Trump’s Worst Nightmare Comes True

President Trump fired James Comey. He got his old pal, Robert Mueller, instead—and years of trouble.

The most daunting assignment in Robert Mueller’s career in law enforcement and public service might have arrived on Wednesday night, with his appointment as the special prosecutor in the investigation of Russian meddling in the 2016 president campaign, including possible collusion between Moscow and the Trump campaign.

But it’s hard to imagine that this new job is any more intimidating than the one Mueller confronted on the morning of Sept. 11, 2001, when the newly arrived FBI director was forced to deal with the aftermath of terrorist attacks that left more than 3,000 people dead in New York and Washington and put the FBI’s very survival in doubt because of what would be shown to be its well-documented bungling before the attacks. On 9/11, Mueller had been on the job at the FBI for exactly one week.

The fact that the FBI survived in one piece after multiple government investigations of 9/11, and that Mueller went on to serve another dozen years at the bureau and left with his reputation for independence and honesty largely unscathed, suggests to his friends and admirers that the blue-blooded 72-year-old former Marine is the right man for his new job—and that President Donald Trump and his campaign advisers have much to fear from his investigation.

Under terms of his appointment by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, Mueller will have wide powers to investigate “any links and/or coordination between the Russian government and individuals associated with the campaign of President Donald Trump” and—beyond that—“any matters” that arise from the investigation, including perjury and obstruction of justice.

The wide scope suggests an inquiry that is almost certain to last for years, given the history of these sorts of investigations, and will have an unpredictable impact on the congressional midterm elections and the early jockeying in the 2020 presidential campaign. There are likely to be strains between Mueller’s inquiry and those being conducted on Capitol Hill, especially if congressional investigators want to give immunity to targets of Mueller’s investigation in exchange for their testimony, which would complicate the former FBI director hopes of ever obtaining criminal convictions.

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Mueller’s selection was widely welcomed. “By reputation alone, I think he’s an excellent choice,” said Carol Elder Bruce, a Washington lawyer and former federal prosecutor. She said that Mueller, given his broad management experience at the FBI and from his previous career as a Justice Department prosecutor, would know where to turn to build a staff and organize an investigation in a hurry. “It won’t take him long to get organized,” she said. And indeed, Mueller is already bringing several staffers with him from WilmerHale, the law firm where he was working before resigning to take the special counsel job.

A senior FBI official, speaking on condition of anonymity because he said he feared retribution from the Trump White House, said the reaction within the bureau to Mueller’s appointment as the special counsel was “jubilation” given the turmoil that followed last week’s decision by Trump to fire FBI Director James Comey. “People are really torn up about what happened to Director Comey—a good man who was treated very badly by the president,” the official said. “The fact that the investigation is now going to be led by Mueller, who is so like Comey in so many ways and who also loves the bureau, is sweet justice.”

Mueller and Comey already share a place in the modern history of the Justice Department and in the annals of civil liberties law. In March 2004, then-FBI Director Mueller and then-Deputy Attorney General Comey threatened to resign if the Bush White House reauthorized the administration’s so-called warrantless wiretapping program, which department lawyers had found to be unconstitutional. The threat, made in a dramatic and now-famous scene at the bedside of ailing-Attorney General John Ashcroft, ended with President George W. Bush effectively siding with Mueller and Comey.

In naming Mueller, Rosenstein said his goal was to restore the public’s “full confidence” in the Justice Department’s investigation, which had been called into question after the New York Times reported this week that Trump had asked Comey to abandon the Russia investigation as it related to former national security adviser Michael Flynn.

A special counsel cuts both ways for Trump, who might want to welcome the invitation given his repeated insistence that there was no collusion between his campaign and Russia—“fake news,” as the president keeps tweeting. Given the esteem with which Mueller is held on both sides of the aisle—Republicans universally praised the choice on Wednesday evening—the former FBI director may be one of the few men in America who could convincingly clear the president’s name. (House Oversight Committee Chairman Jason Chaffetz, for one, said he had “impeccable credentials.”)

