Republicans Happy with Moore Results

President Donald Trump recently released a statement in which he expressed disappointment by Roy Moore’s loss in Alabama, although he pointed out that the loss made other Republicans happy.

“A lot of Republicans feel differently, they’re very happy about the way it turned out, but as the leader of the party, I would have liked to have this seat,” said Trump.

“We have to get more senators and more congressmen that are Republicans elected in ’18.”

  • Dodie1990

    Too many Republicans would rather be a minority and just bitch and moan than be the majority(with a President of their party) and actually have to do something.

  • gadgetcoder

    Any “Republican” who would rather see a pro-abortion Democrat elected than a man who has fought CONSISTENTLY for the Constitution and the TEN COMMANDMENTS is NOT a Republican, but rather a RINO and a TRAITOR to his electorate, and perhaps to the Country!

    • Merdon3538

      Right on!

    • Joseph C Moore USN Ret

      About half of the republicans in the party are R epublicans I n N ame O nly (RINO’s). These fake “republicans” lie on their oath of office (with their hand on a bible) and fail to uphold the party plank. OUT! OUT! OUT! with them. People, vet these candidates for office before voting them into office, PLEASE!

      • HalnSue

        Check it out. They hold their hand on the Bible to obey our Constitution, not a political party even though they may be Republicans.

      • glock 19 fan

        And we don’t get to see if the hand on the Bible has fingers crossed.

  • EvilMe Long

    All of you Republicans that are HAPPY about Moore’s loss should open your eye’s to the timing of the accusations since they came just before the elections. Remember that all of you will be facing re-election yourself and there’s a very good chance that Soros and the Democrats will be paying women to make the same accusations against you!!

  • Robert Billman

    I for one strongly believe there should be a recount of the votes!

  • Arnold Young

    Well the dimorats ought to be delighted. They got slime ball in the congress to further there previsions!

  • HalnSue

    Al Capone was a murderer who made large contributions to his church and attended services regularly. . That did not make his a good Christian. Any man who sexually abuses minors, mistreats his horse is not a good Republican.

  • George Matyas

    I believe that Moore should sue these women, or these women should press charges, but one way or another this should resolved in a court of law, not in the media.

  • elcue

    Our government has no right to interfere with a Woman’s RIGHT TO CHOOSE.
    It should no even be a political issue.