Rodman Exposes Obama’s Failures

Former NBA star Dennis Rodman recently had an emotional break down on CNN when he spoke about the death threats he received for his friendship with Kim Jong-un.

Rodman expressed optimism in Trump being able to connect with Kim.

“If Trump goes in there with his heart on the table … it ain’t got to be about war … we are moving into the future. I told people about Kim Jong-un, he is all about the 21st century,” Rodman said. “Donald Trump is going to make sure … our hands are always open because, as Americans, we let so many people around the world join us to be happy.”

“I tried to do that with Obama, but Obama didn’t even give me the time of day. I told him ‘I have something to say from North Korea;’ he just brushed me off,” Rodman admitted. “But I kept going back. I said to everybody, ‘the door will open.’”

  • Truthteller

    obama is an ahole… he is not working for america…. this is simply the truth

    • Big Iron

      That is self evident. He hasn’t even the morals of an alleycat. Both parties were responsible for 8 years of that anti-American pile of garbage; they, the parties, were working together to carry it out.

  • Mister007

    I always thought Rodman was a nut job but boy am I wrong. He might have started the peace talks that should have started years ago. No thanks to Obama but thanks to Rodman and Trump the door is open. MAGA

  • Michael

    Keep in mind Rodman is odd character, Kim is a dictator who is responsible for murdering his own people, military officials and his own family. Its a strange friendship between those two, why does Rodman consider a murdering dictator his good friend?

    • Big Iron

      Folks OUR own “government” is guilty of murdering ITS own people and has been doing so for many, many years. Our soldiers have born the brunt of it but they have targeted the regular people as well. Various “agencies” have done so on a regular basis. The native Americans were perhaps the first group targeted via starvation and germ warfare. Black Americans via syphilis, germ warfare, almost everyone via disease including chlorine and fluoride in our drinking water and more recently with chloramine, fracking and ongoing products from the pharmaceutical companies all with FDA approval. Also let’s not forget about the “Chem Trails” and what they are spraying on our people and the people of the world. Let us remember also that they have never claimed it was for the good of the people.

      Remember also our knowledge of Un is mostly from the Main-Stream-Media who are the mouthpiece for the corrupt, international, globalist cabals who desire One Word Slavery of the people. These same groups ARE enemy of the American people and the people of the world. If a people want to be free they can never rest; they must be ever vigilant against the dark forces of the world who have been around for thousands of years and can think in such event driven not date driven time frames.

      Let us all hope that this new relationship works out for everyone and that the past is not the future for the sake of ALL.

  • Big Iron

    Rodman seems to be on the right side of this; he deserves what is due to him.