears except the muscles that keep his ears in line. Good job, Mike.

  • pmbalele

    TPs and Repubs have been trying to own poor Whites and Poor Blacks for the last two years. This is called Sharia law. In Wisconsin Governor Walker wants government and private sector employees to earn the same and have same privileges such as health insurance. Now you’re telling me Repubs are good people. They are like snakes – they talk tough before you but are planning to get tax dollar corruptly later. Are you hearing TP rallies now? No they got government jobs and contracts. They duped you.

  • jetmagnet

    Glenn Beck? the biggest fruitcake on the Planet!!! hilarious! No creditability at all on these rightwing articles~!

    • Stan Hoffman

      Well if Glenn Beck is the biggest fruitcake on this planet, you must live on a different planet. You sound like dork from ork.

  • slotiac32

    Perfect; another addled Dimcrat shredded!

  • PriklyPete

    It’s far too easy for a dimicrat to accept welfare than to take a real job on a daily basis. We need to trim the welfare checks so that it makes them want to work for a living.

  • icemancold

    The Dumbocrats do not seem to understand that it is the working people who pay the taxes that support the DEMOCRAT hand out programs that the MOOCHELLS live off of.!!

  • anaedra

    It is typical of many of the “Low Brows”, going out and spouting trash just to cover their idiocy, it just goes to show the I.Q. levels of many of them, I point out the name mentioned above “Tobey” throwing words around like “Travesty”, bet he didn’t even know the meaning of the word, it was just a big multi letter word that sounds important. Well, you go Mike Rowe, l loved how you put him in his place.

  • sharon

    All American can really do is hope Obama loses his backers and his power, I pray for our sake he will lose the senate. If you love your country vote Democrats out, or America will not exist any longer.

  • Heres a guy trying to promote jobs for Americans and all this liberal can do is complain about what station he is ON ! This is why liberalism is a sickness !

  • William Blair

    Of those millions of jobs no American will take; how many of those hands on skilled jobs require a relinquishment of rights guaranteed by the Constitution by these ‘lazy’ Americans. In trend analysis, federal, state and local governments through legislation affords business the right to circumvent those protections provided by the Constitution under a claim of greater good. The court system ardently refuses to make determination on any Wood’s doctrine related issue while legislatures trample each other to curry favor with business to further business’s interest in the suborning the rights of human being.
    A little reminder: the reality of the business entity is it is a pile of papers use by human beings to promote the delusion of superiority of some human beings over other human beings.

  • 1goodbob

    Everybody is a critic. Some people, once they have heard the Liberal excuses and alibi’s, don’t want to listen to a debate of others opinions. They have memorized the talking points and excuses, that they are done thinking.

  • djw663

    Great job Mike, however you included MSNBC, NPR and CNN with FOX when you said “and anyone else with an big audience.” I guess it would depend on your interpretation of what a big audience is? In prime time total viewers FOX does more than the other three combined. Keep it up, your doing a great job.

  • J. Harp

    Kudos, Mike Rowe! I am tired of paying for these lazy assholes to sit around and just “get a check”! Of course, that is the Democraps idea of taking care of the people! Just go out and buy their votes with WELFARE! What if we all just decided to do that? Who gonna’ pay then?

  • John Rodgers

    GO MIKE !!!

  • intheknow

    This is what I have been saying for years, Obama, Holder, Jackson and Sharpton have done more to hurt the very people they claim to be helping. This new organization that Mrs. Alveda King is going to have my 100% support. The way we beat these liberal democrats is to educate the public as to what is really happening. It is no surprise to me that they wish to control the internet, they already control the mainstream media. If this project by Mrs. King takes off this could make a huge difference to the success of this country’s future. Here is the article –

    There is a “moral bankruptcy” that’s settled into leadership of America in the White House and throughout Washington, D.C., Dr. Alveda King—the niece of Martin Luther King, Jr.—said in an interview Friday morning.

    “All of our leaders—or many of our leaders—are just morally bankrupt right now,” King said when asked if President Obama and Attorney General Eric Holder have helped or hurt the black community in America. “They’re not calling on God. We still stay ‘In God We Trust’ and ‘One Nation Under God’ but we’re not practicing that. We need to call on God. There’s a moral bankruptcy in this country and we really need to come back to God.”

    Dr. King is part of an effort that will be announced publicly early next week by various conservative black, Hispanic and Tea Party leaders to reach out to the black community and get them engaged in an effort to help urban centers reject big government in favor of smaller, limited government. The project, called “Restore The Dream 2014,” includes other black leaders like TheTeaParty.net’s Niger Innis, FreedomWorks’ the Rev. C.L. Bryant, radio host Wayne Dupree, Conservative Campaign Committee chairman Lloyd Marcus, Conservative Review president Deneen Borelli, columnist Star Parker, former U.N. Commission on Civil Rights ambassador Ken Blackwell, and others.

