Senator Wants Trump To Resign

Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand (D-NY) who recently attended CBS’s “60 Minutes,” suggested the President should resign from his post from the allegations against him otherwise congress “should hold him accountable.”

Gillibrand stated, “Once President Trump was elected I think something changed and I think it changed for women.”

“I think he should resign, and if he’s unwilling to do that, which is what I assume, then Congress should hold him accountable. We are obligated to have hearings.”

  • Truthteller

    with all due respect (which is very little)….this woman is a pos… just a worthless freeloading ignorant hypocrital libtard from ny

    • charleseaton

      A bit understated, but accurate.

  • George Jetson

    The alternative VP Pence is worse. I’d rather deal with the current idiot in charge.

    • Frank W Brown

      You wouldn’t have a chance to deal with Trump, he’d wipe the floor with your ass!

      • George Jetson

        Nope Frank Brownturd, he’d wipe the floor with his BIG ASS! You are one stupid Russian Bot. Go back to the Kremlin and kiss Vladimir’s ass where you belong.

        • Frank W Brown

          You could always just FUCK OFF AND DIE ASSWIPE CUNT!

          • URWorstNightmare

            Tsk, Tsk Frank, such needless anger from a trumptard with his head stuck so far up that Orangutans rectum that he can’t control his temper just because he might be deported back to Vladivostok or whatever Commie city you came from. FRANK W. BROWN is just as boring and plain as John Smith. Try being a little more imaginative with your American aliases next time. Ciao baby!

          • Frank W Brown

            STILL an ASSWIPE CUNT as we ALL see!

        • Frank W Brown

          Pull your head OUT of your ass, CUNT!

    • Janet Szymkowiak

      Oh stop..he cares about America and is a good man.

    • GOP50

      I guess you know a lot about being an idiot that you can make the statement that you did?

      • George Jetson

        Yep, you’re right. Because this idiot also voted for Trump and really regrets it. So yes, based on that decision alone I am an idiot who voted for AN IDIOT.

        • GOP50

          Then you should have voted for Hillary – – – sounds more like you are just an idiot who can’t make up their mind.

          • URWorstNightmare

            No, that would have been just as disastrous or more so. I too voted for the lesser of the two idiots available hoping for some real leadership and voila…nothing. Now be a good idiot and and leave us idiots alone to contemplate our doomed country. I’m hoping Trump finishes his term without leaving too much damage in his wake or will step aside to give Pence a chance at working with what’s left of this mess.

  • gene smiith

    This woman is a frigging nut case. She obviously has Presidential aspirations and the sooner she gets President Trump out of the way the better….otherwise, she KNOWS FULL WELL it will be 2024 before she has any hope at all ( NONE ) so she has joined Warren on the warpath.
    When will these posers start looking at the good of the Country ahead of their own ??

  • Ron C

    And what exactly are the charges this lunatic, Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, is alleging…???

    • Luke Lugnore

      Probably this porn star whore that say Trump had an affair.Real crediabile

      • Ron C

        And Stormy Daniels has claimed she did and claimed she didn’t…so any way you see it…she is a liar.

  • Ron Long

    Not only NO but HELL NO. He will not resign, I have a crazy idea Senator Gillibrand, how about you shut up on this subject and do your damn job. Like all Democrats you have nothing but misery and despair to offer America, you care nothing for America or Americans. Take your class warfare crap, grab your hero Bernie’s hand and both of you go jump off of Niagara Falls.

    • patriot2

      what(bad thought) if they survive?

      • John T Koszalka

        Here we have a charter member of the swamp a creature who lurks in the muck, and mire of the cesspool. This is another DEMO-RAT whose claim to fame is NOTHING. In New York we the DEPLORABLE ONES call her FLIP FLOP. Like most creatures she sold her soul in an attempt to gain power, and control. These creatures only serve themselves, and feed off one another. DRAIN THE SWAMP. God Bless President Trump. #MAGA

        • Rob Thomson

          John T Koszalka, HAHAHAHAHA Your traitorous Trumpenfueher will be in prison as soon as Robert Mueller finishes his investigation. Crawl back under your rock.

      • Truthteller

        good point

        we need a better plan

    • drew

      why have we not held Obama and Hillary accountable for giving that Uranium to the Russians and pocketing millions for themselves . ?????

    • Steven Earle


    • Rob Thomson

      Ron Long, you first. And take all of your traitor loving friends with you. Twit ler (Trump) for prison, 2018!

  • jack

    if the dumycraps every get the house and senate back trump will get impeached and noting will get done they will never give the president what he wants

  • jack

    the dumycraps the NEW HATE GROUP

  • Janet Szymkowiak

    She has got to go. Ms Morality …when she backed up a rapist and says these are different times. She did not support the women who were attacked by Clinton and Mrs. Clinton threatened them. SHE SHOULD RESIGN..WHAT A HYPOCRITE!! All these moral democrats…slaveholders till today..and all they know is slinging dirt. He without sin cast the first stone..democrats…disgusting. What a bunch…sad and they are truly racist and everything they call others.

