Should We Consider Mexico As A Hostile Power?

Tucker Carlson of Fox News attacked the Mexican government and showed Americans why they need to doubt the countries claims.

Calson suggested that the Mexican government’s actions made them a “hostile power.”

Transcript as follows:

Republicans in Congress refusing to fund all wall, so the president announced today he plans to send the military to guard America’s border with Mexico. The announcement was sparked by a convoy of more than a thousand Central Americans that has been making its way through Mexico towards this country.

Mexico’s government claimed on Monday to have broken up the convoy and deported 400 people in it. The people that are actually running that convoy say otherwise. One of them told Buzzfeed, quote, “Don’t be fooled. The government isn’t disbanding it. It’s conceding its participants the right to apply for asylum while traveling in the shadows.”

Either way, we have no reason to trust the good intentions of the Mexican government. In 2017, the Mexican foreign ministry published a video encouraging Mexican citizens to break American immigration law. It advised them not to open their doors to federal authority. It told them to hide the fact that they’re there illegally.

And it was not the first on the Mexican government has done this. In 2004, the government printed and distributed more than a million-and-a-half pamphlets telling Mexicans how to enter this country illegally and live here without being detained. It even had tips telling what clothes to wear when crossing a river, presumably the Rio Grande. Recently Mexico filed an amicus brief protesting Texas’ sanctuary city bill.

The Mexican foreign minister has called for illegal aliens in this country to receive legal status and denounced the border wall as, quote, “a hostile act.”

Hostile? Mexico is the hostile power here. Just today, former Mexican President Vicente Fox tweeted that Trump is, quote, “enemy number one of Mexico.” He then retweeted someone else who suggested that if a dispute does happen, Trump will, quote, “probably give back the state of California.” The implication, of course, is that Mexico really owns California.

In a 2017 poll, 65 percent of Mexicans say they viewed the United States unfavorably. Forty-two percent viewed America very unfavorably. None of this should be confusing or a surprise. Rather than fix its own problems, which are serious, the Mexican government imports them north to this country.

They get angry if we hinder that process in any way. Mexico is, in fact, using the United States as an outlet for its poor, using our government as its welfare system. Democratic Senator Dianne Feinstein said that out loud back in 1993. She wouldn’t say today, but it’s still true.

Mexicans of this country sent home more than $26 billion in the first 11 months of 2017 — the highest amount ever. Remittances are one of that country’s biggest sources of foreign cash — bigger than even than oil exports and that’s saying a lot.

The Mexican government is a corrupt kleptocracy, whose economy is based on oil, drugs, and remittances sent from its functional northern neighbor. That would be us.

It’s one of its most unequal and racially biased countries in the world. And yet somehow, our mindless guilt-ridden media say it’s racist to criticize the government of Mexico, which again is a racist government run by the way an overwhelmingly white elite that went to American Ivy League schools.

This is insane. Mexico isn’t sacred. It’s a country, good and bad. But for the purposes of this conversation, it is a hostile foreign power whose interests are very different than ours, and we should treat it such because it is.


  • zard

    Mexican drug cartels → Political Contributions →Wall Street → Money Laundering → Donation → Democratic Party → Illegal immigrant → Drug Trafficking

  • alpambuena

    unless everyday americans get involved in this crises..your kids and grandkids will grow up in a foreign country without leaving the united states…the first thing is to educate yourself on the problems of illegal immigration and it s negative effects on our culture and economy…for instance these open borders zealots keep advocating that farm labor needs illegals to do the job…yet in kalifornia..only less than 2% of all jobs for illegals are farm labor jobs…over 40% of illegals live in the cities and live in subsidized housing and on welfare, food stamps…etc. 40% of those living in kalifornia speak no English…..and 60% of those illegals have minimum education. so this fake propaganda on how valuable illegals are is just nonsense. an illegal family with a few kids can make 35 to 40 thousand dollars without leaving their house or working, because of welfare benefits and freebies…..yet a first year teacher with a degree..can barely make 35 to 40 thousand dollars. the swamp and the deep state wnt open borders to change voting districts in favor of democrats and to increase their voting block so that the republican party gets eliminated forever…our history and our culture is already being changed….and the more we allow illgals immigration to change the dynamics of our country the closer we are getting to losing it all.

    • Byron Morris

      What ever happened to the bracero program, where migrant agricultural workers could come to the U.S., do their work, and go back home to Mexico with a fat paycheck for their families?

      • teachersaide

        THEY can get “better benefits” by ALL coming here illegally, to Access USA Education system, WELFARE Systems, & Healthcare system.

    • Tony

      The plan is to get as many in as possible, then call on them to rise up against our government. It has already happened in other country’s and is happening in America. George Soros and his billions of dollars are behind this.

      • teachersaide

        See “Atzlan Plan”, which outlines their plan to illegally enter this country, in such numbers, that the “territory” gets ceded to Mexico.
        JUST what the USA needs-> A BIGGER presence by a Corrupt, Oligarchy Right Next Door!

  • meredit

    After teaching English to adult migrants from Mexico and Central America and immigrants from Asia in a majority-undocumented community for years I retired with several strong opinions about this. It seemed that Mexico was doing nothing at all to stem the flow north, in fact it seemed they were happy to get rid of the less fortunate. I say this because almost all better-educated students returned to Mexico to attend college or live. Yes, I do believe they’re corrupt as could be.