    In an interview, Innis—whose father Roy Innis has led the Congress of Racial Equality (CORE), one of the major organizations behind the Civil Rights movement, since 1968—said that progressive and big government policies have created a “welfare state that has largely not only destroyed the black and increasingly so Latino—and American family generally—they have killed the types of incentives that had led people to achieve and build a better life for themselves.”

    “You can have opportunity right in front of your door but you’re terrified to open it because you’re a victim,” Innis said. “So those two realities that you have now since a leviathan of the federal government that is trying to fashion itself as a cradle-to-grave big daddy government—going to take care of you from cradle to grave and give you all sorts of disincentives to climbing that economic ladder, and by the way if you do climb that economic ladder they’re going to punish you punitively with taxes that are going to undermine you.”

    “If you dare want to open up a business, they’re going to cripple you with regulations and taxes and they’re going to make it easier for you to be a rational human being and just get government benefits rather than being a liberated individual who can climb that economic ladder,” he continued. “So you have that real but not concrete phenomenon of big government mentality crippling you and then you have on a parallel track victimization syndrome overriding it that says—you pick the minority—‘you are a victim and you are the underdog so you can never achieve.’ That is a dangerous recipe and it is a recipe that has dominated urban centers for more than 50 years and what we’re trying to do is liberate them.”

    King said that economic indicators show that during Obama’s presidency, things have gotten dramatically worse for black Americans.

    “The data is going to indicate black people lost out in every single leading economic category during the Obama years,” King told Breitbart News, noting that liberal commentator Tavis Smiley agrees with her and that they’re not trying to “demonize” or “cast aspersions” on Obama, but the truth needs to be told. “That’s terrible. There’s nothing that’s been done to enhance our lives but there’s all sorts of things that were done to [give us stuff] like free access to abortion, free birth control in a healthcare clinic. But that’s nothing that’s going to help us economically, intellectually, physically health-wise and otherwise—there’s nothing being done for us. Black home ownership is 31 percent less than the rest of the country. Poverty rates have increased from 12 percent to 16.1 percent. Income for blacks is $20,000 less than the national average. Thirty-five percent of young blacks are out of work.”

    That’s just the beginning of the black community’s woes under Obama, she said. Education, immigration, and health concerns are abound too.

    “I’m not so locked into a political party—Republican, Democrat, independent—it doesn’t matter to me what your party affiliation happens to be,” King said. “We just need to vote and have common sense and good morals when we elect our people. We need hope. We need for the lights to come back on. We need to shine the light of the Lord and the love of the Lord back onto the country. We need a restoration, and that’s how we can restore the dream.”

    King pointed Breitbart News to her uncle’s famous “Give Us The Ballot” speech, which he delivered in May 1957 in Washington, D.C., and discussed how he the black community could effectuate change by voting. “Give us the ballot, and we will no longer have to worry the federal government about our basic rights,” Martin Luther King, Jr., said in that speech. “Give us the ballot, and we will no longer plead to the federal government for passage of an anti-lynching law; we will by the power of our vote write the law on the statute books of the South and bring an end to the dastardly acts of the hooded perpetrators of violence. Give us the ballot, and we will transform the salient misdeeds of bloodthirsty mobs into the calculated good deeds of orderly citizens.”

    King said that the black community needs to do the same today to use the ballot to change the liberal policies that are hurting them.

    “We have to now in this century understand what my uncle and father talked about, which is that we are part of an equal community where everyone has an equal place in society,” King said. “Giving people government handouts without dignity, that’s not working. Giving people HHS mandate healthcare with free contraceptives and free abortions, that’s not going to help people. So we want to do more. We want our children better educated. We want better education, more jobs, opportunity, so people can contribute to society—so those are our goals.”

    King also said she agrees with her aunt Coretta Scott King, MLK’s wife, who in 1991 wrote a letter to Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-UT) asking him to actually enforce immigration laws so that illegal aliens wouldn’t have a “devastating impact” on blacks by taking jobs away from them.

    “I did go down to the border with Glenn Beck because actually I was concerned about the children,” King said. “I do not agree with open borders and you’ve got people who take these little children, cut them up and fill them with drugs then sew them back up and send them over here. I did want the children to be fed, I wanted them to have a warm meal and try to get them back home. I do not support open borders and I certainly agree with my aunt on that.”

    The group plans to gather at the MLK memorial in Washington, D.C., on Monday, and then will travel to Charlotte, North Carolina, and then onto Ferguson, Missouri—the site of the shooting death of Michael Brown earlier this year, something that has sparked controversy in the black community nationwide.

  • Robert Waddell

    Crab apples, are you a nigger? Or just a nigger loving socialist queer Obama zombie pot head living in your moms basement? Anger management is where you belong fool. Read some of your rants, dude you need help!