But in most respects, the appointment is a nightmare for the White House. From Watergate to Iran-Contra, special prosecutors have tended to conduct investigations that last for years, leading to an endless stream of damaging news stories about documents, subpoenas, and sometimes criminal indictments and even convictions. It would be no surprise, then, if Mueller’s investigation lasted beyond Trump’s presidency. All the while, White House staffers will inevitably be distracted and fearful about being dragged into the maelstrom. Meanwhile, the House and Senate inquiries will be chugging along, with leaky committees providing regular (and often slanted) headlines for eager reporters.

Mueller’s inquiry will have its limits, too. Democrats immediately began calling for an independent commission that would have a broader mandate—to look not only at whether crimes were committed by any of Trump’s associates, but also to understand what exactly happened during the 2016 election and make recommendations for preventing future foreign meddling.

And the investigation could be short-circuited by Rosenstein, who has final say on decisions made by Mueller, including whether individual suspects should be prosecuted. The attorney general would normally have that authority, but Attorney General Jeff Sessions has recused himself from any investigation tied to the 2016 campaign. Under the Justice Department rules for his new job, Mueller is required to prepare a confidential report to Rosenstein about his findings at the end of his investigation; the decision about whether to release the report publicly is left to the department.

The selection of Mueller as special counsel in the Russia investigation was not universally praised. His performance in the aftermath of the 9/11 attacks made him the subject of harsh criticism by many of the families of the victims in New York and Washington, as well as by members of Congress who investigated the terrorist attacks. The lawmakers alleged that Mueller tried to hide evidence of the bureau’s failure before 9/11 to act on information in its own files that should have prevented the attacks.

Former Senator Bob Graham of Florida, the Democrat who ran the joint Senate-House congressional investigation of pre-9/11 intelligence failures, said in an interview Wednesday that while he was pleased by the appointment of a special prosecutor to investigate Russian meddling in 2016 election, he questioned the choice of Mueller. “I did not have a good relationship with Mueller during the 9/11 investigation,” he said. “I have some concerns that he will in fact be fully independent, based on what I observed 15 years ago.” Graham has long been critical of what he says are Mueller’s repeated attempts to protect the bureau from embarrassment over its pre-9/11 failures as well as the former FBI director’s failure to hold the government of Saudi Arabia accountable for its possible ties to the hijackers.

But Graham is a lonely voice, and most in Washington had nothing but praise for Rosenstein’s selection. Mueller now faces the challenge of setting up what amounts to a small independent federal agency; he will need to secure office space in or near Washington, organize a team of lawyers and clerical staff, and gather and store all of the highly classified paperwork and evidence that now exists elsewhere in the Justice Department about the Russia investigation. He will also need to move quickly to secure or compel the cooperation of the White House, which has made little secret of its impatience with questions about the Russia probe.

Bruce, who led or helped lead independent investigations into Cabinet officials during the 1980s and ‘90s, said Mueller had an important head start in organizing the Russia inquiry, given his experience in dealing with the workings of the Justice Department and the rest of the federal government. Still, she said, she would advise him to move quickly to find seasoned prosecutors who have hands-on experience in the sort of complex criminal and counterintelligence issues that the investigation is likely to confront.

Whatever the challenge, Mueller is up to it, she said. For this job, “he’s right out of central casting.”





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  • Wes

    Anyone who thinks that this is some there there, put up or shut up. Democrats are just plain sore losers. Trump it or lump it.

    • John L. Jones

      If Trump called you stupid after cussing you out, you’d still say he’s the greatest. No matter what this notorious liar does or says, his witless followers always robotically reply: “He’s doing an outstanding job.” Huh!? What!? Take off the freaking blinders folks; wake up from your stupors; and look at what he’s really done for you. Absolutely nothing except lie promise and deceive. All of you rural, southern, evangelicals and other supporters: This rich and ruthless being cares not one iota for you poor folks that voted him in. Simply look at the people he appointed to his cabinet and other high ranking posts, and you’ll see rich folks with no background for the positions he handed them ready to enrich them and theirs on the backs of the tax paying and clueless pawns in the fiefdom of the Mad Donald.