  • Timothy Toroian

    Shut down the border to all civilians traffic except commercial trucks and search each and every one of them until Mexico assists with border control.That includes ship and air traffic. Let the dummies see what’s like not to have U.S. tourist cash

    • teachersaide

      The ONLY time I can remember this actually happening, was back in the 80’s, under Reagan.

      “Kiki” Camarena, a Federal agent in Mexico to help “interdict” drugs, “Disappeared”, right outside the police station. Mexican Gov’t maintained they had no idea what happened to him. Later they admitted that he was “probably dead”. Reagan said ,”WE want his body, for his family.” Mexico continued to STONEWALL. Reagan closed the Border, effectively, by ordering Border Patrol to INSPECT EVERY car, truck, pedestrian, etc. WAITS to get across the border were measured in WEEKS!
      I think it was almost a month after this New Program was instituted, that Agent Camarena’s body was returned. He had been Tortured to Death!

      • Timothy Toroian

        I’m suggesting that NOTHING cross the border except commercial trucks and to inspect each of those. No other vehicles or people on foot until Mexico takes it’s share of responsibility interdiction of drugs and “undocumented” border crossers.

        • teachersaide

          I have no problem with that. However, I do NOT see people in the USA going along with this. A crackdown on the border would effectively “Close the Border”, with MORE people going along with it.

  • Byron Morris

    Shutting down the border to all civilian traffic, etc. etc…….and I have to assume that means traffic coming north as there is not a thing we can do about traffic going south in to Mexico………I would say that most illegal immigrants don’t cross at authorized border crossings, so your proposed tough measures aren’t really going to solve anything…..just saying….

    • teachersaide

      It’s being talked about as a “sanction” against the Mexican GOVERNMENT! They are NOT our friends. Sending illegal aliens “home” would mean LESS remittances, MORE social unrest, MORE calls for ousting corruption (Gov’t has been corrupt for Centuries!), MORE governmental outlays for THEIR “safety net” systems, healthcare, education, etc. THEY are NOT going to cooperate with the USA, without a Mighty BIG STICK.

  • Byron Morris

    Having said that, I am in total agreement that our border is totally out of control…..I am not disputing your premise, only your solution…..I’m on your side Timothy.


    Mexico has had three legs to its economic stool, Oil, tourists, and remittances. The oil in Mexico is not increasing, American tourists have not increased their trips to Mexico in the last several years because of the danger of the cartels, but remittances from Mexicans living in the United States illegally have increased substantially. In fact if it were not for those dollars coming to Mexico from Illegals in this country, Mexico would be in trouble financially.
    The ironic and disturbing facts are that although illegal Mexicans are sending hundreds of millions of dollars back to the Mexican economy, many perhaps most of those here illegally, are living on our welfare system and the American tax payer is supporting those illegals to a large extent, which allows those dollars to go back to Mexico.
    Mexico has never been a friend to the United States. Now I am not stating that many of the people in Mexico are anti-American, but the government of Mexico has never been a country the U.S could count on for international support, just google Mexico and the U.S. in the 1st WW, the Second WW, the Korean War, the Vietnam War, the decades long fight against the Soviet Communists and on and on, when Mexico wasn’t just sitting on the sidelines it was on occasion providing a little under the table support to our enemy’s.
    The government of Mexico has never gotten over their defeat in the Mexican/American war, the departure of California, the Gadsen Purchase, even though the U.S. paid for that acquisition and the fact that the country of Mexico is dwarfed by the powerful giant north of it.
    President Trump needs to do what is necessary to control the border and it is very obvious that with all of the hundreds of millions of dollars be sent back to Mexico from the illegals in this country, all tha is required to pay for that WALL, IS TO PUT A 10% TAX ON THOSE REMITTANCES! Nada problama amigos.

  • William L. Ramsburg


    • teachersaide

      USE the MONEY that has been set aside to Provide WELFARE, EDUCATION, & HEALTHCARE, for illegal aliens. Less than 1 Year should do it.

    • John Koempel

      Sounds like a great idea to me.

  • DirtyDaveyDownEast

    AMERICA, tha Greatest Nation Evah, has very few true allies in this world as so many nations are either Islamic or socialistic/communistic of which Mexico is one. All of these nations will let AMERICA down when it becomes convenient. Mexico has strict immigration laws that does not allow the Central American caravan to cross it’s border. Hence; I see Mexico as a hostile nation.


  • Ischgabibble

    Mexico is using political subterfuge to achieve their goals of reclaiming the entire southwest they openly state was stolen by the USA over 150 years ago. By silently invading the southern states with illegal aliens who demand ‘their’ rights and citizenship they hope to seize the states of Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, and California by using our voting privileges only citizens should have not illegal alien invaders. These illegals are nothing but pawns in a game to the Mexican government. Yes this is a hostile takeover and it should be repulsed by every means available to the American people.

  • teachersaide

    Finally, someone who says it like it is! When Less than 4% of illegal aliens have a college degree, WHY is anyone surprised that so many (Over 51%) are getting Some form of WELFARE &/or FREE healthcare?

    FREE healthcare includes Organ Transplantation!