Transgender Ideology Abuses Kids

Conservatives are rallying careful scientists and concerned parents to push back against the pharma-funded transgender ideology which insists that the government should help children who want to change their sex via drugs, sterilization, castration and lifelong medical treatment.

The children-choose-their-sex claim was strongly pushed throughout 2016 by former President Barack Obama, who later admitted that the unpopular claim had undermined Hillary Clinton’s campaign.

President Donald Trump has pushed the gender ideology back, but progressives are still pushing it into schools and workplaces, into civic society, media, and law. That biology-does-not-matter campaign is being supported by judges and by many activists and medical professionals who are directly or indirectly funded by pharmaceutical companies and by wealthy transgender activists.

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  • Kenneth Fichtl

    My Brother In law ate too much NY Pizza all his life as a side affect he had a small sperm count . His Brain worked so hard on digesting his food that little was left for anything else. He played with his sons penis he did not know what it was for. He thought the breast of the next door neighbor girl was for birds. He was confused about sexual identity. This is perfectly ok in New Jersey where you get attacked for reporting your brother in law for blowing your nephew to Child protection Services

  • rottenrollin

    Transgender ideology abuses society, not just children.

    Liberalism……..a pox upon the world.