Want to Read a Letter Where a Liberal Gets Owned?

One thing that millions of Americans could try and do is put a little effort into the amount of work they do.

You know and are likely frustrated with the fact that millions of Americans leach off of the system.

It’s why the existence of a welfare state and open borders are one of the worst things to ever happen to this country.

Sadly enough, not enough of the lazy slobs in America are willing to even go look for a job, despite the fact millions of them are available.

Mike Rowe of Discovery Channel’s Dirty Jobs wants to let you, along with million of other Americans, know there are quite literally millions of jobs out there for the taking.

He’s so passionate about educating Americans about new work opportunities he’s even created a philanthropy called mikeroweWORKS that lets people know about these jobs.

Rowe is a true American, loyal to freedom and the right to work along with believing Americans can become who they want as they act authentically believing in self determination.

And yes, Rowe will take any channel available to him to promote such values. He’s appeared on MSNBC, CNN, Fox News, and Glenn Beck’s The Blaze, among other media outlets, on many occasions to talk about his foundation.

To date he’s awarded over $2.5 million in scholarships and frequents the same TV shows as often as he can to spread the word.

Recently he appeared on Glenn Beck’s show, and was publicly criticized for his appearance.

Well, Rowe had the perfect comeback.

The following note was posted by a fan:

“Mike- you were recently tagged in Glen Beck’s post about being interviewed on his program. Do you realise how many people are upset about this because they despise Glen Beck?! I am disappointed that you did the interview because I want nothing to do with Beck. It’s a travesty.” Posted by Tobey Gloss, 3:20 pm, 9/25/2014

Rowe’s response?

Hi Tobey

I’m not so sure we agree on the definition of a “travesty.” To me, a travesty is what happens when the state executes an innocent man, or sets a guilty one free. A travesty is ignoring a bully, or betraying the public trust. A travesty is not what happens when Mike Rowe talks publicly to someone that Tobey Gloss doesn’t like. That’s called a “conversation.”

Now to your question – I have no idea exactly how many people share your disappointment over my recent appearance with Glenn. I would assume quite a few. Nowadays, it seems like more and more people are unable to separate an idea from a person. Consequently, I’ve heard from people equally distraught by my past proximity to a number of pundits, including Bill Maher, Sean Hannity, Don Lemmon, Mike Huckabee, Ed Schultz, and Bill O’Reilly.

So much disappointment, so little time…

Here’s the thing, Tobey. I have a foundation called mikeroweWORKS. Our goal is to raise awareness around several million good jobs that no one seems to want. These are jobs that require the mastery of a hands-on skill. Spreading that message requires lots of PR, and Glenn has been very supportive of my foundations goals.

I’m grateful for the chance to speak directly to his audience, and will do so again whenever I’m invited back. Likewise, MSNBC and FOX. As well as NPR and CNN. And anyone else with an big audience.

Obviously, our country is a divided mess. If I want to reach the masses, I can’t limit myself to programs and individuals that meet with your specific approval.

I know this must come as a surprise, but thanks to the web, disappointment is now easier to share then ever before. So by all means, keep sharing yours. I don’t mind. Just know that when it comes to promoting mikeroweWORKS, your disappointment is a price I’m happy to pay.

Thanks for the feedback, and have a great weekend.


That’s exactly how to put a liberal in their place.

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