Trump’s NAFTA could boost American farming

For decades, America’s farming and rural communities have suffered lost jobs, lowered wages and fleeting economic liberty as a result of our nation’s free trade agenda.

We’ve traded away our sovereignty and allowed a massive trade imbalance with foreign countries to undercut American industries and workers. As the Trump administration looks to revamp our trade deals, it’s time our country turn the page to a new, fair trade agenda that benefits American family farmers, ranchers and rural residents. This begins today at the outset of North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) renegotiations

For decades, National Farmers Union has warned of the imprudence of the “free trade” agenda. With the implementation of each new trade deal, the free trade framework has accelerated the rate at which we give away market access and sovereignty for the sake of expanded markets. This macroeconomic management works well for the multinational corporations who rely upon these expanded markets to please their shareholders, but it has failed the farmers, ranchers and rural residents who must compete with the increased imports that follow.

Twenty-three years ago, NAFTA established a set of trade parameters that have benefitted corporate America — while damaging rural American communities and economies. Those parameters became a framework that is replicated in the 14 trade deals the U.S. entered since NAFTA, and it’s that framework that needs to be fixed.

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