Trump has yet to travel west

President Trump traveled west of the Mississippi River just once during his first 200 days in office and has yet to cross the Rocky Mountains.

In 52 domestic trips, Trump has traveled to 17 states.

Nearly half of those trips have been to Mar-a-Lago, his Florida estate; to Trump National Golf Club in northern Virginia; or to Trump National Golf Club in Bedminster, N.J., where he is currently on vacation.

Eight trips have been for political rallies in Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Ohio and West Virginia — all states he won in November.

His single trip west of the Mississippi River was to Cedar Rapids, Iowa, for a rally with 6,000 supporters.

Trump has only traveled to six states he did not win in November. In all of those instances, his events were either private, ceremonial or to address highly supportive crowds.

Early in his administration, Trump traveled to Dover Air Force Base in Delaware to witness the return of a serviceman killed in Yemen.

He addressed an adoring crowd in Maryland, at the Conservative Political Action Conference, and he’s visited the USS Gerald R. Ford in Norfolk, Va., twice.

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  • gene smiith

    Well here in CA. there are a bunch of President Trump lovers…..however, and sad to say, I can hardly blame our President for any failure to visit us here. In fact, I doubt that his Secret Service folks would even allow it if the Boss wanted to. Good Lord, the Democrat Politicians here are just horrible and love to show it. I believe it will serve them poorly when election time comes, there are far fewer Democrat Lovers here than is imagined. Even the Hollywood folks are wising up, though reluctant to admit it in any way.
    So while it would be nice to see him here,considering how many DOZENS of trips Obama made here it goes to show just how unpleasant it would be were our President to attempt a visit. I seriously doubt that any of us here blame him one bit….MAGA Mr. President, we love you.