The U.S. Scares this American Business Tycoon More than China – But He’s Not Afraid to Say Why

Millionaire Steve Wynn, owner of highly visible Wynn resorts, actually makes most of his fortune on the other end of the globe in Macua, China.

If you were to ask him why he does so, he’d tell you it’s because the Chinese people are “pragmatic” and are open to business ideas.

And even though the prospect of earning a great living in China has been jeopardized by new laws that could make it tougher to run his business, he says he’s not concerned — and that he still prefers doing business in China to the U.S.


Because back at home, “We elected a man as president who had no experience at anything.”

He said he prefers to do business in China any day of the week because “the regulatory burden in China is infinitesimal compared to the crap we get in America.”

Now that’s saying something.