      • Jay

        And I suspect you think the lying, thieving, murderous, child-molesting, woman hating Hillary would have been a better choice? Speaking of taking the blinders off, why don’t YOU take YOUR’S off to see that even the president bashing liberals and MSM PROUDLY proclaim how they are tying up almost every move Trump tries to make. So you saying he hasn’t done anything? An outright lie by another deceived liberal. He HAS got some things through as he promised that you distasteful liberals weren’t able to stop, but you are still fighting them ONLY because you are butt-hurt from losing FAIRLY the election. Just like the judge in HI that ILLEGALLY blocked the travel ban said if another president had passed it then it WOULD be Constitutional, and that if Trump would lie and say Islam is peaceful they would let it be implemented. Do something that actually takes brain work and look it up, because you won’t listen to ANYTHING anyone says that doesn’t suck from the same butt straw as you do. And I’m not even a Trump supporter, I wish Dr. Carson would have won.

      • Wes

        You poor insecure snowflake.

    • Carlagwheeler

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  • silvernotes

    Pretty skewed article..but what else is new.

    I think President Trump will benefit from this special prosecutor as he will be able to get back to his campaign promises instead of battling these insipid allegations. Who knows, maybe we’ll even find out who the leaks are in the White House and other Obama moles that have to be rooted out..and dare I saw, maybe some insight into Obama’s secret surveillance activity over the years….Clinton, Benghazi…ok, now I am dreaming!

    The still smoldering left will do anything to get rid of President Trump by undermining his administration and agenda, supported by the media who have forgotten how to be real journalists. Generally speaking, you can’t trust any of them. President Trump may have under-estimated the political swamp, but I have confidence he’ll learn quickly. He’s likely the last chance we have to get our country back under our control instead of self serving politicians and special interests. I only wish Americans could understand how divisive the left’s activities are to our country.

    • Lee Dutra

      He already exposed one mole, more to come I’m sure.

  • Ron

    Hopefully, Director Mueller will take a good look at the rather interesting connections between the Clintons, the Podestas and Russia as well. Just thinking out loud, you know? Fair is fair, after all.

    • jwright673

      That would be my hope as well. Those folks are where the crimes are so we’ll see how independent Mueller is. Remember, it was his protégé Comey who made the determination (that was NOT his to make) that shrillary was not to be prosecuted. I’m 76 so I expect to be dead before anything comes out of this whole charade.

      • Ron

        I hear you, jwright673…I’m 65 and I’ll probably be dead by then as well!

      • Cecil Keeler Jr.

        I refer you to my reply to Ron, Mueller and Comey SHARE a BOND that Will make it ALMOST Impossible for Mueller to Charge Comey with anything. Their bond makes a BLOOD BROTHER Bond look like child’s play!

        • jwright673

          You’re right. The taxpayers will spend millions on a nothing burger. I would like to see shrillary in an orange jumpsuit with a number on it. Then I could believe in the justice system working.

    • Cecil Keeler Jr.

      Ron I hope you are right, But Meuller has a LONG HISTORY with James COMEY and they are ALUMNI of the TIGHTEST Group I have EVER SEEN The FBI ALUMNI! They JUST do NOT throw each other under the BUS!

    • John L. Jones

      Snore snore snore. Enough. After all the mud and disgusting hog slop that The Crazy Donald slung, it’s time for his deceiving ass to fess up. Fair? How laughable.

    • jesse

      The connections between the Clintons, the Podestas, the left in general, and the Russians, is real, concrete and factual, not a delusional fabrication founded in leftist psychosis!

  • The “Russian connections” gambit would logically include both campaigns and their leading characters. That means he will be free to explore the Clinton “Russian problems”… and make appropriate recommendations based on whatever evidence of wrong-doing he finds. The dhimmicrats should be worried, not gleeful – but then no one has ever said they have anything like good or common sense. They should be more careful about what they wish for..

    • Jay

      Since when is a political action logical? No, most likely they WON’T even investigate NOR report any factual findings against the hate group called Democrats, ESPECIALLY concerning Killary Pimpon.

