Trump Blamed For Media Death Threats

CNN contributor April Ryan is accusing President Trump for the death threats made against press members.

Ryan said, “It’s getting worse. There is collateral damage. It affects not only the reporter but the people around the reporter. You know I’m going to say this, and I’m just going to put it as simply as I can. I blame the president for this.”

 “Secretary Sarah Huckabee Sanders had a chance to pull back, saying we’re not the enemy of the people. She didn’t. She just talked about things personally that affected her and the president to include the fact that a comedian said some things about her. We didn’t do that. The comedian did that. The president has had a chance, “The New York Times” leaders or bosses came and talked to the president about this. So many people talked to him, even his own daughter has said that the press is not the enemy. This president has to stop it. He’s keenly aware of what’s going on and what’s happening. The death threats have got to stop. We are a part of the Constitution—free and fair, independent press. The First Amendment—not the second, not the third, the first. And a lot of people want to listen to this president who they say is a patriot, but he’s not standing by the oath of office to follow the Constitution, the First Amendment. Not only that, some of these people making threats must have been asleep during government class or civics class because we are a part of this country.”
  • William L. Ramsburg


  • Ron C

    Fake news by Ryan…the president never said the press is the enemy of this nation…He said the CNN, MSNBC and reporters such as Ryan that spread their FAKE NEWS are the enemy of this nation…
    Look in the mirror Ryan you are causing the death threats with your lies….period!

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      What was that meme I saw? Said something like “Trump never said FAKE NEWS until Hillary said it.”

      ‘On 08 December 2016, Hillary Clinton made a speech in which she mentioned “the epidemic of malicious fake news and false propaganda that flooded social media over the past year.”

      “It’s now clear that so-called fake news can have real-world consequences,” she said. “This isn’t about politics or partisanship. Lives are at risk… lives of ordinary people just trying to go about their days, to do their jobs, contribute to their communities.”

      She is an ace of projection as are most lying leftists.

  • Donald Kilb

    Say what you want, but people like April Ryan are a disgrace to journalism if not the liberal populace. The news media supporting such disgusting people and conspiring to overturn the duly elected POTUS makes the press the enemy of the people.

    Crud like April Ryan are lucky Sarah Huckabee Sanders is such a class act. She’s the first press spokes person to need US Marshall protection because of the media encouragement of terrorists.

  • hunkie

    Of course he will complain. Of course the freedom of the press is guaranteed by the 1st Amendment. The press is open to saying whatever it wants to…but it has to realize and accept the fact that it is responsible for what it says and willing to accept the consequences. If it is pushback, it is pushback. If it is libel suits, it is libel suits. Nobody is taking away any freedoms.

    Death threats are wrong but that has nothing to do with Trump.

    • John D

      Unless he has made them personally. And I have never heard him say that and neither has anyone else.

  • Dane A Wyrick

    That’s the funniest thing I’ve geard in days, the left is blaming Trump for their acting like spoiled rotten brats! The left calls for violence as long as it’s not directed towards them.
    How rich

    • Susan K.

      Spot on!!


    The media are the cause of the death threats the fake news liars made them

  • Berengaria

    So April has become the MouthPiece for Fake News Media, & is demanding that the President of the USA, obey the Commands of Fake News Media & its MouthPiece, April Ryan.
    I think Not, Our President is Right, Fake News Media is the Enemy of the American People & So Far, it’s been the Fake News that has incited Left Nuts to Accost Americans & I would like to see the Proof that Fake News Readers have ever received Death Threats. Fake News IS The Left Nut Jobs.
    May I demand that “Fake News Media STOP the Lies & Incitements”.
    Sorry, April is a LOSER!

  • MajorPain

    So Exactly where are these Death Threats why haven’t any been reported by the Main Stream Media. Oh I think I know why there all inside of her Minuscule Mind. If you look closely the Victim Gland will become Enlarged do to over production chemicals in the Nanny State Behavior Enabler Unfortunately their is no Cure for this condition and it ends with the complete demise of all Credibility WE CAN ONLY HOPE.

  • Heavy Metal Thunder

    Blame the president for everything but keep pumping out that bullshit, fake news you GDPOS!!!!

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      You got your motor runnin’…

  • Susan K.

    The MSM is finding out that the shoe is pretty uncomfortable when it is on the other foot. Too bad. If the MSM is looking for someone to blame for death threats against them, they need only look in the mirror. I will simply reiterate that they are, indeed, the enemy of the people and have been for quite some time. They prove it over and over again.

    • Ursus_Indomitus

      The “death threats” are coming from leftist agitators.

  • Ursus_Indomitus

    Sending death threats is a LEFTIST tactic. I say “leftists must die”, THEY say “we’re going to kill you.”
    Discerning people can recognize the difference.

  • antimarxist

    Just like a marxist to refuse to take responsibility for their actions, i.e. biased, one-sided reporting as well as made up aka “fake news”. If you reporters bothered to report the news honestly and on both sides of the political spectrum you could make your holier than thou claims but since you are biased liars, you cannot. Never heard a thing about bengazi, either obama’s failure to attempt a rescue, or hillary’s lies about what was behind it. Never heard a thing about obama weaponizing the irs against conservatives only. I could go on. IF YOU LIKE COMMUNISM SO MUCH GO LIVE IN A COMMUNIST COUNTRY!!!

  • Milton J. Northrop

    Crooked Hillary didn’t threaten. You just ceased living mysteriously.

  • Buck

    Americans on the right are tired of the bs from the left. Stop trying to destroy American. We did not want hillary. Not then and not now and we do not want your communism .

  • Ed Dosh

    I read this crap and it makes me think of the KJVA , John 8:44. I must be very careful in writing this because the actions of the so called “PRESS” brings to mind nothing but vulgarity. You are the most despicable kind of people that this country has ever had to endure. You wouldn’t know the truth if it bit you in the ass. You have no respect for the people who are fighting to maintain true freedom, which you abuse when you print your lies and BS. To your mothers, I am sorry that your son or daughter turned out to be the scum in the swamp. I am sure that you tried your best to instill truth and honesty in them and am sorry to say it doesn’t appear that your were successful.

  • John D

    Hey Ryan (and CNN) how many law enforcement lives is Obama responsible for? Morons.