Another Republican Declares He’s Running – Odds of Winning Like “a Monkey Flying Out of a Unicorn’s A–“

“Basically, it would be like a monkey flying out of a unicorn’s a**.”

That’s what Republican strategist Rick Wilson said about the chances newly declared candidate George Pataki has of pulling down a win in 2016.

Pataki, who is the former Governor of New York had already entertained a run in 2008 and 2012, but demurred on following through with the course of action.

Now his hat’s in the ring as he goes up against frontrunners like Ben Carson and Ted Cruz.

As Business Insider notes, it’s definitely adding a bit of commotion to the mix.

The field of Republican candidates could easily exceed 16 notable contenders — and many of those in the top-tier are sitting governors and senators. Accordingly, lower-profile candidates like Pataki face a number of hurdles to getting the fundraising, name recognition, and other support they’ll need to win.

A Pataki aide didn’t immediately return a request for comment from Business Insider, but the former New York governor has repeatedly insisted he fully intends to reach the White House. And it’s clear Pataki has a strategy that involves focusing on New Hampshire, an influential early primary state that’s close to his home base in New York.

In a Thursday interview with Fox News, Pataki dismissed polls showing him a distant long shot.

“It reminds me so much of when I ran for governor of New York the first time. No one had heard of me. I was from this small town: Peekskill, New York. If someone had taken a poll, I would have been at zero. But I knew I had the right ideas, the right vision, and I certainly enjoy meeting people,” he said. “The polls have never bothered me.”

A Pataki win would be a long shot for sure.

He simply doesn’t have the same kind of star power as many of the other contenders.

It’ll be a seriously hard road to fight. However, the battle for 2016 is anyone’s game. The rise of social media has given the underdog a chance they might not have had in years prior.

Not sure what we’d rather see.

A monkey flying out of a unicorn’s a** — or a Pataki win.

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