Random Politician Claims He Can Beat Trump

Former Virginia governor Terry McAuliffe is making claims of being able to beat President Trump in the 2020 Presidential Elections.

McAuliffe stated, “I’d have to make a decision to run, but if I ran I’d beat him, you bet.”

“Well, listen, we’ve got a lot of great candidates running. We’re in a mess today. I mean every single day it’s a new drama. We need to get some dignity and respect back in the White House, the way it used to be.”

  • William L. Ramsburg


  • rmagnano

    That bag of crap couldn’t beat a turtle.

    • Sheldon Palmer

      yeah, he could beat a turtle – for amphibian of the year.

  • Maria Piazza Grout

    LOL! Yep, I’ll bet he gets all of the American voters. What planet did he say he is living on?

  • Richard Nick

    Really? Why would people vote for a male version of Hillary Clinton?

  • JS42

    Or if Trumpsreal master has anything to say about it , Vladimir Puttin . You know the guy who
    helps Assad gas innocent civilians in Syria . Trump shows off by shooting misses says mission accomplished yet again but refuses to put sanctions on Russia ! Nikki Halley said they would Trump says no ! So what does Puttin have on Trump that he will not stand up to him ? Syria will only get worse a missle attack last year and this recent one will not stop the gas attacks. So Donald show your taxes and let us see if Puttin and Russian oligarchs really do control your loans and own you . What a corrupt mess !

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    • Vaquero

      Are you living on the same planet where an idiot McAuliffe does? Is there any living cells left in your brain?Bloody walking dead leftists zombie everywhere….

    • Paul White

      You watch to mush CNN!!

      • jwright673

        It seems like there is a js42 infiltrating ever conservative site. js needs to go to the huffpost where his gibberish will be appreciated.

  • disqus_MZe2ymfHQj

    AULIFFE—-GOD puts in power and GOD removes from power, You don’t know what GOD”S plans
    are for the year 2020.

  • Sheldon Palmer

    the man is totally nuts.

  • Vaquero

    “Respect White House the way it used to be” …. Was it when Filipino president called Hussein O “son of the whore’?
    By the way, if you ,moron , get elected ( which would never happened) you’ll get exactly the same respect,

  • Flotmorton P. Gildersleeve

    If the DOJ were not politicized, and corrupt This creep would already be in prison for bribery of McCabe via the “left over proceeds from the 3/4 Million Dollar bribe

  • Paul White

    We voted in Trump because of scum bags like him!!

  • jwright673

    Integrity the way it used to be? Let’s see, obama, clinton(s), yes by all means bring back the trash that is still stinking up DC. He would be so easy to saddle with the clinton mantle that he’d be run off even by his own party. Big feeling idiot.

  • Beryl Mayo

    Are you calling the Obama Administration respectful and dignified. You have got to be a Hillary worshiper.

  • Beryl Mayo

    It appears that the Tea Party are liberal Democraps.