Sanders flexes power on single-payer

When Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.) last introduced a single-payer bill in 2013, it didn’t attract a single co-sponsor. Now, as he unveils his “Medicare for all” bill on Wednesday, some of the biggest names in the Democratic Party will be by his side.

It’s a vindicating moment for Sanders, who is seen as a leading contender for the Democratic nomination in 2020.

The Vermont senator’s bill has virtually no chance of passing this Congress, and many Democrats, including members of leadership, remain wary of the idea.

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  • Kenny Albert

    The communist should be hanged.

  • Kim LaMela

    Yes, Sanders is Back and At it Again, Hold onto your Wallet he’s looking to Empty them. And By the Way he Refuses to pay his own bills from his last Run for President, Now That Sounds like a Real Socialist to me. We hear he has 16 Liberal Idiots in Congress who will go along with the Complete Moron. Both sides Know how Insane his Plan is and the Cost to Every “Working American” Taxes would have to be Enormous to pay for his Crazy plan, So it will die as it should, but not before the Crazy Left can Wip up his Lunatic Base against the Rest of the Country, as Usual.

  • Carol

    Sanders stick the single payer up your ass! Healthcare is NOT a right! Taxpayers do NOT want to pay for this! Worry about your wife and her going to prison for fraud and corruption, as all democrats now do. Sell all your properties and donate the money to the government. Easy to tell the working class what else they need to pay for. You pay for it, it’s your moronic brain storm!

  • generalJed

    Someone at the IRS should be checking out how Bernie can own two mansions on his salary, and how that fits with his communism. A single payer system would break the back of our free enterprise system, using useful welfare idiots. We would soon devolve into Venezuela! That is what he and Hillary want.

  • Kirk Kahler

    well we all know that Obamas Obamacare is not working will never work and is costing us more that we can afford but what sanders wants will just kill us look at all the country’s that went that way and what a damn mess it is hell the come to America to get fixed cuz it don’t work over there what dose that tell ya ??

  • Jimdar

    Old Bernie has been bought and paid for so many times he can’t remember who he owes.