  • Bill

    So is this about finding the truth or a witch hunt by the Democrats who are still angry the American public wanted an America which was not the pork barrel politician’s versions with added Socialism and Globalist flavor, most politicians, the networks, the colleges and the protesters are now corrupted by money from George Soros and other Globalist’s who wish to change America for their power and profit! This includes the UN which wishes America to pay for being successful to their 3rd world dictatorships and Tax us for our work and success! America needs out of the UN and the UN out of America, The Idea that some 3ed world dictator is telling us how to run our national parks or that we should be handing his corrupt dictatorship money for his pocket sucks, to much like Hillary’s crime foundation, she was willing to sell America for her profit and benefit and to hell with the people of America! I think the later, this is a witch hunt against President Trump, keep him busy, the American public looking over here while the thieves work over there. They have their crooked scheme and don’t want them shout down and this includes the invasion of Illegal invading parasites to destroy America and what we are of more were!

  • LEVI506

    Stupid people don’t even notice there’s a difference between special prosecutor and special investigator.


    After Mueller gets this Liberal Whitchunt out of the way then he can Investigate why a 27 year old Democrat was Murdered in DC and the Police was ordered to Stand Down on Investigating the Crime. He apparently is the one who Provided the Materials to Wikileaks and Not the Russians. This is going to be Big and even the Media won’t be able to Cover it Up.

  • Estell Newton

    At least we can plan on this being drawn out for a long time so the dummycrats won’t get the revenge that they were hoping for. Hope the investigation lasts a long long time.

    • Jay

      It will, however have an influence on coming elections, because of all the “leaks” that would be fabricated, oops!, I mean come out against Trump, and by extension, all Republican Conservatives

      • Estell Newton

        I think everyone would be surprised at what is really happening. The problem isn’t just the dummycrats. Have you read the 2030 agenda? If not, you might find it fascinating reading. I have a paper that was written before the 2030 agenda was. The UN is calling for the end of established religion making it a crime to even own religious books.

        • mrpoohead

          What no answer?

          • Estell Newton

            You’re a moron.

  • Hunter Trice

    What ‘crap;! The only thing the majority of Democrats and some Republicans are interested in is their own ‘Power’! They could give a ‘rat’s you know what’ about the country! It’s all about ‘The Power’.

  • Chris

    Mueller is not a “Special Prosecutor” there is no prosecution under way, only an investigation. He’s an Independent Council, charged with leading an independent investigation. He has the authority to convene a Grand Jury and has subpoena powers. Because this farce, this circus, has become completely politically motivated it became necessary, sadly to spend millions of tax dollars to have a fair and honest investigation. The Congress and Senate should be embarrassed by the feckless handling of this investigation. I believe that there was no collusion by President Trump or his campaign, transition team or his administration. But remember Mueller has broad discretion to investigate anyone involved with the Russians. Look out Hillary and Bill they may be coming after YOU! He also could look into Lynch’s obstructing justice, Rice’s unmasking private citizens for political purposes, and most importantly, OBAMAS INVOLVEMENT!!! You get what you ask for!!! The Democrats could get slaughtered!

  • GIJoe

    The witch hunt will come back in the liberal fascists and progressive socialists commies face and prove what absolute morons they have been all along.Waste some more taxpayer dollars like they have for the last 8 years. Investigate the real criminals like the entire obummer administration and hitlary when she was secretary of state, you will find plenty of corrupt dealings without much digging. Look in to the clinton,podesta dealings with the russians and find the real collusions that were going on. What coincidences that certain demwits with to much knowledge of goings on turn up deceased This will never end even when Pres Trump is totally vindicated.These losers will never give up,their powerless..

  • Norma Davis

    The stupid part of all of this is , the US Government has had ties with The Russians for a long time .Nothing but a bunch of bullsh- – , Many Americans moved over there and visa versa ,they watch our backs to protect their people who live here ,and so what they wanted Trump to win ,so did 70 % of the democrats want him to win also

  • 4grands

    I’ve been wondering why, when obama and hillary took this country from high to low, BY DESIGN, has the FBI not even bothered to seek out the problems. It just stinks of bad guidance. Our country went from stable to unstable at the hands of Clinton, Obama, Lynch and Huma and Comey etc., not a word out of the FBI. Gee I wonder why Trump isn’t happy with the FBI. Comey has made the USA a laughing stock of the world. Congratulations Comey, you have single handedly turned the USA upside down. Pity…….the children and citizens of this country that thought there was a safe place within this country, have to wake up to your mess!

