The Supreme Court Just Smacked Obama Down

Shortly after he saw the Senate override his veto on the ability of U.S. citizens to sue the Saudis over their involvement with 9/11 Obama was delivered more bad news.

One of his favorite pet projects, his massive plan for amnesty for illegal aliens, was disqualified from becoming law by the Supreme Court.

Shockingly this was the second time they said the amnesty plan was a no-go.

Barack Obama just got denied by the Supreme Court over his push for amnesty for illegals.

44 wanted a do-over after the court was split on the decision earlier in the year.

At that time, the Justices upheld a lower court ruling that Obama was overreaching and didn’t have the constitutional authority to execute his amnesty plan.

Now, the case will not be reheard.

From Reuters:

The U.S. Supreme Court on Monday declined to rehear a bid by President Barack Obama’s administration to revive his plan to spare from deportation millions of immigrants in the country illegally, a case in which the justices split 4-4 in June.

In a brief order, the court rejected the administration’s long-shot request, meaning the justices’ June 23 decision is final. That ruling left in place a lower court decision that had blocked the plan, which Obama announced in 2014 but never went into effect. The court remains one justice short following the February death of Antonin Scalia.

Obama’s plan was designed to let roughly 4 million people – those who have lived illegally in the United States at least since 2010, have no criminal record and have children who are U.S. citizens or lawful permanent residents – get into a program that shields them from deportation and supplies work permits.

In a July 18 filing, Obama’s Justice Department had asked the court to take a second look at the case once it had a full complement of nine justices.

This move comes just days after both the House and Senate resoundingly voted against 44’s veto of the bill that allowed people to sue Saudi Arabia over 9/11.

With Obama in office for just a few more months, it’s nice to see him going out on a sour note.

To be denied twice in the span of one week is quite satisfying. It’s unfortunate this wasn’t the tenor of the entire presidency.

If only the Supreme Court would have followed the same kind of decision making on the unconstitutional Affordable Health Care Act and the repeal of the Defense of Marriage Act etc.

We can only hope we get a more conservative justice on the bench in the future; because if we don’t things might be much bleaker in terms of the justices ruling in favor of what’s right and what’s constitutional.

How do you feel about what the Supreme Court just did?