Trump Jr. Believes Dems Hurting Themselves

Donald Trump Jr. believes that the Republicans will easily win the 2018 midterm elections due to the “hysteria” caused by Democrats due to President Trump.

Trump stated, “People are actually starting to see the fruits of my father’s labors. They’re starting to see his policies coming through. They’re starting to see it in their paychecks. They’re starting to see it in the economy. They’re starting to see it in job numbers across the board, in any demographics you could possibly list. Despite all the noise, the numbers just speak for themselves and real people see it. I think what they’re also seeing is sort of the hysteria from the media and from the Left and it’s sort of this—we have to rush to be further left. We have to be more socialist than socialists could possibly ever be. We’ve gotten to just insane levels, and they’re seeing that, and I think reasonable, rational people in this country are not interested in that. They don’t get it. And I think the hysteria is only helping. They’re turning the most powerful man in the world into an underdog figure because you know there’s not a single good story, despite all of these frankly groundbreaking and historic accomplishments.”

“I think its amazing. People are starting to get i —they’re seeing that Trump is really good for this country, that his policies, that his actions, that the things that he’s done are really good and these are things that wouldn’t be accomplished by regular politicians.”

“These people have to realize that Trump may not be on the ballot, but he is on the ballot because his policies are. All of the efforts that have been made and all of the incredible accomplishments that have happened over the last few months can go away just as easily, because that’s what the other side wants.”

  • Tim Miller

    Just as the E-mail scandal hurt Hillary and the Democrats, the Russian Hoax is hurting Republicans. They need to end this. Fire Mueller. Spend some money on TV commercials telling the American people why the witch hunt had to end so that the country can get on with it’s business.

    • budman

      Trump played it right by not firing Mueller and giving him enough rope to hang himself. If you noticed the news of the last few days, Mueller likely will face charges for his overreach using illegal means to obtain information to get obstruction of justice against Trump.

  • JoAnn Graham

    The things they accuse Trump of saying about people is hypocracy because Obama and his cronies has said it before..about people..and its out yes dems are only hurting themselves..

  • ahemtonto

    The Democratic Party of Bill/Hillary Clinton and Barrack Obama is a vile Marxist Socialist entity that represents nothing of good for the American dream or the common man. Only the political and financially elite ilk of Nancy Pelosi benefit. They don’y give a hoot about America, our republic or democracy. Too long have they lied to the people about their purported allegiance to the poor and minority factions of our nation. They have voted against everything that ensures individual rights and for everything that gives them ultimate power and control of the people and their money.