    • Lee Dutra

      Might have something to do with serious threats. Both the Clintons and Obama have long lists to their credit.

  • Lee Dutra

    “People are really torn up about what happened to Director Comey—a good man who was treated very badly by the president,” Comey was mistreated, abused and threatened by the Obama Administration and the Clinton machine, no one else. He was fired because keeping his job was more important to him than doing it.

  • Edward Hilton

    Clintons for jail

  • marginal value

    Yuck, a politico story those liberal hacks are an arm of the democratic party.

  • fritz

    mueller lied before to protect the bureau after 9/11 in order to cover up the mistakes that were made just means he will do it again”stinking shithole government crooks ” the lot of them. this is a kangaroo court.

  • Chris

    This could be the saving grace for our President. An independent Counsel will all but shut down the politicizing of the investigation. President Trump can get back to work on his campaign promises. If the msm continues to mouth off about it they will be shamed into silence since they screamed for an independent counsel. The House and Senate committees will likely continue their investigations but with far less leaks and political grandstanding. Mueller will probably work faster to bring this mess to fruition. Trump and his campaign and transition team cleared, and the Clinton’s left on the hook. Mueller may also delve into the Clinton crime family foundation and Lynch’s obstruction of justice. Rice unmasking and Obamas involvement. The email scandal could be back on the table too. The Democrats and their partners in treason may have done our President the biggest favor of all! Talk about unintended consequences, they may have short themselves in the foot!!! LOL. Those in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones!!


    Listen up Americans. Everything/anything that is bad for TRUMP is BAD for America.

    Mueller is a fallguy for the liberals.

    IF you love America, YOU need to speak up…..loudly, … and often.

    Call ins to radio talk shows. Post in your letters to editors columns.

    Visit the petitions on the White House website. It’s easy to get to and do.

    Just google white house petitions. It will walk you through.

  • 2ndOrion

    Trump has been a constant and continual Stabbing Target by the Media. Trump, their focus of attack. is now gone. They will now have to live by what Mueller gives them. No one of the White House Staff should be afraid of Trump, unless they are those that did the leaking -which resulted in the Media having something for which to attack Trump. Those should just quietly not report to work anymore. -Just go get another job somewhere else. Say nothing more -if they know what is good for them.
    If The Continual Stabbing of the President, which amounts to the continual Stabbing of the Country were to continue, sooner or later the country will find itself like Argentina was with No President, then no next president, then finally with all gone. Law and order -Dead. Rampant Crime.
    Trump Removed by the Continual stabbing of him, would cause the Stock Market to Crash, then the U.S. Money to crash, Like James Rickards in his “The Road To Ruin” Book says. SDR’s would be the only thing Left -but who has SDR’s to use to buy groceries and pay their Bills? The Country would Die with President Trump. Our computer Internet connections would probably Die Too. -No money to pay for them.
    Hopefully the Stabbing will be moved from President Trump now to Mueller, and then, if he is as closed mouth as all say he is, the Stabbing of Trump will die.
    Then the Stock Market Crash as well as the Death of the Country will not happen.

  • jesse

    This is not a good development, this guy is comey’s buddy from way back and should not have been appointed for this task, he has an inherent conflict of interest. The entire Russian-Trump narrative is a big lie and a special counsel should have never been appointed to begin with but this one in particular, spells bad news! Now, with comey, and his cronies coming out of the woodwork, smearing the President and with his fate in the hands of Mueller, more than ever, he should be seeking the power of the Lord, for a hedge of protection, for wisdom and strength against those who unjustly seek to destroy him. The left and the vindictive deep state are a disgrace, an embarrassment, and they’re making a mockery of the American political system and causing divisiveness that endangers the entire country, because they lost an election!

  • Armyvet

    Why won’t congress declare the Democratic Party a terrorist organization like they would black lives matter or any other terrorist group trying to overthrow our country? Then charge all the members with the RICO act. What’s so damn hard about that? It’s no wonder nothing ever changes in Washington. Politicians are all crooked pigs looking out for their own self interests. Retarded bastards

  • LiberalAria

    He’s a traitor, plain and simple. Lock him up.

  • Shugie

    This investigation better stay on point and not become a witch hunt.