Trumps Treatment Of Immigrants Compared To Slavery

Former Bush and McCain campaign strategist Steve Schmidt compared President Trump’s zero-tolerance policy to slavery.

Schmidt stated, “This is a deliberate strategy of incitement. In American politics, our leaders used to go out and try to persuade the American people that their side was perhaps a little bit more correct than the other side. There’s never been a gentle period of American politics, but what we’re seeing here is something new, particularly from our president. He uses lying at mass rallies to scapegoat minority populations. He alleges conspiracies. He creates a sense of mass victimization and then positions himself as the avenger on behalf of the victims, defending them from the invading hoard of migrants coming from the south, approaching the border. This is all BS of the first order.”

  • meredit

    Oh, for heaven’s sake, this is absurd- and I’m a Democrat. As a former English instructor of undocumented adults in L.A., prohibiting individuals from entering in these numbers is completely reasonable, as many legal immigrants and illegal migrants who’ve fixed their immigration problems will attest. This ridiculous fear mongering is atrocious.

  • texdrd

    Get real and stop the nonsense,we have a right to determine who and what comes into our country as the “angel moms” point out congress has never wanted a merit based system and as Americans we have voted to put some law with teeth into place.

  • Timothy Toroian

    Tell this clown I wouldn’t let him suck my—- nor would I piss on him if he were on fire.

  • Priam Figs

    What is BS is the denial from the Democrats and their supporters that we are NOT being invaded. We are in the midst of a war of attrition and we are losing because of our gutless Politicians. Especially the Cowardly Democratic Party.

    • Karla

      These people are so used to lying or are so totally brainwashed they really believe their own BS. To continually call Trump a LIAR when he is the first President who has told the truth in a LOOOOONG, time only makes these lefties look more stupid than they already are. The thing is, THEY all still think WE out here are still believing all of this like the rest of ‘their followers’. They have no idea how idiotic and radical they have become.

  • Dodie1990

    Get all the illegals out of here. Build the wall ,close the border, deport illegals, stop all benefits. They are illegal, they have absolutely no business here. NO other country would tolerate this constant invasion of illegals who just want the benefits of the American Free Ride. Not coming to work like previous generations, they now come demanding the benefits in Spanish, no less.. Enough.


    No, he speaks the truth to fiction! Democrats advocy of immigration, and open borders is disingenuous and only only a continuation of their lies to the American people. It’s more modern day attempts at “Ballot Stuffing’, and a return to power for powers sake than anything else. While LEGAl immmigration holds great history, and contribution, ILLEGA immigrants fleeing for purely economic regions are not yours or mines problem. Perhaps some preassure on the countries of their origin is more called for, than so called democratic ideals of open borders. No country can withstand that type of or absorb that type of mass migration.

    What is governments first responsibility anyway? Well, of course it is to provide for the common defense of its citizens. Since man banded together in tribes, that was tribal leaderships first function. Floods of immigrants must be housed, fed, educated, and assimilated. Is this really the responsibility of the American taxpayer, or is it in truth, the responsibility of their own governments?

    C’mon, Liberals, at least be honest with yourselves! You don’t care a rats a** about downtrodden immigrants. You just want people to vote with your mindless herd.

    • Karla

      Excellent post! Thank you!

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    Even the MSM has reported that there are ISIS members embedded with the “immigrants”.
    Soros is sending this invading army to bring America to her knees.
    We have witnessed first hand what has transpired in California.
    We have also seen that people have been murdered and their murderers got
    off scot free. We have seen too many sanctuary cities in America. MS-13 gangs
    killing innocent children. When will the left get a grip on what is really happening
    to our nation? It IS an invasion!!! Vote REPUBLICAN to save America. #walkaway now!

  • jon

    and all the while the dictators leading the county’s that they are coming from live like kings as there people starve and live in poverty. they destroy the jobs by kicking out the companys that created them and bringing the factory’s into Government control. with no idea how to run then fix them or even get parts for them when they brake down.or have any willingness to pay for said repairs.

  • Patrick Feeney

    What piece of filth wrote this B.S.. We have enough problems with the damned Demoncrats. We don’t need more problems!

  • crusader39

    Americans have accepted immigrants from all over the world since the birth of our Nation. We have had a clear and legal process for legal immigration that Democrats chose to ignore. The latest of these is the outlandish process of sending organizers to Central America to encourage mass immigration marches to our borders with the sole purpose of overwhelming Mexican and American border crossing sites. Moreover, there is growing evidence that these same organizers are paying drug cartels to assist these illegal immigrants in their passage north. Democrats have lost the concept of patriotism and the welfare of Americans all in the name of increasing potential (albeit illegal) voters to regain power. Bottom line is that the Socialist-Democratic Party does not care at all about the future of this Nation! In their hell-bent drive toward Socialism they can’t grasp that under that system, everyone loses. Economically, it can’t survive and will lead to a dictatorship.

    • Kenny Albert

      But look how rich the top officials will be. The democrats all think they will be seated at the table. When they are starving to death they will finally realize their mistake.

  • Berengaria

    What is BS about an Invading Horde of Migrants, traveling with their own Camera Crew & DEM Lawyers, in tow.
    An Organized Army, composed of Hispanic Migrants & now, we know Islamic Terrorists, are marching on our Borders.
    We American Citizens have had enough from Schmidt, Bush & McCain Clan, this Army has placed So-Called Women & Children in front as Human Shields, while the Men hide in the Rear.

  • Estell Newton

    Welcome to this weeks session of “Lies of the Democrats”.

  • Gardener8

    There is a big difference between lawful immigrants and lawbreakers. We truly do not need to import
    poverty and disease through lawbreaking. We should always welcome legal, self-supporting immigrants
    through an immigration policy that examines exactly who the person applying for entrance is. I
    realize the Democrats want unlimited entrance and open borders for votes. They, however, have
    no idea how we will pay for all of the programs that will be used by those without an adequate
    education that would prepare those individuals to hold good paying jobs in order to support their

  • myazpony

    The best line from this article is:”This is all BS of the first order.” . YES, we agree. McCain trained you well in how to hate, spin and distort facts.

  • Luanne Denman

    The democrats in this country can never sell enough honest Americans to buy into their destructive ideas, so leftists need to seek out illegal immigrants to assist them in their greedy power seeking agenda. The democrat party should have died in the 1960’s, when LBJ took over, but the support of the black population bought them a few decades reprieve. Democrats seek support from the ignorant, the stupid, the needy, and the greedy, as well as the morally bankrupt. Now the ignorant are wising up to the left’s tricks, and the left can no longer count on their support. Stick a fork in them, they are done – we can only hope! Please vote them out!

  • Kenny Albert

    Never heard of this idiot. So we are just supposed to look the other way and not enforce any laws. Does he just not want immigration law enforcement or should we just throw them all in the trash? Sounds to me like he is in the pocket of those who hire illegals and use them for cheap labor which keeps wages depressed.

  • Along Came Jones

    Steve Schmidt compared zero tolerance to slavery? I’m confused, I thought President Trump is trying to keep these invaders out not lock them in! We should be treating them as the invaders they are and shooting them at the border along with the traitors who are helping them to invade our country. There would be a lot less Democrats running their mouths if we did.