Chinese Honor US President for the First Time in History

President Trump has officially become the first President in American history to have been offered to have dinner inside Beijing’s Forbidden City. With such a honorable offer, President Trump could not refuse.

New York Daily News has reported:

“President Trump is being treated like a royal during his visit to China, and received a rare dinner inside the country’s most famed imperial palace.”

“Trump arrived in Beijing on Wednesday as part of his 12-day tour of Asia, and was greeted by a small army of children waving American and Chinese flags as part of an elaborate welcoming ceremony.”

With all the hysteria the liberal media has portrayed of our President in the news lately, isn’t it strange that so many foreign leaders and countries actually like the POTUS?

  • gunsmith22022

    donald is real. he understands that some populations of people need certain kinds of a government. china is officially communist, but they are leaning toward capitalism faster than the u s a is maintaining ours. the newer generations do not understand the difficulty that china will have making the transition to a free society like we have fought for and enjoy. russia is having their problems with the transition and unfortunately, ukraine is fighting corrupt leftists while trying to create something like a democracy. by the way….didyou know that russia took control of the crimean peninsula in order to control their only all season naval facility? for some reason they don’t trust the friendly germans that killed 9 million russians during ww 2.

  • Kirk Kahler

    why is this ? cuz the world see trump as a great leader and one who will do great things for America and that in turn will do great things for there country ! if America retakes its place as the world leader ! becomes strong again ! rich again ! this will mean that Americans will spend more ! America will help more in ending world terror ! will be able to defend other country’s ! will help in making world peace ! as the world is watching what trump is doing and what he has done so far even with the democrats and MSM standing in the way and pushing fake news they see greatness and they want to be on the trump train as well ! trump is a win win for all of these other country’s ! only in America with MSM a few RINOs and most of the corrupt democrats are they saying trump is bad news but the world and the voters see some thing good and great !

  • Paul Omlor

    There some things liberals can’t hide. This isn’t fake news. Your doing a great job President Trump!

  • theicecube

    Wonder how the MSM is going to spin this in an unfavorable light.

  • Kevin Padfield

    What does that say about Obama who had been snubbed at a conference in China a few years ago and had to exit Air Force One out of the rear exit door because the Chinese didn’t think enough of him to provide a side exit ramp.

  • Forrest Huck London

    Our foreign friends see things and no more than our own people I really think our people see it they just do not want to admit what an outsider can do but what could be done with a little cooperation from the left it would be amazing and just exactly what GOD wants wake up America

  • Oldtymepatriot

    I wish the media would clarify which China they refer to in their articles, there is (Communist) Red China and (free China) the Republic of China. Our only friend between the two is the Republic of China (Taiwan).