Republican Says GOP Caved On Budget Deal

House Freedom Caucus chairman Rep. Mark Meadows (R-NC) has informed the media that Republicans “caved” in regards to the two-year budget deal.

Meadows claims, “I can tell you the real problem with this particular one is that our leadership caved, the swamp won and the American taxpayer lost.”

“Our regional play was to make sure that we funded the military, we kept other spending flat, that’s what we passed yet what we got put on House floor just a few hours later was this unbelievable budget deal that spent American taxpayer dollars.”

  • RB

    I just hope that the Republican leadership doesn’t “cave” on immigration control. We need to finally get this broken immigration fixed once and for all.
    In case they have forgotten, Republicans are in control and we expect them to make the most of it.

    • budman

      The issue was pointed out by Meadows and that is the RINO’s always give in to the radical Democrats and why we need to rid our Congress with people like them in both the Senate and the House. At least get them out of control and things will change for the better.

      • A_Nobody

        AND always true. We still have no debt control and we’ll not get any illegal control either. RINOs are just another wing of the Dem party.

        • budman

          I agree and by the way, you are a voice in this and from your title, I get the impression you do not think your voice counts. It does and I call you “A Somebody”.

  • jwright673

    The GOP is comprised of the biggest collection of feckless wimps in the entire free world. Now, President Trump who said he’d do so many great things without raising taxes, has proposed a 25 cent hike in the gas tax. This is supposedly to be used for infrastructure repair. Right, and if you believe that you’ll believe you can put shoes on snakes and teach them to tap dance. When has congress ever not taken every dime in new funding to fund their pet projects? This is bullcrap with a capital C. I never agree with Al Gore but he once proposed a lock box on funding to insure it was used for the intended purpose – an idea whose times has come.

    • Jose Cisneros

      Lock box should be on our social security

      • jwright673

        That’s the lock box Al Gore talked about. All manner of government watchdogs in DC and not one of them watching over congress.

  • ltbrown

    I want to go through the budget and find all of the pet projects and the stupid funds hiding in there which have universities writing reports on why monkeys scratch their butts. Lets kill these pork and stupid earmarks and what we will need for infrastructure funding and the southern wall will be found and without raising taxes on gasoline. Want to score big? Just put a hard nosed oversight group with legal team on the infrastructure projects and the waste fraud and abuse of the hwy funds since the 1960’s will found, by whom, and how much and then it will stop as we put real people in jail for real corruption and low quality work.

  • Joe Martinez

    $25 billion to build a wall is a cheap price considering that it costs the tax payers $70 billion to support the illegals and they send $65-$70 billion to Mexico money that should be spent here. We need to know who the RINOS are and we the people should vote them out just like we went and voted Trump in

    • A_Nobody

      Yep….but the actual cost of illegals is up at 135 billion.

  • Jose Cisneros

    Republican rino’s always cave in to the democrats, because they are democrats plants, vicious rabid wolves in sheep’s clothing. Mr . President no on the gas tax

  • Bud-

    It isn’t the immigration system that is broken. Sure, there are ways it might be improved. I’ve traveled a bit around the world and NO country other than the US allows the abuses of it’s immigration regulations to be ignored like the US. You can’t even go to most countries and get a job as an alien unless your skills are not available from citizens of that country. The “broken” parts include chain immigration, anchor babies given citizenship even when their parents are here illegally, and other things, I’m sure. Even would-be legal immigrants are allowed to come here when they have nothing to offer the country in the way of education or skills. That’s the sort of thing that is broken, A would-be immigrant who has no skills or means to earn a living should have to have a sponsor who will guarantee the cost of living for that immigrant. But that’s not what the liberal gang wants when they say the immigration system is broken. It’s broken alright – they’ve broken it by ignoring the immigration laws and they want all the poor of the world to come here so they can give them welfare in exchange for their votes!