Schiff Accuses Trump Of Money Laundering

Representative Adam Schiff (D-CA) responded to the recently released questions that Special Counsel Robert Mueller will ask President Trump. Schiff stated he wants Mueller to look into money laundering.

Schiff stated, “I want this special counsel to be looking at the issue of money laundering, and I don’t recall seeing questions there about, did you obtain financing for your projects from Russia? What were your relations, if any, with Russian sources of financing? What do you know about where money went through Trump properties, through Deutsche Bank? Were there any Russian guarantees of your loans? Those questions are not included. Does that mean that the special counsel is observing the red line the president has tried to draw? In my view, the president is not permitted to draw a red line, and anything that might be compromising of our national security is something that needs to be investigated, if they’re credible allegations. So, what was not on the list to me was also striking.”