Trump’s Border Plan Gets Called A Joke

Fox’s network political analyst Juan Williams stated President Trump’s decision to send the National Guard to the Mexican border is, “political theater.”

Williams stated, “This is political theater for a man who promised to build a wall that would be paid for by Mexico. That hasn’t happened, and you’ve had some people in his base say what happened to your pledge to build a wall? The reality is the border crossings are at a 45-plus year low.”

“The caravan coming up as an Easter ritual for the last five-plus years. I think what you have here is an attempt to trigger fear and hysteria over oh there is a horde coming at the southern border and they are coming, and they are going to invade America. But I think it’s all about this president try to say to his base ‘I am putting a wall up, or if I’m not putting a wall up, I’m going to put soldiers there.’ Soldiers who by the way have no authority to detain anyone, arrest anyone, no bullets in their guns. I mean it’s a joke. ”