Ted Cruz Said Something So Powerful During the Debates That’s Got The Whole Nation Cheering

Ted Cruz did something absolutely amazing at the Republican Debates, something that brought the entire audience up to their feet and brought millions of Americans out of their chairs as they watched at home.

He used valuable debate time to expose the hypocrisy of the liberal media and demolished them for being entirely unfair to the Presidential Candidates who identify red.

Cruz made it obvious he has no time to play games and told the CNBC moderators why most Americans simply don’t trust them.

Check it out.

Cruz is right, this isn’t a cage match between the GOP candidates, it’s a war against the left who is trying their darnedest to make Republicans all look like fools.

And it’s sad the only time a message like that gets out is during a debate.

The rest of the time they’re silenced by the majority of media outlets, made only to look like caricatures of themselves.

The media can’t be trusted, at least not the mainstream media.

So props to Cruz for putting it out there.

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