Trump’s Job Approval UP After Charlottesville

More proof that what you see on cable news and from Twitter’s blue checkmark mafia has absolutely nothing to do with reality.

This might be hard to believe for some of you, but the mainstream media and all those blue check marks on Twitter do not reflect anything close to reality. Not since the Access Hollywoodtape have we seen the MSM go in for the Trump-kill as they did in last week post-Charlottesville, and the result in public opinion has been the exact opposite of what they had hoped.

One of the few journalists who realizes this is the National Journal’s Josh Kraushaar, who writes of the Confederate statue issue …

A PBS/NPR/Marist poll conducted after the Charlottesville protests found a whopping 62 percent of registered voters preferring to maintain Confederate memorials as a “historical symbol” over removing them “because they’re offensive to some people.” The issue united Republicans (86 percent approved maintaining them and only 6 percent disapproved), while dividing Democrats (47 percent approved removing them and 44 percent disapproved). Even a 44 percent plurality of African-Americans didn’t want to tear them down.

Kraushaar also points out that on the very issue the MSM is trying to bludgeon Trump with, his (appropriate) blaming of “both sides” for the violence in Charlottesville, 43% of Americans agreed with Trump, while 53% disagreed. Still, 43% is higher than his overall approval rating and if you watch the news media, 43% sounds impossible. Trump had been under withering 24/7 fire for days and the best the media could grab was 53%? That’s pretty pathetic.

Moreover, by correctly blaming “both sides” for the violence, Trump has improved his standing with his base. A full 87% of Republicans agreed with him on this issue, an improvement of the 80% of Republicans who generally approve of the way he is doing his job.

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  • Bruce Walters

    You’ll never be able to get around offending someone. If you don’t give these people any recognition or power, you’ll be able to stop this kind of nonsense before it starts.

  • alreadytold

    Allowing the BLM, Antifa to walk away without so much as a slap on the hand will make more of the same. Every parent with any sense of right and wrong knows this. Have we become so educated as to become totally stupid? It seems so.

    • Fedup

      BLM and Antifa groups should be considered as street terrorists and be treated as such.

  • Richard Waugh

    Libs did it to themselves…. AGAIN!!!

  • I don’t watch racists and liars such as the lying democrats and if you do you are just enabling them.

  • Fedup

    Stop these anti-American organizations from destroying these national monuments that belong in our history and to all of our citizens. One small group should not have the power to over ride what the majority wants. Maybe they would be happier if they relocated to somewhere where they don’t have these monuments like Kenya and they can have obama as their king. The only thing that will make them happy is if they rule the plantation and own the slaves.

  • Joecolt

    This Stupidity is going to Back Fire on the Democrats in a Very Big Way, they are Trying to rip the Very Fabric of our Country in order to Create Chaos for President Trump going into the Mid-term Elections, This Is, as has Been Complete Insanity from the Democrat Party and Their Fake News Propaganda Media, Who I might add never Blames Antifa, and Black Lives Matter for Anything They are all just Cheer Leaders and Boy Scouts to the Media, Defaming and Destroying every Americans History and with the Approval of the Democratic Party. Not one has Condemned their Actions on these Statues and we have no I dear where or when this Farce will end Because our Congress is weak and Afraid to shut these Thugs down we have all seen the the Police since the Election being told to stand down by weak or Liberal Mayors and Politicians, People with Masks, Clubs, Burning, Looting, Destroying Property carrying Weapons walking right by our Police Force with very little to none being Locked up. This is Fact with Video Footage to back it all up. Yet Liberal Media refuses to talk about it, they are and have been a Tremendous factor for tearing our Country Apart. They Complain about Hatred but they are the one’s who have Hate, and have no caring for our Country or the People in it. They need a Lesson they will never forget we need to clean and sanitize our Congress of Democrats, and then put our Republicans on Notice Trumps Agenda is not his alone it’s ours, and they are next unless we get our Agenda.

  • lordhoff

    I can’t understand the media idea of choosing violent radicals Marxists as the “good” guys.