  • Sandra Randall

    Gillibrand was a good Rep. but then she got into the Senate and now she is under Schumer and that was the end of her being a decent human being. Living in NYS we don’t have any choice when we vote. NYCity runs the state. Upstate doesn’t count except for the taxes we pay.

  • Carl

    Kirsten Gillibrand is a total LIGHTWEIGHT who takes her orders for career politician Chuck Schumer….both are embarrassments to NY…

  • Ken Sidley

    I have a better idea….Kirsten should resign. Let the productive people work, have the free loaders resign, or better yet, fire the lazy A** troublemakers.

  • Ken Sidley

    She is so incompetent…she may represent democrats in running for president.

  • quarkie009

    Senator Gillibrand and all her democrat/communist allies in the house and senate should resign because of their hatred for the US Constitution and the American people. It is because the democrats that promote a life style that is full of crap and want to enslave all American and take away the freedoms that we currently enjoy and make us into another North Korea without the right to defend ourselves. They also want us to bow down to a queen Hillary and king Obama and live a lifestyle i.e. LGBT that will destroy our common sense of decency. Not in this world.

  • Luke Lugnore

    why don’t some of these crazy’s go after that bitch instead school children.This ignorant woman should be thrown out of office this November.Hay bitch I hope you see this post you lowlife scumbag

  • Paul Kalmakoff

    …Congress should require her to subject to a “mental evaluation”!
    We taxpayers pay her salary!
    …this is unbelievable! 👹👹👹☠☠☠

  • David Datres

    Got a much better idea. Why don’t you retire right along with all the other POS, Schumer, Pelosi, Waters, etc., etc. etc……

    • budman

      You described three who I believe has mental issues so you must be saying she is a part of the lunatics that are so prevalent in the Democratic Party. They are all most likely Socialists and now they are going crazy because President Trump has done so much to move our economy where they did essentially nothing to improve it and at the same time lowered the take home pay of the middle class.

      • drew

        right on Budman

        • budman

          Just learned today that the former Director of the CIA lied under oath when questioned by Trey Gowdy and may be facing jail time. This may have the Democrats in a panic now and maybe see some coming forward seeking immunity from prosecution.

          • Rob Thomson

            budman, you mean like Manafort, Flynn, Lewandowski, and all the others in Trump’s administration who have already pleaded guilty? The unindicted (so far) Trump rats are abandoning the SS Trump as fast as possible. Twit ler for prison, 2018! – HAHAHAHAHA – YOU and the rest of the Trumpanzees should ALL be deported from this country.

          • budman

            Hold on to you hat Rob because all of those you mentioned were doing things on their own and not associated with the investigation into Trump. Here is the problem and it is serious in that the very appointment of Mueller as Special Counsel by Rosenstein was illegal in itself because they are both friends and former co workers; a violation of the ethics law. Second, the FISA warrants were all obtained under false pretense and that is a big problem now for both those in the Justice Department and the former Obama Administration who were spying on the Trump Campaign.
            It seems you must not have a grasp of the implications of this but know this is far worse than Watergate. There are people guilty on both sides of this but you are going to find that, before this is over, many will be indicted and don’t be surprised when you see Mueller’s name pop up because he was the bag boy in the Uranium One deal.

          • Rob Thomson

            budman, spin it , budman. You should see if you can get a job at Faux propaganda. Al Capone was imprisoned for tax evasion, not murder or gangsterism. Trump and his illegal business dealings are going to get him impeached/imprisoned. Daughter/lover Ivanka is even under investigation for money laundering. Mueller’s investigation is going to continue no matter how hard the right tries to stop it.

    • phonewiz

      Right on Exactly!

  • Sherry Greenlaw


  • sjerseydevil

    Senator Who?

  • Richard Gieser

    Obviously is NOT being satisfactorily serviced.

  • Mike Pitzer

    Another liberal democrat with a mouth and NO BRAIN!

  • Jeannie

    Guess what sweetie if anyone needs to resign it is YOU. you and your ilk are ruining our country

  • Ron

    Sen Kirsten nobody [D-NY] says the President should resign. Someone from CNN,MSNBC or the NY Times heard she had bad things to say about our Pres Trump and gave the Senator her 15 minutes of ill-gotten fame. The Senator must be behind in the Polls.

  • Carl Carlson

    She is just another die hard Democrat who won’t let go of the election results.

  • DD788Snipe

    Just remember her come primary election time.

  • michael corbin

    What makes this lying ,liberal, N.Y. Dem. think that anybody outside of N.Y. gives a crap about what she thinks?

  • momo

    She should be recalled from washington for violation of her oath of office.

  • momo

    Trump was elected President and that can’t be undone. Have a nice day snowflake. P.S. HR 38 will pass and I will carry in NYC after the President signs this into Law.

  • Dennis Wright

    Trump needs to keep moving forward with what he’s doing this is what the people voted for it must have been a miracle that he won the election fighting the dems the government and everyone else out there lying about him he is a human and not one human is perfect

  • charleseaton

    Gillibrand is a sub-sentient life-form.
    SHE should resign, but I doubt if she understands the meaning of the word.

  • Robb

    Y’all have left out that one major factor… that our politics are all about…MONEY!!!