Fox Host Declares: Citizenship Is A Privilege

Recently on Fox News Channel segment, host Jeanine Pirro shot back at all the people who have objected to President Trump’s offer of amnesty to the almost 2 million illegals in return for a border wall.

“Instead of being thankful, they’re being indignant,” Pirro proclaimed.

“Citizenship is a privilege. We don’t grant it to people because they think they deserve it. What have you done for the United States? … I believe in the American dream. I don’t want anyone to take advantage of it, and I don’t want anyone to ruin it, especially people who are not grateful to be here, who seemingly hate us and call us racists. There needs to be an allegiance to the United States and what this country stands for.”

  • Bruce Walters

    Jeanine Pirro Citizenship IS a privilege, our President is correct. Trump in 2020

    • David Elsperger

      It’s Jeanine Pirro the one saying Citizenship is a privilege and Trump is talking about giving amnesty here, is it not?

  • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

    How very true!
    Illegals are fortunate that President Trump let them stay 6 months longer.
    The ones yelling and demanding should be deported first.
    It is not the American citizens’ fault that their criminal parents dropped them on
    our doorstep. Stop with the guilt trip, and start putting the responsibility on the
    guilty parents. These are not helpless infants, they can go to the country of their
    parents’ origin and make a life for themselves.

    • Dodie1990

      No welfare in Mexico that is why we are overrun with illegals.To say nothing about other benefits.

    • jim

      I agree with her these people should be thankful that they are still here but the democrats / communists think they have some of rights , they have none

      • Deplorable Irredeemable Susan

        What are Democrats good for? Nothing!
        They are the resist, obstructionist, do-nothing, no solutions, criminals for
        the most part, party. Loved the sour-faced look at the SOTU!

  • Dennis Anderson

    Hey were being screwed here illegals dont have any rights. Just being here doesnt mean hand off, and we continue to feed & house them enough of this shit. You feed them Im all for killing them. Get the hell out or prepare yourselves to die. Well get our money back and do like Mexico does. Well sell them for body parts. Stop giving money to sanctuary citys & helping the illegals leave our country or be prepared for the worst.

  • Skyhawk

    No illegals of any kind including the so called anchor babies that were here illegally when they were born.

  • rottenrollin

    NO NO NO amnesty crap UNTIL AFTER WALL.

    DONT trust Dimmercrats to keep promises.

    They screwed Reagan……giving us our present dilemma……they’ll screw Trump in a heartbeat.

    DON’T trust them at all.

    • teachersaide

      Totally agree. IF there is NO WALL/Funding, NO end to Chain Migration & Visa Lottery, & NO system to determine & DEPORT Visa Overstays, then there should be NO DACA, NO CIR, & NO AMNESTY! It’s been 30 YRS, since wall was promised. NOT fooling me again!

  • Maxine Simon

    Agree. I say NO DACA DEAL. Let it die out. Why are we even Negotiating with terrorist? (DemoRat party) These Rino’s need to get there heads out of there [email protected]@s! If rats go fo Shut down Feb 8th, Imagine they will, Need to go Nuclear option. (Need to just rid the filibuster, why haven’t these Wiesel) No CR’S, long term Budget, include the Wall! Why are Rino’s letting these evil UN-American Rat party run the house? Trump told them, before the Shutdown to go Nuclear. They seem to defy Our President on Everything. Paul Traitor Ryan, McConnell Need to go! We need to Work at opposing any Amnesty, Do everything in your power 2018 Elections. VOTE, VOTE, VOTE. We need to get Elected every Conservative we can seat! This is the only remedy to this problem. Trump needs a new house, A party who will get his Bill’s passed, Approve his Appointees, his Judges. his #MAGA Agenda. Work on Draining the Swamp, no reason to buckle now, give these corupt politicians power. The future of our Country Depends on it.

  • Dodie1990

    No amnesty No citizenship for illegals especially those who have been here for years and done nothing to become legal

    • Jeannie

      They could have been citizens but there are more freebies for illegals…they chose to remain that way…they made their bed…DEPORT THEM ALL

  • Estell Newton

    Send the illegals home.

  • meredit

    This is pretty much how my former Vietnamese, Burmese, Chinese, Mexican, Central American, and other adult ESL students who’d gone through the naturalization process felt, based on what they said. It’s a right for anyone born here but something to be earned if not. The sense of entitlement is outrageous, sort of like a childish game of tag (toe in? you earned your place here) with significant consequences.

  • old_salty_dawg99

    Trump only offered amnesty because he knew Democraps would shoot his offer down. We need to round up all ILLEGALS and ship them back to where they came from. And that includes those from Cuba as well. Right after taking photos, fingerprints, and DNA. Place them at the bottom of the list for legal entry and tell them rerun ILLEGALLY again and you get put on the shoot on sight list. All ILLEGALS in Prison for crimes other than Murder, Drug Crimes, or Rape send back after the photo, fingerprints ,and DNA and told return and die you arecon a Nation wise shoot on sight list. Those who committed Murder, Rape, or Drug Crimes take them 100 miles deep into the Mexican desert and shoot in the knees and say you live it is up to you and if you die the world will be a better place. GOODBYE.

  • teachersaide

    Judge Jeanine, You ROCK!

  • Joe Martinez

    These people come illegally to this country demanding not asking carrying flags and signs from their country written in their country’s language and causing riots. This is the U.S.A they should be carrying our flag but it goes to show where their allegiance lies. Democrats want to sue the Government for free college tuition for the illegals with tax payer dollars who are struggling to pay high tuition for their own children. It’s a disgrace what the Democrats are doing to the American people who Trump so rightly said “Americans have Dreams too” devil and demons also start with De

  • Mike Mooney

    Proud to be a CITIZEN of this nation. Proud to have served in the military for 23 years, and continue to serve as a Defense contractor. I have lived and continue to live the American Dream. The current Dreamers should be thankful, not hateful, towards their adopted country and should serve in a manner that would earn them the privilege of becoming a citizen. As John F Kennedy said “Ask not what your country can do for you, but what you can do for your country!”

    • Maxine Simon

      Thank you for your service. America is grateful. Your words should sink in to these Dreamers, but I think it is Someone’s Morals, Integrity, Values and most of all from the Heart Who would Appreciate a Second Chance. Afraid this is not what these Dreamers have.