SNL Cast Gets Spanked By Their Mothers For Bashing Trump

“Saturday Night Live” decided to do a little something different the day before Mother’s Day and instead of opening their act by bashing President Trump chose to have the casts mothers on the show.

“Normally we open this show with a political sketch, which can sometimes be divisive. But since tomorrow is Mother’s Day, we’re going to focus on something we can all agree on: moms,” Aidy Bryant stated.

Following, Kenan Thompson introduced his mother who began scolding him and SNL for “all the political stuff.”

“Enough with the Trump jokes,” Luke Null’s mother stated. “And why doesn’t SNL ever talk about Crooked Hillary?” Shortly after Chris Redd’s asked them to focus on Jesus,
  • Kevin Padfield

    Guess someone forgot to send out the memo to the mothers to pile on Trump even more than their children do now.

  • Kenneth

    This entire FIASCO!! points out literally, how extremely STUPID ARE THE CHILDREN of good, smart intelligent parents before the “dumbing down” by the DEMON-RATS PARTY. Most of the generations under the age of 40 are the results of DEMON-RAT teachers, homosexual, liberal IDIOTS that favor socialism. Would you believe that more than 41% of American citizens approve of socialism, a experiment in governing that has ALWAYS FAILED.!!